Where can I get a Naloxone Kit & Training?

CityLocation typeLocation nameAddressAdditional informationTelephonePublic health unit regionPostal code
ActonNeedle Syringe ProgramHalton Region, Health Department - ActonHealth @ 372 | Market Place Plaza | 372 Queen St.Tuesdays: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm905-330-3305 | 866-442-5866Halton RegionL7J 2Y5
ActonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1168252 Queen St.519-853-3346Halton RegionL7J 1P6
AjaxPharmacyBowen's Pharmacy88 Harwood Ave. South905-239-5690Durham RegionL1S 2H6
AjaxPharmacyLoblaw Pharmacy #101230 Kingston Road West905-683-5573Durham RegionL1T 4K8
AjaxPharmacyRexall #22467-955 Westney Road South905-683-1315Durham RegionL1S 3K7
AjaxPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #122415 Westney Road North Unit 1905-426-3355Durham RegionL1T 1P4
AjaxPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #12351971 Salem Road North905-424-7323Durham RegionL1T 0J9
AjaxPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1398289 Kingston Road East Unit 1905-426-3778Durham RegionL1Z 1W5
AjaxPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #141395 Williamson Dr. West905-428-3572Durham RegionL1T 0K9
AjaxPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #967314 Harwood Ave. South905-683-5222Durham RegionL1S 2J1
AjaxPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #3001270 Kingston Road East905-426-6166Durham RegionL1Z 1G1
AlexandriaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1541320 Main St. South613-252-2525Eastern OntarioK0C 1A0
AlexandriaNeedle Syringe ProgramEastern Ontario Health Unit60 Anik St.Monday to Friday: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm | Drop-in or call in advance | Training will be provided1-844-225-1112Eastern OntarioK0C 1A0
AlfredPharmacyPharmacie Alfred542, rue St-Philippe613-679-1212Eastern OntarioK0B 1A0
AllistonPharmacyAlliston Family Pharmacy180 Parsons Road Unit 34A705-434-4338Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL9R 1E8
AllistonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #97267 Victoria St. East705-435-6051Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL9R 1L5
AllistonPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #108330 Dunham Dr.705-435-5129Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL9R 0G1
AlmonteNeedle Syringe ProgramLeeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit79 Spring St., Unit 2Monday to Friday: call for an appointment | Tuesday: drop-in 10:30am - 4:30pm613-283-2740 Ext. 2415Leeds, Grenville and LanarkK0A 1A0
AlmontePharmacyRemedy's Rx401 Ottawa St.613-256-6884Leeds, Grenville and LanarkK0A1A0
AlmontePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1455376 Ottawa St.613-256-5238Leeds, Grenville and LanarkK0A1A0
AmherstburgPharmacyMcgregor Medical Pharmacy1-9558 County Road 11519-726-6337Windsor-Essex CountyN0R 1J0
AmherstburgPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1103199 Sandwhich St. South519-736-5435Windsor-Essex CountyN9V 1Z9
AmherstburgPharmacyAmherstburg Pharmacy Compounding & Wellness433 Sandwich St. South519-736-2223Windsor-Essex CountyN9V 3K8
AmherstburgPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #1072400 Sandwich St. South519-736-1964Windsor-Essex CountyN9V 3L4
AmherstviewPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #139715 Sherwood Ave.613-389-0344Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & AddingtonK7N 1N1
AncasterPharmacyCostco Pharmacy #1105100 Legend Court905-304-2451HamiltonL9K 1J3
AncasterPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #104447 Wilson St. West905-648-4493HamiltonL9G 1N1
AncasterPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #6981000 Golf Links Road905-304-0097HamiltonL9G 3K9
AncasterPharmacySobeys Pharmacy #7213977 Golf Links Road905-648-0283HamiltonL8G 3T9
AncasterPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #31271051 Garner Road West905-648-3517L9G 3K9
AngusPharmacyAngus Borden Guardian Pharmacy6 River Dr. Unit 1705-424-5931Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL0M 1B2
AngusPharmacyRainbow PharmasaveRainbow Mall 1-1 Massey St.705-424-1881Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL0M 1B0
AngusPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1009247 Mill St. County #90705-424-0939Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL0M 1B2
ArnpriorPharmacyClancy's Drug Store (1986) Ltd99 John St. North613-623-5193Renfrew County And DistrictK7S 2N4
ArnpriorPharmacyRexall #694722 Baskin Dr. East613-623-6591Renfrew County and DistrictK7S 3G8
ArnpriorPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #130655 Elgin St. West613-623-7971Renfrew County and DistrictK7S 1N6
AtikokanNeedle Syringe ProgramNorthwestern Health Unit - Atikokan115 Main St.Monday to Friday: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm807-597-6871NorthwesternP0T 1C0
AuroraPharmacyEnhanced Care Pharmacy14872 Yonge St.905-505-0950York RegionL4G 1N2
AuroraPharmacyPharmasave Aurora126 Wellington St. West, Suite 105905-841-2133York RegionL4G 2N9
AuroraPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1279446 Hollandview Trail905-726-3776York RegionL4G 3H1
AuroraPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #95515408 Yonge St.905-727-3111York RegionL4G 1N9
AuroraPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #97014729 Yonge St.905-727-4275York RegionL4G 1N1
AuroraPharmacyMorelli's Pharmacy650 Wellington St. East905-713-1200York RegionL4G 0K3
AuroraPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #5778135 First Commerce Dr.905-713-6718York RegionL4G 0G2
BancroftNeedle Syringe ProgramHastings Prince Edward Public Health1P Manor LaneMonday: 8:30 am - 12:00 pm | Thursday: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm | Thursday: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm613-332-4555Hastings and Prince Edward CountiesK0L 1C0
BancroftPharmacyBancroft IDA Drug Mart90 Hastings St. North613-332-4045Hastings and Prince Edward CountiesK0L 1C0
BancroftPharmacyNorth Hastings Family Pharmacy51 Hastings St. North613-332-6700Hastings and Prince Edward CountiesK0L 1C0
BancroftPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1406118 Hastings St. North613-332-4846Hastings and Prince Edward CountiesK0L 1C0
BarrieNeedle Syringe ProgramSimcoe Muskoka District Health Unit - Barrie80 Bradford St., Suite 403Clients can drop-in, but are encouraged to call ahead to book an appointment to ensure that a nurse is available for training705-721-7520Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL4N 6S7
BarrieNeedle Syringe ProgramSimcoe Muskoka District Health Unit - Barrie15 Sperling Dr.Clients can drop-in, but are encouraged to call ahead to book an appointment to ensure that a nurse is available for training705-721-7520Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL4M 6K9
BarriePharmacyBarrie Medical Clinic #960820 Owen St.705-797-1134Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL4M 3G7
BarriePharmacyDrug Basics #547555 Essa Road705-719-2311Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL4N 9E6
BarriePharmacyDunlop Pharmacy3-7 Anne St. South705-737-2300Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL4N 2C4
BarriePharmacyExpress Aid Pharmacy420 Leacock Dr. # L(S)705-725-6033Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL0L2L0
BarriePharmacyLittle Avenue Pharmacy11-110 Little Ave.705-503-0606Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL4N4K8
BarriePharmacyPharma Plus #138829-320 Bayfield St.705-737-0565Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL4M3B9
BarriePharmacyPharmasave Allandale21 Essa Road705-728-2823Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL4N 3K4
BarriePharmacyPharmasave Simcoe301 Blake St.705-728-2429Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL4M 1K7
BarriePharmacyPurehealth Pharmacy201 Georgian Dr.705-797-2394Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL4M 6M2
BarriePharmacyRexall #695968 Maple Ave.705-725-9988Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL4N 1R8
BarriePharmacyRexall Pharma Plus #1378567 Essa Road705-728-0948Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL4N 6A9
BarriePharmacyRoyal Medical Pharmasave108-1 Quarry Ridge Road705-719-9449Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL4M 7G1
BarriePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1173C2-509 Bayfield St.705-730-6736Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL4M 4Z8
BarriePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1210649 Yonge St.705-792-4388Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL4N 4E7
BarriePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1231831 Big Bay Point Road705-726-5343Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL4M 4S6
BarriePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1464380 Mapleview Dr. West705-792-6244Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL4N 9G4
BarriePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1532480 Huronia Road705-725-0009Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL4N 6M2
BarriePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #645279 Yonge St.705-739-9411Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL4N7T9
BarriePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #650524 Bayfield St. North705-722-6300Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL4M5A2
BarriePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #651165 Wellington St. West705-728-5943Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL4N 1L7
BarriePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #652567 Cundles Road East705-728-5407Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL4M 5L1
BarriePharmacySobeys Pharmacy #723737 Mapleview Dr. West705-728-7392Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL4N 9H5
BarriePharmacyBarrie Downtown Pharmacy Inc79c Dunlop St. West705-503-4800Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL4N 1A5
BarriePharmacyExpress Aid Ida Pharmacy12-201 Hurst Dr.705-725-4991Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL4N 8K8
BarriePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1028420 Essa Road705-792-4342Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL4N 9J7
BarriePharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #3166450 Bayfield St.705-728-5822Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL4M 5A2
BarriePharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #312335 Mapleview Dr. West705-728-1638L4N 9H5
Barry's BayPharmacyLorraine's Pharmasave10 Opeungo St. West613-756-2013Renfrew County and DistrictK0J 1B0
BayfieldPharmacyMichael's Pharmasave2 Main St. South519-565-4454Huron CountyN0M 1G0
BeamsvillePharmacyLincoln Medical Pharmacy Inc.4413 Ontario St.905-563-8808Niagara RegionL0R 1B5
BeamsvillePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #12565005 Serena Dr.905-563-7974Niagara RegionL0R 1B4
BeavertonPharmacyBeaverton Pharmacy350 Simcoe St. P.O. Box 130705-426-7691Durham RegionL0K 1A0
BeetonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #150150 Main St. East905-729-4555Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL0G 1A0
Belle RiverPharmacyBelle River Pharmasave520 Notre Dame St. P.O. Bx 430519-715-9673Windsor-Essex CountyN0R 1A0
Belle RiverPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1123330 Notre Dame St.519-728-1610Windsor-Essex CountyN0R 1A0
BellevilleNeedle Syringe ProgramHastings Prince Edward Public Health179 North Park St.Tuesday: 8:30 am - 12:00 pm | 1st & 3rd Wednesday: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm | 1st & 3rd Wednesday: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm613-966-5513Hastings and Prince Edward CountiesK8P 4P1
BellevillePharmacyBayview Pharmacy450 Dundas St. East Unit 3613-771-1333Hastings and Prince Edward CountiesK8N 1E9
BellevillePharmacyGeen's Pharmasave305 North Front St.613-962-4576Hastings and Prince Edward CountiesK8P 3C3
BellevillePharmacyPharmasave66-470 Dundas St. East613-779-8800Hastings and Prince Edward CountiesK8N 1G1
BellevillePharmacyRexall Pharma Plus #2253173 Dundas St. East613-966-6297Hastings and Prince Edward CountiesK8N 1C9
BellevillePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1309405 Dundas St. East613-962-8812Hastings and Prince Edward CountiesK8N 1E7
BellevillePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #987150 Sidney St.613-962-3406Hastings and Prince Edward CountiesK8P 5E2
BellevillePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #601390 North Front St.613-966-7382Hastings Prince EdwardK8P 3E1
BellevillePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #601390 North Front St.613-966-7298Hastings Prince EdwardK8P 3E1
BellevillePharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #3122274 Millennium Parkway613-966-9770Hastings Prince EdwardK8N 4Z5
BinbrookPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #14873027 Binbrook Road West905-692-0234HamiltonL0R 1C0
