WAST Test – Woman Abuse Screening Tool

    • Over 17: (Not Abusive)
    • Between 15-17: (Potentially Abusive)
    • Under 15: (Abusive Relationship)

If you answered Question 1 with “a lot of tension” and Question 2 with “great difficulty,” there is a likelihood you are in an abusive relationship. If any Questions 3-8 were answered with “often” or “sometimes,” those are additional indications that you are in an abusive relationship.

No matter what your score, if you have a concern about Your or your Children’s Safety or any relationship you are in, you might find it helpful to join a support group, talk with someone at a local women’s shelter or women’s center. Call the Police or Speak to Someone Who Can Help You, You can also speak with your doctor or a Social Services Worker. The important thing is you seek help.





1.In general, how would you describe your relationship?
2.Do you and your partner work out arguments with:
3.Do arguments ever result in you feeling down or bad about yourself?
4.Do arguments ever result in hitting, kicking or pushing?
5.Do you ever feel frightened by what your partner says or does?
6.Has your partner ever abused you physically?
7.Has your partner ever abused you emotionally?

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