BlenheimNeedle Syringe ProgramBlenheim Youth Centre | Chatham-Kent Public Health78 Marlborough St. South1st & 3rd Thursday of the month: 2:00pm - 4:00pm519-676-0207Chatham-KentN0P 1A0
BlenheimPharmacyMcIntyre IDA Pharmacy Ltd49 Talbot St. West519-676-5467Chatham-KentN0P 1A0
BlenheimPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #103021 Chatham St. North519-676-8164Chatham-KentN0P 1A0
BobcaygeonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #153885 Bolton St.705-738-4433Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge DistrictK0M 1A0
BoltonPharmacyBolton Lifecare Pharmacy103-30 Martha St.905-857-9494PeelL7E5V1
BoltonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #8311 Queengate Blvd.905-857-2031PeelL7E 2X7
BoltonPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #5742150 Mcewan Dr. East905-857-3998PeelL7E 2Y3
BourgetPharmacyPharmacie Bourget Pharmacy3 St. Pierre St.613-487-3598Eastern OntarioK0A 1E0
BowmanvillePharmacyBowanville Clinic Pharmacy Ltd.1106-222 King St. East905-623-7611Durham RegionL1C 1P6
BowmanvillePharmacyBowmanville Medical Pharmacy196 King St. East905-419-5200Durham RegionL1C 1P1
BowmanvillePharmacyPharmasave Medicine Chest Pharmacy2-221 King St. East905-697-3784Durham RegionL1C 1P7
BowmanvillePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1404570 Longworth Ave.905-697-0818Durham RegionL1C 0H4
BowmanvillePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9112401 Highway 2 Unit 3905-697-8595Durham RegionL1C 4V4
BowmanvillePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #912150-243 King St. East905-623-2546Durham RegionL1C 3X1
BowmanvillePharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #10012320 Hwy. No. 2905-623-0523L1C 3K7
BracebridgePharmacyPharma Plus Drugmart #028155 Hwy 118 West705-645-8738Simcoe Muskoka DistrictP1L 1T2
BracebridgePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9141-248 Manitoba St.705-645-5234Simcoe Muskoka DistrictP1L 2E1
BracebridgePharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #105440 Depot Dr., Rr7705-646-9787Simcoe Muskoka DistrictP1L 0A1
BradfordPharmacyPharmalink IDA Pharmacy2-456 Holland St. West905-778-9049Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL3Z 0G1
BradfordPharmacySimcoe Square Pharmacy9-157 Holland St. East905-775-9225Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL3Z 2B2
BradfordPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #696140 Holland St. West905-775-2333UnknownL3Z 1Y0
BradfordPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #1101545 Holland St. West905-775-0102Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL3Z 0C1
BramptonCorrectional FacilityOntario Correctional InstituteNasal spray naloxone kits available for inmates only, upon their release from custody.905-457-7050Central RegionL6Y 2C8
BramptonNeedle Syringe ProgramPeel Works Needle Exchange Program - Mobile Van7120 Hurontario St. | Can travel to all locations in PeelMonday to Friday: 2:00pm - 10:00pm | Closed on statutory holidays and weekends | Appointments are not necessary | Able to travel to all locations in Peel.647-225-1623PeelL5W 1N4
BramptonPharmacyBramcity Pharmacy14 Lisa St.905-460-0330PeelL6T 4W2
BramptonPharmacyCanadian Add. Treatm. Phcy. LP14 Nelson St. West905-454-1406PeelL6X 1B7
BramptonPharmacyCastlemore Remedy's RxSuite 2 9960 Airport Road905-793-8585PeelL6S 0C5
BramptonPharmacyCharlolais Pharmacy305 Charolais Blvd.905-452-9000PeelL6Y 2R2
BramptonPharmacyClinik Pharmacy7990 Kennedy Road South905-457-5252PeelL6W 0A2
BramptonPharmacyCredit Ridge Remedy's Rx7-9525 Mississauga Road905-451-4888PeelL6X 0Z8
BramptonPharmacyMain Street Medical Pharmacy8-10886 Hurontario St.905-970-9922PeelL7A 3R9
BramptonPharmacyPharmacy #58320 Great Lakes Dr.905-789-6464PeelL6R 2K7
BramptonPharmacyQueen Hansen Pharmacy116-284 Queen St. East905-782-8384PeelL6V 1C2
BramptonPharmacyQueen Street Pharmacy79 Queen St. West289-752-7993PeelL6Y 1M2
BramptonPharmacyQueen Street Pharmacy79 Queen St. West289-752-7993PeelL6Y 1M2
BramptonPharmacySandalwood Care Pharmacy10510 Torbram Road905-791-6080PeelL6R 3N9
BramptonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #10581 Kennedy Road South905-454-4464PeelL6W 3C9
BramptonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #10928965 Chinguacousy Road905-454-1620PeelL6Y 0J2
BramptonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #109325 Great Lakes Dr.905-799-0414PeelL6R 2S5
BramptonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #117711965 Hurontario St.905-495-0311PeelL6Z 3C9
BramptonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #119910048 Mclaughlin Road905-846-4444PeelL7A 2X6
BramptonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #122510661 Chinguacousy Building C, Flectchers Meadow905-495-7220PeelL7A 0N5
BramptonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1353366 Main St. North905-456-0167PeelL6V 1P8
BramptonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #136910970 Airport Road Unit B905-793-0308PeelL6R 0E1
BramptonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #144710665 Bramalea Road905-793-2011PeelL6R 3P4
BramptonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #693980 Central Park Dr.905-791-1797PeelL6S 3L7
BramptonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #694930 North Park Dr.905-792-3800PeelL6S 3Y5
BramptonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #704180 Sandalwood Pkwy905-846-4700PeelL6Z 1Y4
BramptonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #705160 Main St. South905-451-0111PeelL6W 2E1
BramptonPharmacySpring Valley Pharmacy5-15 Ashby Field Road905-450-6444PeelL6X 3B7
BramptonPharmacyThe Drug Store Pharmacy #4079295 Queen St. East905-452-9011PeelL6W 3R1
BramptonPharmacyBramnorth Pharmacy25/26-2 Dewside Dr.905-792-7333PeelL6R 3Y5
BramptonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #13263938 Cottrelle Blvd.905-794-7071PeelL6P 2R1
BramptonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #13687900 Mclaughlin Road905-459-4141PeelL6Y 5A7
BramptonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1466520 Charolais Blvd.905-451-5275PeelL6Y 0R5
BramptonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #3088380 Bovaird Dr. East, Unit 26905-495-0011PeelL6Z 2S8
BramptonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #70134 A Avondale Blvd.905-793-4444PeelL6T 1H3
BramptonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #70225 Peel Centre Dr. Unit 379905-793-4844PeelL6T 3R5
BramptonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #83449 Mountainash Road905-458-5526PeelL6R 1W4
BramptonPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #313050 Quarry Edge Dr.905-874-9340PeelL6V 4K2
BramptonHepatitis C ProgramWellfort Community Health Services 40 Finchgate Blvd., Suite 224Monday: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm | Tuesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm | Wednesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm | Thursday: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm | Friday: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm | Saturday: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm | (No Saturday drop-in for the months of June, July & August)905-451-6959PeelL6T 3J1
BramptonPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #10799455 Mississauga Road905-874-9340PeelL6X 0Z8
BramptonPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #11205085 Mayfield Road905-793-8518PeelL6R 3S9
BramptonPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #118815 Resolution Dr.905-452-1710PeelL6W 0A6
BramptonPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #313530 Coventry Road905-793-9248PeelL6T 5P9
BrantfordCorrectional FacilityBrantford JailNasal spray naloxone kits available for inmates only, upon their release from custody.519-752-6578Western RegionN3T 6A9
BrantfordNeedle Syringe ProgramBrant County Health Unit194 Terrace Hill St.Monday to Friday: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm | Tuesday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm | Clients are encouraged to call ahead to book an appointment to ensure a nurse is available for training.519-753-4937 Ext. 471Brant CountyN3R 1G7
BrantfordPharmacyAvenue Pharmacy221 Brant Ave.519-756-8900Brant CountyN3T 3J2
BrantfordPharmacyBrantford Life Care Pharmacy205 Colborne St.519-758-5600Brant CountyN3T 2G8
BrantfordPharmacyCenpro Pharmacy72 Brant Ave.519-759-1640Brant CountyN3T 5Z8
BrantfordPharmacyDrugstore Pharmacy #540410 Fairview Dr.519-754-4798Brant CountyN3R 7N7
BrantfordPharmacyGrand River Pharmacy423 Colborne St. East519-756-9229Brant CountyN3S 3N5
BrantfordPharmacyGuardian Discount Pharmacy383 West St.519-752-3104Brant CountyN3R 3W7
BrantfordPharmacyHope Pharmacy349 Colborne St.519-751-3700Brant CountyN3S 3N2
BrantfordPharmacyIpharm401-233 Colborne St.519-751-0044Brant CountyN3T 2H4
BrantfordPharmacyRemedy's Rx222 Fairview Dr.519-759-3784Brant CountyN3R 2W9
BrantfordPharmacyRemedy's Rx403 Fairview Dr.519-756-3333Brant CountyN3R 6T2
BrantfordPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #114010 Stanlety St. Unit 6519-757-1900Brant CountyN3S 7N4
BrantfordPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1152320 Colborne St.519-759-8133Brant CountyN3T 1M2
BrantfordPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1155269 Clarence St.519-753-9091Brant CountyN3R 3T6
BrantfordPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #11581-185 King George Road519-753-8411Brant CountyN3R 7R9
BrantfordPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #685225 Fairview Dr. Unit 1A519-756-8680Brant CountyN3R 7E3
BrantfordPharmacyTerrace Hill Pharmacy21-217 Terrace Hill St.519-720-0877Brant CountyN3R 1G8
BrantfordPharmacyTrc Pharmacy Brantford203-95 Darling St.519-756-7251Brant CountyN3T 2K7
BrantfordPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #72284 Lynden Road519-752-5443Brant CountyN3R 6B8
BrantfordPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #30051 - 300 King George Road519-756-6503Brant CountyN3R 5L7
BrechinPharmacyBrechin Pharmacy2312 King St. P.O. Box 10705-484-0074Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL0K 1B0
BridgenorthPharmacyBridgenorth Pharmacy871 Ward St.705-292-7200PeterboroughK0L 1H0
BrightonPharmacyBrighton Remedy's Rx24 Main St.613-475-1499Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge DistrictK0K 2H0
BrightonPharmacyRexall Pharma Plus #5471 Main St.613-475-3294Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge DistrictK0K 1H0
Brights GrovePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #7182600 New Lakeshore Road519-869-4224LambtonN0N 1C0
BrockvilleCorrectional FacilityBrockville JailNasal spray naloxone kits available for inmates only, upon their release from custody.613-342-1456Eastern RegionK6V 4R9
BrockvilleCorrectional FacilitySt. Lawrence Valley Correction & Treatment CentreNasal spray naloxone kits available for inmates only, upon their release from custody.613-341-2870Eastern RegionK6V 7N2
BrockvilleNeedle Syringe ProgramLeeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit458 Laurier Blvd.Monday to Friday: 8:30am - 4:30pm | Drop-in613-283-2740 Ext. 2415Leeds, Grenville and LanarkK6V 7A3
BrockvillePharmacyBrockville Pharmasave173 King St. West613-345-3030Leeds, Grenville and LanarkK6V 3R6
BrockvillePharmacyRexall Pharma Plus #1677300 Pearl St. West613-342-2672Leeds, Grenville and LanarkK6V4B5
BrockvillePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1145126 King St.613-345-1486Leeds, Grenville and LanarkK6V 3R3
BrockvillePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9352399 Parkdale Ave.613-342-6701Leeds, Grenville and LanarkK6V3G9
BrockvillePharmacyParkedale Pharmacy2235 Parkedale Ave.613-342-7444Leeds, Grenville and LanarkK6V 6B2
BrockvillePharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #30061942 Parkedale Ave.613-342-1430Leeds, Grenville and LanarkK6V 7N4
BrooklinPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #12215979 Baldwin St. South905-655-4624Durham RegionL1M 2J7
BurfordPharmacyPharmasave Burford Pharmacy112 King St.519-449-2446Brant CountyN0E 1A0
BurlingtonNeedle Syringe ProgramHalton Region, Health Department - BurlingtonHealth @ 3350 | 3350 Fairview St.Monday to Friday: 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm905-330-3305 | 866-442-5866Halton RegionL7N 2L5
BurlingtonPharmacyAldershot Guardian Pharmacy3-185 Plains Road East905-681-7100Halton RegionL7T 2C4
BurlingtonPharmacyBurlington Drug Mart701 Guelph Line905-634-0770Halton RegionL7R 3M7
BurlingtonPharmacyLoblaw Pharmacy #40671059 Plains Road East905-634-2739Halton RegionL7T 4K1
BurlingtonPharmacyLSV Pharmacy1-4057 New St.289-288-0600Halton RegionL7L 1S8
BurlingtonPharmacyMount Royal Pharmacy Ltd.2047 Mount Forest Dr.905-332-8893Halton RegionL7P 1H4
BurlingtonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1042501-503 Plains Road East905-632-3365Halton RegionL7T 2E2
BurlingtonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #12061450 Headon Road905-331-6502Halton RegionL7M 3Z5
BurlingtonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #12182211 Brant St.905-336-7282Halton RegionL7P 0A1
BurlingtonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #14933035 Appleby Line905-332-8787Halton RegionL7L 6M6
BurlingtonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #6835353 Lakeshore Road East905-637-5681Halton RegionL7L 1C8
BurlingtonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #7262080 Appleby Line Suite 3905-332-8787Halton RegionL7L 6M6
BurlingtonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #7393023 New St.905-632-4477Halton RegionL7R 1K3
BurlingtonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #740777 Guelph Line Unit D1905-632-6666Halton RegionL7R 3N2
BurlingtonPharmacySobeys Pharmacy1250 Brant Street Burlington905-332-1750Halton RegionL7P 1X8
BurlingtonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #10123051 Walkers Line905-331-1025UnknownL7N 0W3
BurlingtonPharmacyBrant Plaza Pharmacy561 Brant St.905-333-4088Halton RegionL7R 2G6
BurlingtonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #10554524 New St.905-639-2682Halton RegionL7L 2X8
BurlingtonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #10554524 New St.905-639-2682Halton RegionL7L 2X8
BurlingtonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #14843505 Upper Middle Road905-319-3333Halton RegionL7M 4C6
BurlingtonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #30182951 Walkers Line905-639-3608Halton RegionL7M 4Y1
BurlingtonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #747900 Maple Ave., Unit A6A905-681-1277Halton RegionL7S 2J8
BurlingtonPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #31412065 Fairview St.905-637-3321Halton RegionL7R 0B4
BurlingtonPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #31704515 Dundas St.905-319-3630Niagara RegionL7M 5B4
CaledonNeedle Syringe ProgramPeel Works Needle Exchange Program - Mobile Van7120 Hurontario St. | Can travel to all locations in PeelMonday to Friday: 2:00pm - 10:00pm | Closed on statutory holidays and weekends | Appointments are not necessary | Able to travel to all locations in Peel.647-225-1623PeelL5W 1N4
CaledoniaPharmacyCaledonia Lifecare Pharmacy53 Argyle St. North905-765-3003Haldimand-NorfolkN3W 1B8
CaledoniaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1383221 Argyle St. South905-765-5055Haldimand-NorfolkN3W 1K7
CaledoniaPharmacyThe Medicine Shoppe55 Argyle St. North905-765-3332Haldimand-NorfolkN3W 1B8
CambridgeHepatitis C ProgramSanguen Health Centre - Harm Reduction Program at The CamBridge Self-Help Food Bank54 Ainslie St. NorthTuesday & Thursday: 12:30 pm - 4:30 pmRegion of WaterlooN1R 3K3
CambridgeNeedle Syringe ProgramRegion of Waterloo Public Health and Emergency Services - Cambridge150 Main St.Drop-in trainings at both locations | Friday: 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm | Walk-ins welcome at other times, but not guarantee that staff will be available519-575-4400Region of WaterlooN1R 6R1
CambridgePharmacyCaremed Pharmacy141 Hespeler Road226-499-0600Region of WaterlooN1R 3G9
CambridgePharmacyCasey's Pharmacy120-115 Christopher Dr.519-622-2350Region of WaterlooN1R 4S1
CambridgePharmacyGrand Pharmacy4-304 St. Andrews St.519-267-9267Region of WaterlooN1S 1P3
CambridgePharmacyHespeler Pharmacy26 Forbes St.519-658-4420Region of WaterlooN3C 2E2
CambridgePharmacyLangs Medical Pharmacy1145 Concession Road519-653-3343Region of WaterlooN3H 4L5
CambridgePharmacyPreston Medical Pharmacy125 Waterloo St. South519-653-1870Region of WaterlooN3H 1N3
CambridgePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1091137 Water St. North519-621-5410Region of WaterlooN1R 3B8
CambridgePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #7201-115 Dundas St.519-623-5920Region of WaterlooN1R 5T8
CambridgePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #721499 Hespeler Road519-623-6770Region of WaterlooN1R 6J2
CambridgePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #92723-130 Cedar St.519-621-1332Region Of WaterlooN1S 1W4
CambridgePharmacyThe Prescription Shoppe2 George St. North519-623-3900Region of WaterlooN1S 2M7
CambridgePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1257950 Franklin Blvd.519-622-1344WaterlooN1R 8R3
CambridgePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1095506 King St. East519-653-7220WaterlooN3H 3N2
CambridgePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1096101 Holiday Inn Dr.519-658-2860WaterlooN3C 1Z3
CambridgePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9791500 King St. East519-653-9700WaterlooN3H 3R5
CambridgePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart 9791500 King St. East519-653-9700WaterlooN3H 3R6
CambridgePharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #315222 Pinebush Road519-624-7461WaterlooN1R 8K5
CampbellfordPharmacyMac Laren Pharmacy79 Bridge St. East705-653-1960Hastings and Prince Edward CountiesK0L 1L0
CampbellfordPharmacyRexall #694316 Grand Road705-653-1885Hastings and Prince Edward CountiesK0L 1L0
CampbellfordPharmacyTrent Hills Pharmacy2-119 Isabella St.705-653-0404Hastings and Prince Edward CountiesK0L 1L0
CampbellvillePharmacyCampbellville Pharmacy35 Crawford Crescent905-854-0313Halton RegionL0P 1B0
Carleton PlacePharmacyCarleton Place IDA Drug Mart47 Lansdowne Ave.613-257-1414Leeds, Grenville and LanarkK7C 3S9
Carleton PlacePharmacyLoblaw Pharmacy #4247455 McNeely Ave.613-253-2390Leeds, Grenville and LanarkK7C 2S6
Carleton PlacePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1285315 McNeely Ave.613-253-5595Leeds, Grenville and LanarkK7C 4S6
Carleton PlacePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1453299 Lake Ave. East613-257-4490Leeds, Grenville and LanarkK7C 1J3
Carleton PlacePharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #1075450 McNeely Ave.613-253-5023Leeds, Grenville and LanarkK7C 0A6
CarpPharmacyWest Carlton Drug Mart461 Donald B Munro Dr.613-839-3133OttawaK0A 1L0
CasselmanNeedle Syringe ProgramEastern Ontario Health Unit872 Principale St.Monday to Friday: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm | Drop-in or call in advance | Training will be provided1-800-267-8260Eastern OntarioK0A 1M0
CasselmanPharmacyPike Health Initiatives Inc.629-1 rue Principale613-764-5455Eastern OntarioK0A 1M0
CayugaPharmacyCayuga Pharmacy18 Talbot St. East905-772-3503Haldimand-NorfolkN0A 1E0
ChathamNeedle Syringe ProgramAIDS Committee of Windsor - Chatham-Kent Outreach Office67 Adelaide St. SouthTuesday to Thursday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm | Closed 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm for lunch | Walk-in | No appointment required519-352-2121Chatham-KentN7M 4R1
ChathamNeedle Syringe ProgramChatham-Kent Public Health177 King St. East, Suite 2Monday to Friday: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm519-312-2023 Ext. 5226 | 519-355-1071 Ext. 5901Chatham-KentN7M 3N1
ChathamPharmacyBmc Pharmacy69 Grand Ave. East519-358-1200Chatham-KentN7L 1V8
ChathamPharmacyMedical Place Pharmacy20 Emma St.519-358-1000Chatham-KentN7L 5K5
ChathamPharmacyRexall #8150401 St. Clair St.519-436-0005Chatham-KentN7L 3K3
ChathamPharmacyRichmond Pharmacy141 Richmond St.519-397-5555Chatham-KentN7M 1P1
ChathamPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1021475 Grand Ave. West519-354-1660Chatham-KentN7M 5L3
ChathamPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1037420 Queen St.519-352-3360Chatham-KentN7M 2J2
ChathamPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #713416 St. Clair St.519-352-3200Chatham-KentN7L 3K5
ChathamPharmacyDrugstore Pharmacy #562791 St. Clair St. North519-351-1543Chatham-KentN7M 5J7
ChathamPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #3016881 St. Clair St.519-352-9874Chatham-KentN7M 5J7
ChelmsfordPharmacyChelmsford IDA Pharmacy3672 Highway 144 RR #4705-855-1454Sudbury and DistrictP0M 1C0
ChelmsfordPharmacyNortheast Medical Pharmacy101-3557 Errington Ave.705-855-0444Sudbury and DistrictP0M 1L0
ChestervillePharmacyChesterville Pharmacy21 Main St. North P.O. Box 118613-448-2492Eastern OntarioK0C 1H0
CobourgPharmacyA+ Compounding Pharmacy541 William St. Unit 2 & 3905-373-1900Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge DistrictK9A 3A4
CobourgPharmacyCobourg Pharmacy316 King St. East905-377-8600Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge DistrictK9A 5R8
CobourgPharmacyPharmacy 101464 Division St.905-372-8808Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge DistrictK9A 3S2
CobourgPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1016270 Spring St.905-372-3333Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge DistrictK9A 3K2
CobourgPharmacyYork Super PharmacyMidtown Mall 500 Division St.905-372-7171Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge DistrictK9A 3S4
CobourgPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #313373 Strathy Road905-377-0927Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge DistrictK9A 5J7
CochraneNeedle Syringe ProgramPorcupine Health UnitMinto Centre, 233 8th St., Box 550 Monday to Friday: 8:30am - 12:00pm | Monday to Friday: 1:00pm - 4:30pm | Summer hours Monday to Friday: 8:00am - 12:00pm | Summer hours Monday to Friday: 1:00pm - 4:00pm705-272-3394PorcupineP0L 1C0
CollingwoodNeedle Syringe ProgramSimcoe Muskoka District Health Unit - Collingwood280 Pretty River PkwyClients can drop-in, but are encouraged to call ahead to book an appointment to ensure that a nurse is available for training705-721-7520Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL9Y 4J5
CollingwoodPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #646175 First St.705-444-6055Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL9Y 1A5
CollingwoodPharmacyStuart Ellis Pharmacy169 Hurontario St.705-445-4711Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL9Y 2M1
CollingwoodPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #103910 Cambridge St.705-445-2383Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL9Y 0A1
CollingwoodPharmacyShipyards Apothecary28 Huron St. Unit 101705-444-1001Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL9Y 1C4
CookstownNeedle Syringe ProgramSimcoe Muskoka District Health Unit - CooksTown2-25 King St. SouthClients can drop-in, but are encouraged to call ahead to book an appointment to ensure that a nurse is available for training705-721-7520Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL0L 1L0
CornwallNeedle Syringe ProgramEastern Ontario Health Unit1000 Pitt St.Monday to Friday: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm | Drop-in or call in advance | Training will be provided1-800-267-7120Eastern OntarioK6J 5T1
CornwallPharmacyCATP41 Second St. West613-932-9600Eastern OntarioK6J 1G3
CornwallPharmacyFreshco Pharmacy #7268525 Ninth St. East613-933-5406Eastern OntarioK6H 0A3
CornwallPharmacyFullerton Drug Store820 McConnell Ave. # 114613-933-7233Eastern OntarioK6H 4M4
CornwallPharmacyFullerton Drugs170 Pitt St.613-932-6843Eastern OntarioK6J 3P4
CornwallPharmacyMedical Arts Phcy Cornwall Ltd.173 Montreal Road613-932-6501Eastern OntarioK6H 1B2
CornwallPharmacyMedical Arts Phcy Cornwall Ltd.30-13th St. East613-933-0670Eastern OntarioK6H 6V9
CornwallPharmacyRespect Rx Cornwall3-805 Sydney St.613-209-7778Eastern OntarioK6H 3J7
CornwallPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #6051 Water St. East613-938-6060Eastern OntarioK6H 6M2
CornwallPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #6061236 Brookdale Ave.613-938-3010Eastern OntarioK6J 4P8
CornwallPharmacyWhole Health Pharmacy106A, 120-126 Second St. West613-938-0606Eastern OntarioK6J 1G5
CornwallPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #15421380 2nd St. East613-937-0956Eastern OntarioK6H 2B8
CornwallPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #15421380 2Nd St. East613-937-0956Eastern OntarioK6H 2B8
CornwallPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #3020420 Nineth St. West613-933-3820OttawaK6J 0B3
CorunnaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1034420 Lyndock St.519-862-1451LambtonN0N 1G0
CourticePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #6891430 King St. East905-433-4723Durham RegionL1E 2J5
Deep RiverPharmacyCahoon's Pharmacy95 Deep River Road613-584-1116Renfrew County and DistrictK0J 1P0
Deep RiverPharmacyRexall Pharma Plus #65411 Champlain St.613-584-2501Renfrew County And DistrictK0J 1P0
DelawarePharmacyDelaware Pharmacy11569 Longwoods Road519-652-5558Middlesex-LondonN0L 1E0
DelhiPharmacyRexall Pharmacy155 Lock St. East905-774-6222Haldimand-NorfolkN1A 1J6
DelhiPharmacyRoulston's Pharmacy123 King St.519-582-1800Haldimand-NorfolkN4B 1X9
DorchesterPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #10692300 Dorchester Road519-268-7341Middlesex-LondonN0L 1G3
DownsviewPharmacyBathurst-Wilson Pharmacy322 Wilson Ave.416-638-1755TorontoM3H 1S8
DownsviewPharmacyJane Centre Pharmacy2780 Jane St.416-742-4333TorontoM3N 2J2
DownsviewPharmacyLefko Pharmasave842 Wilson Ave.416-635-6802TorontoM3K 1E5
DownsviewPharmacyPharma Plus #23944702 Jane St.416-661-3973TorontoM3N 2L3
DresdenPharmacyMactavish Pharmacy480 St. George St.519-683-4491Chatham-KentN0P 1M0
DrydenNeedle Syringe ProgramNorthwestern Health Unit - Dryden75-D Van Horne Ave.807-223-3301NorthwesternP8N 2B2
DrydenPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #129225 Duke St.807-223-3535NorthwesternP8N 1E6
DrydenPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #3024Hwy. 17 E., P.O. Box 726 Station807-223-8663NorthwesternP8N 2Z4
DundasPharmacyLee's Dundas Pharmacy58 King St. East905-627-4584HamiltonL9H 1B8
DundasPharmacyPharmasave #955105 King St. West905-628-8500HamiltonL9H 6Y6
DundasPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1056133 King St. West905-628-6121HamiltonL9H 1V3
DundasPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #742101 Osler Dr.905-628-2251HamiltonL9H 4H4
DunnvillePharmacyGrand River Pharmacy334 Broad St. West905-229-2050Haldimand-NorfolkN1A 1T1
DunnvillePharmacyHauser's Pharmacy140 Broad St. East905-774-7331Haldimand-NorfolkN1A 1E9
Ear FallsNeedle Syringe ProgramNorthwestern Health Unit - Ear Falls25 Spruce St.Monday to Friday: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm807-222-3098NorthwesternP0V 1T0
East GwillimburyPharmacyCostco Pharmacy #51018182 Yonge St.905-954-4755York RegionL9N 0J3
EganvillePharmacyConway's Pharmacy249 John St.613-628-2808Renfrew County and DistrictK0J 1T0
Elliot LakePharmacyDrugstore Pharmacy #4323177 Hwy 108 North705-461-6299AlgomaP5A 2S9
Elliot LakePharmacyElliot Lake Hlth Ctre Pharmacy267 Hillside Dr. South705-848-0004AlgomaP5A 1N7
Elliot LakePharmacyRexall #692631 Nova Scotia Walk705-848-2451AlgomaP5A 1Y9
Elliot LakePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #667220 Ontario Ave.705-848-7125AlgomaP5A 1Y5
ElmiraPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #108811 Arthur St. North519-669-1653Region of WaterlooN3B 1Z4
ElmvalePharmacyWhitfield Guardian16 Queen St. West705-322-1011Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL0L 1P0
EloraPharmacyElora ApothecaryB-115 Geddes St.226-369-0312Wellington-Dufferin-GuelphN0B 1S0
EloraPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #108389 Geddes St.519-846-5379Wellington-Dufferin-GuelphN0B 1S0
EmbrunPharmacyJean Coutu Pharmacie #246867 Nortre Dame613-443-3552Eastern OntarioK0A 1W0
EmbrunPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1316703 Notre Dame St. RR #3613-443-3669Eastern OntarioK0A 1W1
EmoNeedle Syringe ProgramNorthwestern Health Unit - Emo76 Front St.Monday to Friday: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm807-482-2211NorthwesternP0W 1E0
EspanolaPharmacyEspanola Clinic Pharmacy801 Mckinnon Dr.705-862-7000Sudbury and DistrictP5E 1T2
EspanolaPharmacyRemedy's RxEspanda Mall 111-800 Centre St.705-869-1860Sudbury and DistrictP5E 1J3
EspanolaPharmacyRobinsons Pharmasave119 Tudhope St.705-869-1561Sudbury and DistrictP5E 1S6
EspanolaPharmacyThe Drugstore Pharmacy #4091745 Centre St.705-869-0330Sudbury and DistrictP5E 1N1
EssexPharmacyBradys Drug Store186 Talbot Road South519-961-9610Windsor-Essex CountyN8M 1B6
EssexPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #11115 Talbot St. South519-776-5246Windsor-Essex CountyN8M 1A6
EtobicokePharmacySobeys Pharmacy #7222125 The Queensway416-259-5114PeelL4V 1W2
EtobicokePharmacyGlencade Pharmacy290 The West Mall416-622-2111TorontoM9C 1C6
EtobicokePharmacyHumber Green Pharmacy100 Humber Collage Blvd.416-744-3434TorontoM9V 5G4
EtobicokePharmacyLoblaw Pharmacy #1066380 The East Mall416-695-0610TorontoM9B 6L5
EtobicokePharmacyPharmacity Drug Store25 Woodbine Downs Blvd.416-674-0300TorontoM9W 6N5
EtobicokePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1483666 Burnhamthorpe Road416-620-4867TorontoM9C 2Z4
EtobicokePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #8083010 Bloor St. West416-234-0136TorontoM8X 1C2
EtobicokePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #825600 The East Mall Unit 1416-622-3253TorontoM9B 4S1
EtobicokePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #837270 The Kingsway416-233-1155TorontoM9A 3T7
EtobicokePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #857123 Rexdale Blvd.416-743-1645TorontoM9W 1P1
EtobicokePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #865125 The Queensway416-766-6196TorontoM8Y 1H6
EtobicokePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #893201 Lloyd Manor Road416-236-1131TorontoM9B 6H6
EtobicokePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9033464 Lakeshore Blvd. West416-255-5243TorontoM8W 1N4
EtobicokePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #96125 The West Mall Unit 1267416-621-2466TorontoM9C 1B8
EtobicokePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9741735 Kipling Ave.416-247-8757TorontoM9R 2Y8
EtobicokePharmacyUnicare Pharmacy3170 Lakeshore Blvd. West416-503-0013TorontoM8V 3X8
EtobicokePharmacyKassel's Pharmacy396 Royal York Road416-251-1126TorontoM8Y 2R5
EtobicokePharmacyKipling-Queensway Pharmacy20-1255 The Queensway Pharmacy416-252-4567TorontoM8Z 1S1
EtobicokePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #845415 The Westway, Block A, Unit#1416-249-8344TorontoM9R 1H5
EtobicokePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9251530 Albion Road416-741-7711TorontoM9V 1B4
EtobicokePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9592850 Lakeshore Blvd. West416-255-2397TorontoM8V 1J2
EtobicokePharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #3031165 North Queen St.416-239-2088TorontoM9C 1A7
FergusPharmacyGrand River Pharmacy727 St. Andrew St. West519-843-1100Wellington-Dufferin-GuelphN1M 3H2
FergusPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1082710 Tower St. South519-843-3160Wellington-Dufferin-GuelphN1M 2R3
FergusPharmacyTower Street Pharmacy769 Tower St. South519-843-1800Wellington-Dufferin-GuelphN1M 2R2
FergusPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #1130801 St. David St. North519-843-3436Wellington-Dufferin-GuelphN1M 2L1
FleshertonPharmacyFlesherton Pharmacy7 Durham St.519-924-3007Grey BruceN0C 1E0
FonthillPharmacyBoggio Fonthill Pharmacy IDA155 Highway 20 West905-892-4994Niagara RegionL0S 1E0
FonthillPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #119120 Highway 20 East905-892-5791Niagara RegionL0S 1E0
ForestPharmacyForest Pharmacy19 King St. West519-786-5161LambtonN0N 1J0
Fort EriePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #783450 Garrison Road Building G905-871-2226Niagara RegionL2A 1N2
Fort EriePharmacyGarrison Road Remedy's Rx660 Garrison Road Unit 7905-994-0990Niagara RegionL2A 2R5
Fort EriePharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #3649750 Garrison Road905-991-1025Niagara RegionL2A 1N7
Fort FrancesCorrectional FacilityFort Frances JailNasal spray naloxone kits available for inmates only, upon their release from custody.Northwestern
Fort FrancesNeedle Syringe ProgramNorthwestern Health Unit - Fort Frances396 Scott St.Monday to Friday: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm807-274-9827NorthwesternP9A 1G9
Fort FrancesPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1392375 Scott St.807-274-5351NorthwesternP9A 1H1
Fort FrancesPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #58061250 King'S Highway807-274-6686NorthwesternP9A 2X6
GananoqueNeedle Syringe ProgramLeeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit375 William St. South #220Monday to Friday: call for an appointment | Wednesday drop-in: 11am - 3:30pm613-283-2740 Ext. 2415Leeds, Grenville and LanarkK7G 2X9
GananoquePharmacyPharmasave #736186 King St. East613-382-1333Leeds, Grenville and LanarkK7G1G2
GananoquePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1143615 King St.613-382-2303UnknownK7G 4H4
GarsonPharmacyNickel Centre Pharmacy3098 Falconbridge Hwy705-693-2738Sudbury and DistrictP0M 1V0
GeorgetownNeedle Syringe ProgramHalton Region, Health Department - GeorgetownHealth @ 280 | 280 Guelph St., Unit 76Thursday: 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm905-330-3305 | 866-442-5866Halton RegionL7G 4B1
GeorgetownPharmacyGeorgetown Pharmacy101-118 Mills St.905-877-8888Halton RegionL7G 2C5
GeorgetownPharmacyYoung's Pharmacy And Homecare47 Main St. South905-877-2711Halton RegionL7G 3G2
GeorgetownPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #707265 Guelph St.905-877-2291UnknownL7G 4B4
GeorgetownPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #802333 Mountainview Road South, Unit 1905-877-2299Halton RegionL7G 6E8
GeorgetownPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #3034300 Guelph St.905-873-3021Halton RegionL7G 4B2
GloucesterPharmacyCostco Pharmacy #5111900 Cyrville Road613-842-3376OttawaK1B 1A5
GloucesterPharmacyGood Health Pharmacy2-4188 Spratt Road613-822-8669OttawaK1V0Z6
GloucesterPharmacyLoblaw Pharmacy1226 Orleans Place Dr.613-834-4074OttawaK1C1L2
GloucesterPharmacyLoblaw Pharmacy #4253671 River Road613-822-9878OttawaK1V2G2
GloucesterPharmacyRexall #1156144-1980 Ogilvie Road613-745-9497OttawaK1J 9L3
GloucesterPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1161647 Earl Armstrong Road613-822-6746OttawaK1V2G2
GloucesterPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #6372012 Ogilrie Road613-741-5151OttawaK1J 7N9
GloucesterPharmacyThe Drug Store Pharmacy #40881619 Orleans Blvd.613-830-9914OttawaK1C 2Z5
GloucesterPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #1158171-1980 Ogilvie Road613-747-7384OttawaK1J 9L3
GoderichPharmacyMichael's Pharmasave181 Cambria St. North519-524-2242Huron CountyN7A 2R2
GoderichPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #312635400 Huron Road519-524-7839N7A 3X8
Gore BayPharmacyCentral Pharmacy45 Meredith St.705-282-2409Sudbury and DistrictP0P 1H0
Gore BayPharmacyRobertson's Drug Store39 Meredith St.705-282-2147Sudbury and DistrictP0P 1H0
Grand BendPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #102365 Main St. East Box 1030519-238-8540LambtonN0M 1T0
Grand ValleyPharmacyGrand Valley Drug Store33 Main St. South519-928-3303Wellington-Dufferin-GuelphL0N 1G0
GravenhurstNeedle Syringe ProgramSimcoe Muskoka District Health Unit - Gravenhurst2-5 Pineridge GateClients can drop-in, but are encouraged to call ahead to book an appointment to ensure that a nurse is available for training705-721-7520Simcoe Muskoka DistrictP1P 1Z3
GravenhurstPharmacyGravenhurst Pharmacy180 Brock St.705-687-2207Simcoe Muskoka DistrictP1P 1X2
GravenhurstPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1345511 Muskoka Road South705-687-2838Simcoe Muskoka DistrictP1P 1J8
GrimsbyPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #794150 Main St. East905-945-5422Niagara RegionL3M 1P1
GrimsbyPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #79842 St. Andrews Ave. Unit 1905-945-9775Niagara RegionL3M 3S2
GuelphHepatitis C ProgramSanguen Health Centre - Guelph Community Health Centre176 Wyndham St. NorthBy appointment only519-603-0223Wellington-Dufferin-GuelphN1H 8N9
GuelphPharmacyDrug Store Pharmacy #4344191 Silvercreek Pkwy519-821-7444Wellington-Dufferin-GuelphN1H 3P2
GuelphPharmacyDrugstore Pharmacy #5591045 Paisley Road519-826-5742Wellington-Dufferin-GuelphN1K 1X6
GuelphPharmacyEramosa Pharmacy2&3-247 Eramosa Road519-265-5251Wellington-Dufferin-GuelphN1E 2M5
GuelphPharmacyGordon Pharmasave Pharmacy1-1499 Gordon St.519-836-0101Wellington-Dufferin-GuelphN1L 1C9
GuelphPharmacyKortright Pharmacy Ltd.570 Kortright Road West519-763-1118Wellington-Dufferin-GuelphN1G 3N4
GuelphPharmacyNorfolk Pharmacy & Surgical Supplies85 Norfolk Pharmacy Suite 100519-837-1820Wellington-Dufferin-GuelphN1H 4J4
GuelphPharmacyPharmasave On Wyndham101-45 Wyndham St. North519-763-0695Wellington-Dufferin-GuelphN1H 4E4
GuelphPharmacyPharmasave On Wyndham101-45 Wyndham St. North519-763-0695Wellington-Dufferin-GuelphN1H 4E4
GuelphPharmacyRexall #8171103-105 Silvercreek Pkwy North519-822-8000Wellington-Dufferin-GuelphN1H 6S4
GuelphPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1085377 Eramosa Road519-822-2480Wellington-Dufferin-GuelphN1E 2N1
GuelphPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1089615 Scottsdale Dr.519-823-8000Wellington-Dufferin-GuelphN1G 4V9
GuelphPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #12137 Clair Road West519-763-3431Wellington-Dufferin-GuelphN1L 0A6
GuelphPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #724104 Silver Creek Pkwy North519-821-5080Wellington-Dufferin-GuelphN1H 7B4
GuelphPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #725435 Stone Road West Unit K4519-821-7910Wellington-Dufferin-GuelphN1G 2X6
GuelphPharmacyWestwood Pharmacy (Pharmasave30-500 Willow Road519-265-5880Wellington-Dufferin-GuelphN1H 7G4
GuelphPharmacyWillow Pharmacy47-8 Willow Road519-822-6767Wellington-Dufferin-GuelphN1H 1W3
GuelphPharmacyWoodlawn Pharmacy472 Woodlawn Road East519-763-7373Wellington-Dufferin-GuelphN1E 1B9
GuelphPharmacyWyndham Medical PharmacyF-75 Wyndham St. South519-265-5022Wellington-Dufferin-GuelphN1E 5R3
GuelphPharmacyRexall Pharma Plus #1028140-666 Woolwich St.519-836-3200Wellington-Dufferin-GuelphN1H 7G5
GuelphPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1085380 Eramosa Road519-822-2480Wellington-Dufferin-GuelphN1E 2M9
GuelphPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #1199175 Stone Road West519-821-0619Wellington-Dufferin-GuelphN1G 5L4
GuelphPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #314411 Woodlawn Road West519-767-5125Wellington-Dufferin-GuelphN1H 1G8
HagersvillePharmacyCavanagh IDA6 Main St. South905-768-3391Haldimand-NorfolkN0A 1H0
HaliburtonPharmacyHaliburton Highland Pharmacy211 Highland St.705-457-9669Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge DistrictK0M 1S0
HaliburtonPharmacyRexall #6999224 Highland St.705-457-1112Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge DistrictK0M 1S0
HaliburtonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #153049 Maple Av705-457-5020Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge DistrictK0M 1S0
HamiltonCorrectional FacilityHamilton-Wentworth Detention CentreNasal spray naloxone kits available for inmates only, upon their release from custody.Hamilton
HamiltonHepatitis C ProgramWayside House of Hamilton15 Charlton Ave. West905-528-8969HamiltonL8P 2B8
HamiltonNeedle Syringe ProgramCity of Hamilton Public Health Services - Home Visit or Group Training Available Within The City oF Hamilton (Mobile Outreach)Mobile outreach within the City of HamiltonMonday to Friday: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm905-546-4276Hamilton
HamiltonNeedle Syringe ProgramCity of Hamilton Public Health Services - Notre Dame Youth Shelter14 Cannon St. WestDrop-in | Tuesday: 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm | For street involved youth 16-21 years of age905-546-4276HamiltonL8R 2B3
HamiltonNeedle Syringe ProgramCity of Hamilton Public Health Services - Street Health Clinic at The Hamilton Urban Core Community Health Centre71 Rebecca St.#REF!905-546-4276HamiltonL8R 1B6
HamiltonNeedle Syringe ProgramCity of Hamilton Public Health Services - Street Health Clinic at The Wesley Centre195 Ferguson Ave. North, 2nd Floor Drop-in | Monday: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm | Wednesday: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm | Friday: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm905-777-7852HamiltonL8L 8J1
HamiltonNeedle Syringe ProgramCity of Hamilton Public Health Services - The AIDS Network140 King St. East, Suite 101 Lower Level Drop-in | Tuesday: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm | Thursday: 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm905-528-0854HamiltonL8N 1B2
HamiltonNeedle Syringe ProgramCity of Hamilton Public Health Services - The VAN Program (Mobile Outreach)Mobile outreach within the City of HamiltonMonday to Saturday: 8:00 pm - 12:00 am905-317-9966 (Call or text)Hamilton
HamiltonPharmacy700 Main Pharmacy700 Main St.905-544-0040HamiltonL8M 1K7
HamiltonPharmacyAxis Health Care Plus Pharmacy1079 Barton St. East905-547-8813HamiltonL8L 3E2
HamiltonPharmacyBarton Medical Pharmacy293 Barton St. East289-389-8844HamiltonL8L 2X4
HamiltonPharmacyBinbrook Pharmacy3013 Hwy 56905-692-9394HamiltonL0R 1C0
HamiltonPharmacyCity Pharmacy1354 Barton St. East905-545-1411HamiltonL8H 2W3
HamiltonPharmacyDaniel Drug MartD-547 Upper James St.905-318-3668HamiltonL9C 2Y5
HamiltonPharmacyGordon's Pharmacy (IDA)1511 Main St. East905-544-4631HamiltonL8K 1E2
HamiltonPharmacyJohn Drug Mart IDA Pharmacy225 John St. South905-526-0110HamiltonL8N 2C7
HamiltonPharmacyKohler Drug Store3-574 James St. North905-527-1716HamiltonL8L 1J7
HamiltonPharmacyLoblaw Pharmacy #406565 Mall Road905-574-5939HamiltonL8V 1B8
HamiltonPharmacyLoblaw Pharmacy #42541579 Main St. West905-308-9339HamiltonL8S 1E6
HamiltonPharmacyMain Health Pharmacy102-460 Main St. East289-396-4700HamiltonL8N 1K4
HamiltonPharmacyMain Medical Centre Pharmacy554 Main St. East, 2nd Fl.905-546-1000HamiltonL8M 1J3
HamiltonPharmacyMarchese Pharmacy316 James St. North905-528-4201HamiltonL8L 1H2
HamiltonPharmacyN.L. Gibson's Drug Ltd.377 Main St. East905-522-3547HamiltonL8N 1J4
HamiltonPharmacyNew Day Barton IDA Pharmacy664 Barton St. East289-799-2133HamiltonL8L 3A4
HamiltonPharmacyPharma Center3-581 Main St. East905-528-3333HamiltonL8M 1H9
HamiltonPharmacyPharmasave #9749640 Queenston Road289-389-9831HamiltonL8K 1K2
HamiltonPharmacyPrisms Pharmasave155 James St. South905-527-5771HamiltonL8P 3A4
HamiltonPharmacyRexall #82051119 Fennell Ave.905-383-3386HamiltonL8T 1S2
HamiltonPharmacyRexall Dell Pharmacy #8202517 Upper Sherman Ave.905-385-3217HamiltonL8V 3L7
HamiltonPharmacySamy's Drug Mart847 Barton St. East905-548-8031HamiltonL8L 3B4
HamiltonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1041753 Main St. East905-544-1153HamiltonL8M 1L2
HamiltonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1043963 Fennell Ave. East905-385-5356HamiltonL8T 1R1
HamiltonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #10451300 Garth St.905-387-2211HamiltonL9C 4L7
HamiltonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1046991 King St. West905-525-7772HamiltonL8S 1K9
HamiltonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1047113 Herkimer St.905-527-2133HamiltonL8P 2G8
HamiltonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1049902 Mohawk Road East905-387-2300HamiltonL8T 2R8
HamiltonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #10521900 King St. East905-545-8402HamiltonL8K 1W1
HamiltonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1053232 Cannon St. East905-522-5707HamiltonL8L 0A9
HamiltonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #12991411 Upper Sherman Ave.905-318-2636HamiltonL8W 1C4
HamiltonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1319510 Concession St.905-387-8656HamiltonL9A 1C4
HamiltonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #14601341 Main St. West905-525-9003HamiltonL8S 1C6
HamiltonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1547181 Main St. West905-528-8765HamiltonL8P 4S1
HamiltonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #6911-210 Mohawk Road East905-387-4040HamiltonL8E 5W1
HamiltonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #7501183 Barton St. East905-549-2408HamiltonL8H 2V4
HamiltonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #754801 Mohawk Road West905-388-9191HamiltonL9C 6C2
HamiltonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #756999 Upper Wentworth St.905-388-8450HamiltonL9A 4X5
HamiltonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9751599 Upper James Road905-387-3333HamiltonL9B 0H7
HamiltonPharmacySutherland's Pharmacy Ltd.180 James St. South905-527-4561HamiltonL8P 4V1
HamiltonPharmacyThe Hamilton Clinic Pharmacy200 Main St. East Lower Level905-523-4567HamiltonL8N 1H3
HamiltonPharmacyTRC Pharmacy Hamilton John St.14 John St. North905-524-1122HamiltonL8R 1G9
HamiltonPharmacyTrue Vine Pharmacy90 Wellington St. North905-570-1111HamiltonL8R 1N1
HamiltonPharmacyUpper James Clinic Pharmacy609 Upper James St.905-383-8020HamiltonL9C 2Y9
HamiltonPharmacyAxis Health Care Plus Pharmacy908 Garth St.905-389-1339HamiltonL9C 4L2
HamiltonPharmacyKing Medical PharmacyUnit 5 505 King St. West905-523-8388HamiltonL8P 1B9
HamiltonPharmacyLopresti Pharmacy770 Concession St.905-383-2189HamiltonL8V 1C8
HamiltonPharmacyMcmaster Drugstore1200 Main St. West905-521-5019HamiltonL8S 4J9
HamiltonPharmacyMcmaster Health Campus Pharmcy100 Main St. West Suite 1004/A905-540-1613HamiltonL8P 1H6
HamiltonPharmacyRexall Pharma Plus #140418-2 King St. West905-529-6216HamiltonL8P 1A1
HamiltonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1053232 Cannon St. East905-522-5707HamiltonL8L 0A9
HamiltonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1458620 King St. West905-522-0207HamiltonL8P 1C2
HamiltonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1458620 King St. West905-522-0207HamiltonL8P 1C2
HamiltonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #692399 Greenhill Ave.905-560-4663HamiltonL8K 6N5
HamiltonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #752661 Upper James St.905-385-3269HamiltonL9C 5R8
HamiltonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #752661 Upper James St.905-385-3269HamiltonL9C 5R8
HamiltonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #75575 Centennial Pkwy North905-560-4800HamiltonL8E 2P2
HamiltonPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #10422190 Rymal Road East905-692-2628HamiltonL0R 1P0
HamiltonPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #11211115 Barton St. East905-548-6270HamiltonL8H 2V2
HamiltonPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #1154499 Mohawk Road East905-389-2755HamiltonL8V 4L7
HamiltonPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #3037675 Upper James St.905-389-2322HamiltonL9C 2Z5
HamiltonPharmacyWhitney Plaza Pharmacy1819 Main St. West905-529-9800HamiltonL8S 1H6
HanmerPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #11815118 Highway 69 North705-969-8000Sudbury and DistrictP3P 1B9
HanoverPharmacyHanover Pharmasave101-118 7th Ave.519-364-4422Grey BruceN4N 2G9
HanoverPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1418895 10th St.519-364-3141UnknownN4H 1S4
HanoverPharmacyPharma Plus #1669342 Tenth St.519-364-2300Grey BruceN4N 1P4
HanoverPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #31291100-10Th St.519-364-0645Grey BruceN4N 3B8
HarrowPharmacyHometown Family Pharmacy38 Queen St.519-738-2400Windsor-Essex CountyN0R 1G0
HarrowPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #110569 King St. East519-738-2226Windsor-Essex CountyN0R 1G0
HastingsPharmacyJohnstons Pharmacy178 Front St.705-696-3606Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge DistrictK0L 1Y0
HavelockPharmacyHavelock Pharmacy44 Ottawa St. West P.O Box 570705-778-3851PeterboroughK0L 1Z0
HawkesburyNeedle Syringe ProgramEastern Ontario Health Unit134 Main St. East Suite 301Monday to Friday: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm | Drop-in or call in advance | Training will be provided1-800-565-2314Eastern OntarioK6A 1A3
HawkesburyPharmacyPharmacie Jean Coutu #15980 Main St. East613-632-2743Eastern OntarioK6A 1A3
HawkesburyPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1259400 Spence Ave.613-632-5636Eastern OntarioK6A 2Y3
HawkesburyPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #11591550 Cameron St.613-636-6062UnknownK6A 3S5
HearstNeedle Syringe ProgramPorcupine Health UnitHearst Medical Centre, 1403 Edward St., Box 2470 Monday to Friday: 8:30am - 12:00pm | Monday to Friday: 1:00pm - 4:30pm | Summer hours Monday to Friday: 8:00am - 12:00pm | Summer hours Monday to Friday: 1:00pm - 4:00pm705-362-4854 | 705-362-7808 | 705-362-4853PorcupineP0L 1N0
HearstPharmacyPharmacie Novena4 Ninth St.705-372-1212PorcupineP0L 1N0
HensallPharmacyHensall Pharmacy121 King St.519-262-3337Huron CountyN0M 1X0
HornepayneNeedle Syringe ProgramPorcupine Health Unit247 Third Ave., P. O. Box 127Monday to Friday: 8:30am - 12:00pm | Monday to Friday: 1:00pm - 4:30pm | Summer hours Monday to Friday: 8:00am - 12:00pm | Summer hours Monday to Friday: 1:00pm - 4:00pm807-868-2091 | 807-868-2671PorcupineP0M 1Z0
HuntsvilleNeedle Syringe ProgramSimcoe Muskoka District Health Unit - Huntsville34 Chaffey St.Clients can drop-in, but are encouraged to call ahead to book an appointment to ensure that a nurse is available for training705-721-7520Simcoe Muskoka DistrictP1H 1K1
HuntsvillePharmacyHuntsville Pharmasave29 Main St. East705-789-7300Simcoe Muskoka DistrictP1H 2C6
HuntsvillePharmacyHuntsville's Hometown IDA Drug10 Main St. East705-789-2561Simcoe Muskoka DistrictP1H 2C9
HuntsvillePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #64751 King William St.705-789-4471Simcoe Muskoka DistrictP1H 1G4
HuntsvillePharmacyHuntsville Pharmasave3 Main St. West705-789-7300Simcoe Muskoka DistrictP1H 2G3
HuntsvillePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #64722 Hwy 60705-789-4471Simcoe Muskoka DistrictP1H 1C2
HuntsvillePharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #5743Unit #10, 111 Howland Dr.705-788-7194Simcoe Muskoka DistrictP1H 2P4
IgnaceNeedle Syringe ProgramNorthwestern Health Unit - IgnaceCorner of Highways 17 & 599Monday to Friday: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm807-934-2236NorthwesternP0T 1T0
IngersollPharmacyIngersoll Medical Pharmacy17 Thames St. South519-303-0255Oxford CountyN5C 2S8
IngersollPharmacyIngersoll Pharmasave19 King St. East519-485-2300Oxford CountyN5C 1G3
IngersollPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1174120 Thames St. North519-485-2230Oxford CountyN5C 4B1
InglesidePharmacyIngleside IDA Pharmacy3 Thorold Lane613-537-2477Eastern OntarioK0C 1M0
InnisfilPharmacyAlcona Pharmacy14-1070 Innisfil Beach Road705-294-5500Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL9S 4T9
InnisfilPharmacySandycove Drug Store3-902 Lockhart Road705-436-6906Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL9S 4V2
InnisfilPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #6681145 Innisfil Beach Road705-436-2874Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL9S 4B2
InnisfilPharmacySobeys Pharmacy #72582080 Jans Blvd.705-431-1093Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL9S 2C3
Iroquois FallsNeedle Syringe ProgramPorcupine Health Unit58A Anson Dr., Box 575 Monday to Friday: 8:30am - 12:00pm | Monday to Friday: 1:00pm - 4:30pm | Summer hours Monday to Friday: 8:00am - 12:00pm | Summer hours Monday to Friday: 1:00pm - 4:00pm705-258-2247PorcupineP0K 1G0  
IslingtonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #863Six Points Plaza 5230 Dundas St. West416-233-3269TorontoM9B 1A8
KanataPharmacyBridlewood Drug Mart64 Stonehaven Dr.613-254-9918OttawaK2M 2Y2
KanataPharmacyCostco Pharmacy #541770 Silver Seven Road613-270-5578OttawaK2V1A5
KanataPharmacyDrugstore Pharmacy #2813700 Eagleson Road613-254-5334OttawaK2M1H3
KanataPharmacyKanata Pharmasave102 - 99 Kakulu Road613-592-6955OttawaK2L 3C8
KanataPharmacyPrecise Pharmacy13B-474 Hazeldean Road613-435-7887OttawaK2L 4E5
KanataPharmacyRexall #8186832 March Road613-599-6699OttawaK2W 0C9
KanataPharmacyRexall Pharma Plus #14534048 Carling Ave.613-599-5188OttawaK2K 1Y1
KanataPharmacyRexall Pharma Plus #2204300 Eagleson Road613-592-3106OttawaK2M 1C9
KanataPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1270680 Eagleson Road613-599-4595OttawaK2M 2G9
KanataPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #13241102 Klondike Road RR #1613-592-6010OttawaK2K 1X7
KanataPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #13255709 Hazeldean Road613-592-6010OttawaK2K 0P6
KanataPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #90910-499 Terry Fox Dr.613-271-9790OttawaK2T 1H7
KanataPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #952420 Hazeldean Road613-831-2975OttawaK2L 4B2
KanataPharmacySobeys Pharmacy #7217700 Terry Fox Dr.613-831-1140OttawaK2L 4H4
KanataPharmacySobeys Pharmacy #7263840 March Road613-599-3060OttawaK2K 1X7
KanataPharmacyDrugstore Pharmacy #2813700 Eagleson Road613-254-5334OttawaK2M 1H3
KanataPharmacySobeys Pharmacy #7217700 Terry Fox Dr.613-831-4311OttawaK2L 4H4
KanataPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #3134500 Earl Grey Dr.613-599-1343OttawaK2T 1B6
KanataPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #11185357 Fernbank Road613-831-8142UnknownK2S 1B6
KapuskasingNeedle Syringe ProgramPorcupine Health Unit4 Ash St.Monday to Friday: 8:30am - 12:00pm | Monday to Friday: 1:00pm - 4:30pm | Summer hours Monday to Friday: 8:00am - 12:00pm | Summer hours Monday to Friday: 1:00pm - 4:00pm705-335-6101PorcupineP5N 2C8
KapuskasingPharmacyLoblaw Pharmacy55 Brunetville Road705-337-4920PorcupineP5N 2E8
KapuskasingPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #655Model City Mall 25 Brunetville Road705-335-2249PorcupineP5N 2E9
KapuskasingPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #3041350 Government Road East705-335-3636PorcupineP5N 2X7
KemptvilleNeedle Syringe ProgramLeeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit2675 Concession RoadMonday to Friday: call for an appointment | Tuesday: drop-in 11am - 4:30pm613-283-2740 Ext. 2415Leeds, Grenville and LanarkK0G 1J0
KemptvillePharmacyEquinelle Pharmasave #970890 Royal Landing Gate613-215-0211Leeds, Grenville and LanarkK0G1J0
KemptvillePharmacyLoblaw Pharmacy2600 Hwy 43 W Unit 1613-258-9283Leeds, Grenville and LanarkK0G1J0
KemptvillePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #12262727 Country Road 43613-258-2557Leeds, Grenville and LanarkK0G1J0
KemptvillePharmacyKemptville Drugmart19-20-2600 Hwy. 43613-258-0777Leeds, Grenville and LanarkK0G 1J0
KemptvillePharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #1047340 Colonnade Dr.613-258-0599Leeds, Grenville and LanarkK0G 1J0
KenoraCorrectional FacilityKenora JailNasal spray naloxone kits available for inmates only, upon their release from custody.Northwestern
KenoraNeedle Syringe ProgramNorthwestern Health Unit - Kenora210 First St. NorthMonday to Friday: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm807-468-3147NorthwesternP9N 2K4
KenoraPharmacyLoblaw Pharmacy #4063550 Railway St.807-468-1868NorthwesternP9N 1A1
KenoraPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1355305 Main St. South807-468-8869NorthwesternP9N 1T4
KenoraPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #585424 Miikana Way, Unit #1807-468-8307NorthwesternP9N 4J1
KeswickPharmacyBen's Pharmacy190 Simcoe Ave.905-476-2277York RegionL4P 2H7
KeswickPharmacyKeswick Medical Pharmacy198 Church St.905-535-9000York RegionL4P 1J7
KeswickPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #648411 The Queensway South905-476-7751York RegionL4P 2C7
KeswickPharmacyHealthcare Rx Pharmacy132 The Queensway South905-476-3784York RegionL4P 1Z7
KeswickPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #101223550 Woodbine Ave.905-476-8507York RegionL4P 0E2
KincardinePharmacyGordon Pharmasave767 Queen St.519-396-3364Grey BruceN2Z 2Z4
KincardinePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1420781 Broadway St.519-396-6220Grey BruceN2Z 2G1
King CityPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #14152140 King Road905-833-1368York RegionL7B 1L5
KingstonNeedle Syringe ProgramStreet Health Centre, Kingston Community Health Centres115 Barrack St.Drop-in or appointments, will also do outreach. | Monday to Friday: 9:00 am - 12:00pm | Monday to Friday: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm613-549-1440Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & AddingtonK7K 1G2
KingstonPharmacyCanadian Add. Treatm. Phcy. LP7 Hickson Ave.613-545-2324Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & AddingtonK7K 2N4
KingstonPharmacyClinic Pharmacy76 Stuart St.613-546-2611Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & AddingtonK7L 2V7
KingstonPharmacyCostco Pharmacy #5331015 Centennial Dr.613-545-0700Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & AddingtonK7P 3B7
KingstonPharmacyDrugsmart Pharmacy401B-284 Earl St.613-507-7775Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & AddingtonK7L 2H8
KingstonPharmacyFrontenac Medical Pharmacy789 Princess St.613-542-7309Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & AddingtonK7L 1E9
KingstonPharmacyGardiners Pharmasave9B-500 Gardiners Road613-507-5555Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & AddingtonK7M 7W9
KingstonPharmacyLoblaw Pharmacy #10401100 Princess St.613-530-3414Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & AddingtonK7L 5G8
KingstonPharmacyLovell Drugs166 Brock St.613-546-8359Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & AddingtonK7L 5G2
KingstonPharmacyMedical Arts Pharmacy800 Princess St.613-549-3300Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & AddingtonK7L 1E4
KingstonPharmacyMilford Pharmacy728 Milford Dr.613-389-9909Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & AddingtonK7P 1C6
KingstonPharmacyNew Day Pharmacy Inc.166 Division St.613-544-1300Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & AddingtonK7L 3M6
KingstonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1144775 Strand Blvd.613-384-7477Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & AddingtonK7P 2S7
KingstonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1198797 Princess St.613-544-2500Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & AddingtonK7L 1G1
KingstonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1205105 Sutherland Dr.613-542-0067Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & AddingtonK7K 5V6
KingstonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #12091011 Princess St.613-531-5373Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & AddingtonK7L 1H3
KingstonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1284L074-945 Gardiners Road613-389-7020Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & AddingtonK7M 7H4
KingstonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1291823 Hwy 15613-547-9753Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & AddingtonK7L 4V3
KingstonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1429100-2437 Princess St.613-546-6199Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & AddingtonK7M 3G1
KingstonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #603445 Princess St.613-546-3696Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & AddingtonK7L 1C3
KingstonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #6041201 Division St.613-546-3544Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & AddingtonK7K 6X4
KingstonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #607136 Princess St.613-544-5330Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & AddingtonK7L 1A7
KingstonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #6081875 Bath Road613-384-6990Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & AddingtonK7M 4Y3
KingstonPharmacyWeller Pharmacy2-263 Weller Ave.613-507-9700Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & AddingtonK7K 2V4
KingstonPharmacyDrugstore Pharmacy #42311030 Coverdale Dr.613-389-8129Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & AddingtonK7M 8X7
KingstonPharmacyLoblaw Pharmacy1162 Division St.613-542-9225Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & AddingtonK7K 0C3
KingstonPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #30431130 Midland Ave.613-384-1645K7P 2X9
KingsvillePharmacyMalott's Guardian Drugs59 Main East519-733-3053Windsor-Essex CountyN9Y 1A1
Kirkland LakePharmacyBDR Drugmart15 Station Road North705-567-3315TimiskamingP2N 3J1
KitchenerHepatitis C ProgramSanguen Health Centre - St. John'S Kitchen NSP Cabinet97 Victoria St. NorthMonday to Thursday: 10:00 am - 1:00 pmRegion of WaterlooN2H 5C1
KitchenerPharmacyBelgage Pharmacy525 Belmont Ave. West519-576-2900Region of WaterlooN2M 5E2
KitchenerPharmacyCanadian Add. Treatm. Phcy. LP509 Park St.519-569-7347Region of WaterlooN2G 1N9
KitchenerPharmacyCostco Pharmacy #5124438 King St. East519-653-4408Region Of WaterlooN2G 3W6
KitchenerPharmacyDoon Village Pharmacy9-601 Doon Village Road519-895-8989Region of WaterlooN2P 1T6
KitchenerPharmacyFairway River PharmacyUnit 4B 1401 River Road East519-896-6666Region of WaterlooN2A 3X9
KitchenerPharmacyHeritage Park Pharmacy2-200 Lorraine Ave.519-744-6770Region of WaterlooN2B 3R3
KitchenerPharmacyKing Pharmacy310 King St. East519-745-2055Region of WaterlooN2G 2L3
KitchenerPharmacyKitchener Waterloo HospitalHealth Care Centre Pharmacy 835 King St. West519-749-4227Region of WaterlooN2G 1G3
KitchenerPharmacyMedicine Shoppe #250296 Highland Road East519-571-7050Region of WaterlooN2M 3W4
KitchenerPharmacyPharma Plus #1784696 Belmont St. West519-744-4458Region of WaterlooN2M 1P2
KitchenerPharmacyRefresh Pharmacy580 Lancaster St. West226-647-7288Region of WaterlooN2K 1M3
KitchenerPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1087250 King St. West519-742-1903Region of WaterlooN2G 1B6
KitchenerPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1200123 Pioneer Dr.519-748-4525Region of WaterlooN2P 2A3
KitchenerPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1334310 Fairway Road South519-748-2776Region of WaterlooN2C 1X3
KitchenerPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1438235 Ira Needles Blvd.519-744-4001Region of WaterlooN2N 0B2
KitchenerPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #729700 Strasburg Road519-576-8340Region of WaterlooN2E 2M2
KitchenerPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #731563 Highland Road West519-744-7851Region of WaterlooN2M 5K2
KitchenerPharmacyShopppers Drug Mart #10861221 Weber St. East519-748-2430Region of WaterlooN2A 1C2
KitchenerPharmacySobeys Pharmacy #72241187 Fischer Hamilton Road519-576-7516Region Of WaterlooN2E 4H9
KitchenerPharmacyThe Pharmashoppe25 Joseph St.519-342-3315Region of WaterlooN2G 4X6
KitchenerPharmacyThe Tannery Pharmasave Phcy121 Charles St. West519-744-1000Region of WaterlooN2G 1H6
KitchenerPharmacyTRC Pharmacy Kitchener1145 King St. East519-579-9647Region of WaterlooN2G 2N3
KitchenerPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #1111100 The Boardwalk519-745-4523Region of WaterlooN2N 0B1
KitchenerPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9921400 Ottawa St. South Unit 100519-742-6160WaterlooN2E 4E2
KitchenerPharmacyMidtown Pharmacy751 King St. West519-578-1112WaterlooN2G 1E5
KitchenerPharmacyPharma Plus #612851 Fischer-Hallman Road519-744-9021WaterlooN2M 5J8
KitchenerPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #8661020 Ottawa St. North519-894-6813WaterlooN2A 3Z3
KitchenerPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #8661020 Ottawa St. North519-894-6813WaterlooN2A 3Z3
KitchenerPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #11551005 Ottawa St. North519-893-6120WaterlooN2A 1H2
KitchenerPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #30452960 Kingsway Dr.519-894-0636WaterlooN2C 1X1
KitchenerPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #10071400 Ottawa St. South Unit E.519-743-3892WaterlooN2E 4E2
LanarkPharmacyLanark Medical Pharmacy2-74 George St.613-259-2345Leeds, Grenville and LanarkK0G1K0
LasallePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #13912125 Front Road519-734-1747Windsor-Essex CountyN9J 2C1
LeamingtonPharmacyLeamington Wellness Pharmacy4 Talbot St. East519-322-4922Windsor-Essex CountyN8H 1L2
LeamingtonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1117269 Erie St. South519-326-2663Windsor-Essex CountyN8H 3C4
LeamingtonPharmacyThomson Guardian Drugs20 Talbot St. East519-326-5778Windsor-Essex CountyN8H 1L2
LeamingtonPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #3164304 Erie St. South519-326-8747Windsor-Essex CountyN8H 3C5
LefroyPharmacyLefroy PharmacyB-1311 Killarney Beach Road Po Box 539705-456-1311Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL0L 1W0
LindsayCorrectional FacilityCentral East Detention CentreNasal spray naloxone kits available for inmates only, upon their release from custody.705-328-6000Eastern RegionK9V 4S6
LindsayPharmacyQueen's Square Pharmacy1-86 Russell St. West705-320-8008Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge DistrictK9V 6A5
LindsayPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1217341-343 Kent St. West705-878-8981Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge DistrictK9V 2Z7
LindsayPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #94874 Kent St. West705-324-7400Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge DistrictK9V 2Y4
LindsayPharmacyVictoria Drug Mart189 Kent St. West705-328-1999Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge DistrictK9V 5G6
ListowelNeedle Syringe ProgramListowel Sexual Health Clinic | Perth District Health Unit135 Main St. East, Unit 103Friday 9:00am - 2:00pm | Drop-in | Call in advance to ensure availability518-271-0375 Ext. 779Perth DistrictN4W 2B5
ListowelPharmacyListowel Pharmacy130 Argyle Ave. North519-815-1515Perth DistrictN4W 1M8
ListowelPharmacyRemedy's Rx600 Mitchell Road519-291-5311Perth DistrictN4W 3T1
ListowelPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1007210 Wallace Ave. North519-291-1930Perth DistrictN4W 1K9
ListowelPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #1160600 Mitchell Road South519-291-6525PerthN4W 3T1
Little CurrentPharmacyLittle Current Guardian Phcy41 Meredith St. East705-368-2530Sudbury and DistrictP0P 1K0
Little CurrentPharmacyThe Edgewater Pharmachoice3 Water St. West P.O. Box 697705-368-3838Sudbury and DistrictP0P 1K0
LivelyPharmacyLively Pharmacy605 Main St.705-692-3214Sudbury and DistrictP3Y 1M9
LondonCorrectional FacilityElgin-Middlesex Detention CentreNasal spray naloxone kits available for inmates only, upon their release from custody.519-686-1922Western RegionN6E 1L3
LondonHealth Outreach ProgramLondon InterCommunity Health Centre659 Dundas St. EastTuesday: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm519-660-0874Middlesex-LondonN5W 2Z1
LondonNeedle Syringe ProgramMiddlesex London Health Unit50 King St.Thursday: 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm | Accept Drop-ins519-434-1601Middlesex-LondonN5A 5L7
LondonNeedle Syringe ProgramRegional HIV/AIDS Connection30-186 King St.Tuesday: 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm | Wednesday: 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm519-434-1601Middlesex-LondonN5A 1C7
LondonPharmacyAim Drug Mart458 Central Ave.519-432-3763Middlesex-LondonN6B 2E5
LondonPharmacyBellwood IDA Pharmacy900 Oxford St.519-457-6026Middlesex-LondonN5Y 5A1
LondonPharmacyBerkshire Pharmacy460 Berkshire Dr.519-601-3784Middlesex-LondonN6J3S1
LondonPharmacyCare Plus Pharmacy IDA100 Belmont Dr519-204-4608Middlesex-LondonN6G3T4
LondonPharmacyCDS Pharmacy1965B Wonderland Road North519-472-2345Middlesex-LondonN6G 4W3
LondonPharmacyChapmans Pharmacy648/650 Dundas St.519-439-8411Middlesex-LondonN5W 2Y8
LondonPharmacyEaling PharmaChoice873 Hamilton Road519-451-3590Middlesex-LondonN5Z 1V8
LondonPharmacyLondon Centre PharmaChoice1080 Adelaide St. North519-601-5530Middlesex-LondonN5Y 2N1
LondonPharmacyLondon Med Phcy/Advantage Care113-1135 Adelaide St. North519-434-5333Middlesex-LondonN5Y 5K7
LondonPharmacyLondon Medical Pharmacy East1617 Dundas St.519-951-0990Middlesex-LondonN5W 3C3
LondonPharmacyLondon Medical Phcy (Downtown)528 Dundas St.519-645-1766Middlesex-LondonN6B 1W6
LondonPharmacyMedcen Pharmacy339 Wellington Road South519-672-1337Middlesex-LondonN6C 5Z9
LondonPharmacyMedicine Shoppe #190279 Wharncliffe Road North519-434-4774Middlesex-LondonN6H 2C2
LondonPharmacyOxford Pharmacy1-931 Oxford St. East519-601-1177Middlesex-LondonN5Y 3K1
LondonPharmacyPrescription Shop268 Grosvenor St.519-646-6194Middlesex-LondonN6A 4V2
LondonPharmacyProgressive Drug Mart114-1920 Dundas St.519-457-9505Middlesex-LondonN5V 3P1
LondonPharmacyProgressive Drug Mart1326 Huron St. Unit #2519-951-1888Middlesex-LondonN5V 2E2
LondonPharmacyRexall #8140166 Dundas St.519-679-4865Middlesex-LondonN6A 1G4
LondonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1060759 Adelaide St. North519-679-4567Middlesex-LondonN5Y 2L7
LondonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #10651224 Commissioners Road West519-473-1440Middlesex-LondonN6K 1C7
LondonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1066510 Hamilton Road519-432-2673Middlesex-LondonN5Z 1S4
LondonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1072395A Southdale Road East519-685-1160Middlesex-LondonN6E 1A2
LondonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #10801118 Adelaide St. North519-432-1809Middlesex-LondonN5Y 2N5
LondonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1146645 Commissioners Road East Suite 106519-649-0844Middlesex-LondonN6C 2T9
LondonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #12781186 Oxford St. West519-471-7151Middlesex-LondonN6H 2N2
LondonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #14013090 Colonel Talbot Road519-652-9083Middlesex-LondonN6P 0B3
LondonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #3051460 Springbank Dr. Unit 109519-471-9702Middlesex-LondonN6J 1G8
LondonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #732467 Wharncliffe Road South519-672-4970Middlesex-LondonN6J 2M8
LondonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #733900 Adelaide St. South519-681-2331Middlesex-LondonN6E 4A4
LondonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #736100-431 Richmond St.519-672-7965Middlesex-LondonN6A 6E2
LondonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #7371657 Dundas St. East519-453-1555Middlesex-LondonN5W 3C6
LondonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #764L104-1680 Richmond St. North519-663-9370Middlesex-LondonN6G 3Y3
LondonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #765142 Clark Road519-453-2790Middlesex-LondonN5W 5E1
LondonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #7671051 Wonderland Road South519-472-2222Middlesex-LondonN6K 3X4
LondonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #7681225 Wonderland Road North519-472-0020Middlesex-LondonN6G 2V9
LondonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #968301 Oxford St. West519-433-4071Middlesex-LondonN6H 1S6
LondonPharmacyWestern Plaza Pharmacy1153 Western Road519-661-3193Middlesex-LondonN6G 1G6
LondonPharmacyWonderland Pharmacy1061 Wonderland Road South Unit 2519-649-2520Middlesex-LondonN6K 3X4
LondonPharmacyBeaverbrook Pharmacy1261 Beaverbrook Ave.519-641-1499Middlesex-LondonN6H 5G3
LondonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart # 7661365 Huron St.519-451-7992Middlesex-LondonN5V 2E3
LondonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1062530 Commissioners Road West519-471-5330Middlesex-LondonN6J 1Y6
LondonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #10771155 Comissioners Road East519-649-0833Middlesex-LondonN5Z 4L9
LondonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #10771155 Commissioners Road East519-649-0833Middlesex-LondonN5Z 4L9
LondonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1328603 Fanshawe Park Road West519-657-9973Middlesex-LondonN6G 5B3
LondonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #7661365 Huron St.519-451-7992Middlesex-LondonN5V 2E3
LondonPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #3049330 Clarke Road519-451-8470Middlesex-LondonN5W 6G4
LondonPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #11571275 Highbury Ave. North519-963-0161Middlesex-LondonN5Y 1A8
LondonPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #30501280 Fanshawe Park Road West519-472-3490Middlesex-LondonN6G 5B1
LondonPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #30511105 Wellington Road South519-681-1484Middlesex-LondonN6E 1V4
LonglacPharmacyRexall #6905101 King St.807-876-1212Thunder Bay DistrictP0T 2A0
LucknowPharmacyLucknow Pharmasave622 Campbell St.519-528-3004Huron CountyN0G 2H0
MadocPharmacyJohnston's Pharmacy57 St. Lawrence St. East RR #4613-473-4112Hastings and Prince Edward CountiesK0K 2K0
MaltonPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #11377333 Goreway Dr.905-612-1366PeelL4T 2T8
ManitowaningPharmacyManitowaning Pharmacy147 Arthur St.705-859-2323Sudbury and DistrictP0P 1N0
ManotickPharmacyPaul's Pharmasave990 River Road613-692-0015OttawaK4B 1B9
ManotickPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #13665230 Mitch Owens Road613-692-6737OttawaK4M 1B2
ManotickPharmacyRexall #69711160 Beaverwood Road613-692-2424OttawaK4M 1A3
MaplePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9132943 Major Mackenzie Dr.905-832-9954York RegionL6A 3N9
MaplePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9332266 Major Mackenzie Dr.905-303-5650York RegionL6A 3Y7
MarathonPharmacyMarathon Drug AssociatesMarathon Centre Mall 2 Hemlo Dr.807-229-1670Thunder Bay DistrictP0T 2E0
MarkdalePharmacyMarkdale Pharmacy29 Toronto St. North519-986-9991Grey BruceN0C 1H0
MarkhamPharmacyMarkham Mews Pharmacy4997 Hwy 7 East905-948-0500York RegionL3R 1N1
MarkhamPharmacySafa Pharmacy16A Main St. North905-554-2332York RegionL3P 1X2
MarkhamPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #10135762 Highway 7 Unit 1905-294-2800York RegionL3P 1A8
MarkhamPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #12197700 Markham Road905-201-3005York RegionL3S 3K5
MarkhamPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #13081730 Bur Oak Ave.905-294-2116York RegionL6E 0H8
MarkhamPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #6125000 Highway 7 East, Unit 2015905-477-6320York RegionL3R 4M9
MarkhamPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #6136579 Highway 7 East905-294-3333York RegionL3P 3B4
MarkhamPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #6409255 Woodbine Ave. Unit 1B905-887-3000York RegionL6C 1Y9
MarkhamPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #8477060 Warden Ave. Building C2905-474-1414York RegionL3R 5Y2
MarkhamPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9208601 Warden Ave.905-479-0772York RegionL3R 0B5
MarkhamPharmacyShoppersDrug Mart #13852920 Major Mackenzie Dr. East905-927-7161York RegionL6C 0G6
MarkhamPharmacyThe Chemist Pharmacy27 Wootten Way North905-472-2222York RegionL3P 2Y2
MarkhamPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #10144630 Highway # 7 East, Unit 1905-479-4044York RegionL3R 1M5
MarkhamPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #12209620 Mccowan Road, R.R. # 1905-927-2618York RegionL3P 8M1
MarkhamPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #30535000 Highway #7 Unit Y006A905-477-6063York RegionL3R 4M9
MarkhamPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #1109500 Copper Creek Dr.905-472-4745York RegionL6B 0S1
MarmoraPharmacyNickle's Pharmacy26 Forsyth St. Box 90613-472-2134Hastings and Prince Edward CountiesK0K 2M0
MathesonNeedle Syringe ProgramPorcupine Health UnitBingham Memorial Hospital, 507 Eighth Ave., Box 490 Monday to Friday: 8:30am - 12:00pm | Monday to Friday: 1:00pm - 4:30pm | Summer hours Monday to Friday: 8:00am - 12:00pm | Summer hours Monday to Friday: 1:00pm - 4:00pm705-273-2954PorcupineP0K 1N0
MeafordPharmacyMuxlow Pharmacy Ltd.54 Sykes St. North519-538-1960Grey BruceN0H 1Y0
MerrickvillePharmacyMerrickville Drug Mart112 Wellington St. East613-269-4737Leeds, Grenville and LanarkK0G1N0
MidhurstPharmacyMidhurst Pharmacy Pharmasave94 Finlay Mill Road705-503-7333Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL0L 1X0
MidlandNeedle Syringe ProgramSimcoe Muskoka District Health Unit - MidlandB-865 Hugel Ave.Clients can drop-in, but are encouraged to call ahead to book an appointment to ensure that a nurse is available for training705-721-7520Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL4R 1X8
MidlandPharmacyArcade And Jory Guardian Pharm286 King St.705-526-8011Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL4R 3M6
MidlandPharmacyGeorgian Bay Clinic349 King St.705-527-4618Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL4R 3M7
MidlandPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart9186 Hwy 93705-526-7855Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL4R 4K4
MidlandPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #3009240 Penetang Road705-526-4269Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL4R 4P4
MidlandPharmacyShoppers Simply Pharmacy #3009Huronia Medical Centre 240 Penetang Road705-526-4269Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL4R 4P4
MidlandPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #364516845 Hwy. #12705-528-0608Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL4R 0A9
MillbrookPharmacyMillbrook Pharmacy8 King St. East705-932-3131PeterboroughL0A 1G0
MiltonCorrectional FacilityMaplehurst ComplexNasal spray naloxone kits available for inmates only, upon their release from custody.905-878-8141Central RegionL9T 2Y3
MiltonCorrectional FacilityVanier Centre for WomenNasal spray naloxone kits available for inmates only, upon their release from custody.Halton Region
MiltonNeedle Syringe ProgramHalton Region, Health Department - MiltonHealth @ 217 | 217 Main St. West, Unit 13, 2nd FloorWednesday: 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm905-330-3305 | 866-442-5866Halton RegionL9T 1N9
MiltonPharmacyMedicine Shoppe Pharmacy112-400/420 Main St. East905-876-4466Halton RegionL9T 4X5
MiltonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #12016951 Derry Road West Bld B905-636-9064Halton RegionL9T 7H5
MiltonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #708104-265 Main St. East905-878-4492Halton RegionL9T 1P1
MiltonPharmacyZak's Pharmacy70 Main St. East905-875-2424Halton RegionL9T1N3
MiltonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #13441020 Kennedy Circle905-878-6828UnknownL4T 5S4
MiltonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #71075 Nipissing Road905-878-4521Halton RegionL9T 1R3
MiltonPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #10001280 Steeles Ave. East905-864-6035Halton RegionL9T 6R1
MindemoyaPharmacyMindemoya Medical Pharmacy11 Yonge St.705-377-5411Sudbury and DistrictP0P 1S0
MississaugaNeedle Syringe ProgramPeel Works Needle Exchange Program - Mobile Van | Peel Public Health7120 Hurontario St. | Able to travel to all locations in PeelMonday to Friday: 2:00pm - 10:00pm | Closed on statutory holidays and weekends | Appointments are not necessary | Able to travel to all locations in Peel.647-225-1623PeelL5W 1N4
MississaugaPharmacyAirport Derry Pharmacy7064 Airport Road905-956-8800PeelL4T 2G8
MississaugaPharmacyBattleford Pharmacy Inc.8-9-6435 Erin Mills Pkwy905-858-1600PeelL5N 4H4
MississaugaPharmacyCostco Pharmacy #11691570 Dundas St. East905-566-2410PeelL4X 1L4
MississaugaPharmacyCostco Pharmacy #5265900 Rodeo Dr.905-568-8037PeelL5R 3S9
MississaugaPharmacyCourtesy IDA Pharmacy1603 Clarkson Road North905-823-4664PeelL5J 2X1
MississaugaPharmacyDixie 5 Pharmacy1185 Dundas St. East905-896-1313PeelL4Y 2C6
MississaugaPharmacyDundas Clinical Pharmacy55 Dundas St. East905-277-8822PeelL5A 1W1
MississaugaPharmacyErin Creek Pharmacy Inc10-6400 Millcreek Dr.905-858-6844PeelL5N 3E7
MississaugaPharmacyLisgar Woods Pharmacy6970 Lisgar Dr., Unit B2905-824-5999PeelL5N 8C8
MississaugaPharmacyMain Drug Mart2200 Dixie Road905-896-2424PeelL4Y 1Z4
MississaugaPharmacyMalton Pharmacy202-6870 Goreway Dr.905-678-6870PeelL4V 1P1
MississaugaPharmacyMarcos Pharmacy374 Lakeshore Road East905-271-6699PeelL5G 1H5
MississaugaPharmacyMillcreek Pharmacy2-6981 Millcreek Dr.289-904-0099PeelL5N 1N3
MississaugaPharmacyPharma Docs +4-348 Lakeshore Road East905-891-2345PeelL5G 1H5
MississaugaPharmacyRenew Medical Pharmacy1015 Cawthra Road905-271-1134PeelL5G 4K3
MississaugaPharmacyRexall #20803010 Thomas St.905-813-9500PeelL5M 0R4
MississaugaPharmacySadia's Pharmacy3038 Hurontario St. Unit 2905-896-4642PeelL5B 3B9
MississaugaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1272128 Queen St. South905-567-0744PeelL5M 1K8
MississaugaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mar #11005033 Hurontario St.905-890-1313PeelL4Z 3X7
MississaugaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #10573476 Glen Erin Dr.905-820-3770PeelL5L 3R4
MississaugaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #10983163 Winston Churchill Blvd.905-607-7871PeelL5L 2W1
MississaugaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #11475602 Tenth Line West Unit 101905-858-4618PeelL5M 5S5
MississaugaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1275579A Lakeshore Road East905-278-5506PeelL5G 1H9
MississaugaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1499100 City Centre Dr., 1-745905-566-7003PeelL5B 2C9
MississaugaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #15552000 Credit Valley Road905-820-3408PeelL5M 4N4
MississaugaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #30723530 Derry Road East905-673-5833PeelL4T 4E3
MississaugaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #5071077 North Service Road905-277-3661PeelL4Y 1A6
MississaugaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #695920 Southdown Road905-823-8260PeelL5J 2Y4
MississaugaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #7353029 Clayhill Road905-615-8887PeelL5B 4L2
MississaugaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #7712126 Burnamthorpe Road West905-820-7660PeelL5L 3A2
MississaugaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #774700 Burnhamthorpe Road East905-279-1812PeelL4Y 2X3
MississaugaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #775Sheridan Mall 2225 Erin Mills Pkwy905-822-6621PeelL5K 1T9
MississaugaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #776Huron Square 2470 Hurontario St.905-896-2500PeelL5B 0H2
MississaugaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #7796975 Meadowvale Town Centre Circle905-826-7112PeelL5N 2W7
MississaugaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #7911-5425 Creditview Road905-858-8711PeelL5V 2P3
MississaugaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9017235 Bellshire Gate905-670-3327PeelL5N 8A2
MississaugaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9027070 McLaughlin Road905-696-9791PeelL5W 1W7
MississaugaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9045100 Erin Mills Pkwy905-569-3939PeelL5M 4Z5
MississaugaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9051585 Mississauga Valley Blvd.905-272-1100PeelL5A 3W9
MississaugaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9061891 Rathburn Road East905-624-1895PeelL4W 3Z3
MississaugaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9076040 Glen Erin Dr.905-821-8020PeelL5N 3M4
MississaugaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9083980 Grand Park Dr.905-566-9600PeelL5B 4M6
MississaugaPharmacyTotal Health Pharmacy7330 Goreway Dr.905-671-3784PeelL4T 4J2
MississaugaPharmacyTotal Health Pharmacy3-3405 South Millway905-820-2002PeelL5L 3R1
MississaugaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #7774141 Dixie Road Unit 22F905-625-4130UnknownL4W 1V5
MississaugaPharmacyLoblaw Pharmacy #1090250 Lakeshore Road West905-271-3931PeelL5H 1G3
MississaugaPharmacySadia's Pharmacy1394399 Ontario Inc 1100 Dundas St. West Unit 2905-896-4642PeelL5C 4E7
MississaugaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #13767205 Goreway Dr.905-677-7181PeelL4T 2T9
MississaugaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #711720 Bristol Road West905-755-9696PeelL5R 4A3
MississaugaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #815321 Lakeshore Road West905-271-4581PeelL5H 1G9
MississaugaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9761125 Bloor St. East905-279-3300PeelL4Y 2N6
MississaugaPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #1061800 Matheson Blvd. West905-817-9693PeelL5V 2N6
MississaugaPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #36542160 Burnhamthorpe Road West905-820-5172PeelL5L 5Z5
MississaugaPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #12115100 Erin Mills Parkway905-820-3797PeelL5M 4Z5
MississaugaPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #30543155 Argentia Road905-821-8222PeelL5N 8E1
MississaugaPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #3055100 City Centre Dr.905-270-8331PeelL5B 2G7
Mississauga EastPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #11261500 Dundas St. East905-615-1290PeelL4X 1L4
MonteithCorrectional FacilityMonteith Correctional ComplexNasal spray naloxone kits available for inmates only, upon their release from custody.705-232-4092Northern RegionP0K 1P0
MoosoneeNeedle Syringe ProgramPorcupine Health Unit38 Revillion Road, Box 730Monday to Friday: 8:30am - 12:00pm | Monday to Friday: 1:00pm - 4:30pm | Summer hours Monday to Friday: 8:00am - 12:00pm | Summer hours Monday to Friday: 1:00pm - 4:00pm705-336-2294 | 705-336-2297PorcupineP0L 1Y0
MoosoneePharmacyNorthern Pharmacy20 First St. Box 9705-336-3391PorcupineP0L 1Y0
MorrisburgPharmacySeaway Valley Pharmacy45 Main St.613-543-2823Eastern OntarioK0C 1X0
n/aHepatitis C ProgramSanguen Health Centre - Community Health Van "The Van" (Mobile Outreach)n/aThursdays in Kitchener: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm | Fridays in Cambridge: 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm519-591-4826Region of Waterloon/a
n/aNeedle Syringe ProgramJohn Howard Society of Durham - Outreach Service (Mobile Outreach)n/aBased on availability | Monday to Friday: 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm905-440-5410Durham Regionn/a
n/aNeedle Syringe ProgramElgin St. Thomas Public Health - Wellness Wagon (Mobile Outreach)n/a1st Thursday of the month - one location in Elgin County per month519-631-9900Elgin-St. Thomasn/a
n/aNeedle Syringe ProgramHalton Region, Health Department - Needle Exchange Outreach (Mobile Outreach)n/aMonday to Thursday: 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm905-330-3305Halton Regionn/a
NapaneeCorrectional FacilityQuinte Detention CentreNasal spray naloxone kits available for inmates only, upon their release from custody.Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & Addington
NapaneePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #11822-10 Alkenbrack St.613-354-8500Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & AddingtonK7R 0A6
NapaneePharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #104189 Jim Kimmett Blvd.613-354-0170Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & AddingtonK7R 3L1
NavanPharmacyPharmacie Medici Pharmacy100-1200 Colonial Road613-429-4100OttawaK4B 1J5
NepeanPharmacyCedarview Guardian Pharmacy12-4100 Strandherd Dr.613-823-1700OttawaK2J0V2
NepeanPharmacyCentrepointe Guardian Drugs117 Centrepointe Dr.613-723-2366OttawaK2G5X3
NepeanPharmacyCostco Pharmacy #12634315 Strandherd Dr.613-714-0923OttawaK2J6E5
NepeanPharmacyCostco Pharmacy #5401849 Merivale Road613-727-5822OttawaK2G 1E3
NepeanPharmacyDrugstore Pharmacy #42843777 Strandherd Dr.613-823-4633OttawaK2J4B1
NepeanPharmacyHMA Pharmacy Ltd1950 Merivale Road613-228-9925OttawaK2G 5T5
NepeanPharmacyLoblaw Pharmacy #10501980 Baseline Road613-723-3100OttawaK2C 0C6
NepeanPharmacyLoblaw Pharmacy 4109200 Grant Carman Dr.613-727-7477OttawaK2E7Z8
NepeanPharmacyRexall #69692144 Robertson Road613-820-4980OttawaK2H5Z1
NepeanPharmacyRexall Pharma Plus #380106-900 Greenbank Road613-825-9000OttawaK2J1S8
NepeanPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #13023151 Strandherd Dr.613-825-8717OttawaK2J 5N1
NepeanPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #6433781 Strandherd Dr.613-825-9151OttawaK2J 5M4
NepeanPharmacyStafford IDA Pharmacy1861 Robertson Road613-726-7999OttawaK2H 9N5
NepeanPharmacyStrandherd Guardian Pharmacy7-3091 Strandherd Dr.613-825-7400OttawaK2G4R9
NepeanPharmacyThe Drug Store Pharmacy #102359A Robertson Road613-829-4680OttawaK2H5Y9
NepeanPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #36383651 Strandherd Dr.613-823-8717OttawaK2J 4G8
NepeanPharmacyDrugstore Pharmacy #42843777 Strandherd Dr.613-823-4633OttawaK2J 4B1
NepeanPharmacyThe Drug Store Pharmacy #102365 Robertson Road613-829-4680OttawaK2H 5Y9
New HamburgPharmacyTown Square PharmacyK-100 Mill St.519-662-9995Region of WaterlooN3A 1R1
New LiskeardPharmacyFindlay's Drugstore247 Whitewood Ave.705-647-8186TimiskamingP0J 1P0
New LiskeardPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #3128133 Highway #11705-647-5210TimiskamingP0J 1P0
NewcastlePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #12511 King Ave. East905-987-0000Durham RegionL1B 1H3
NewmarketPharmacyCanadian Add. Treatm. Phcy. LP8-17310 Yonge St.905-853-5111York RegionL3Y 7R8
NewmarketPharmacyRobins Pharmacy191 Main St.905-895-2411York RegionL3Y 3Y9
NewmarketPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart16640 Yonge St.905-967-1216York RegionL3Y 4V8
NewmarketPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart404 Town Centre 1111 Davis Dr.905-898-7771York RegionL3Y 7V1
NewmarketPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #660Upper Canada Mall 17600 Yonge St. Unit B3 Box 60905-895-3171York RegionL3Y 4Z1
NewmarketPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #98117555 Yonge St.905-853-6060York RegionL3Y 5H6
NewmarketPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #998665 Stone Haven Ave.905-836-9697York RegionL3X 2G2
NewmarketPharmacyTotal Health Pharmacy679 Davis Dr.905-898-5210York RegionL3Y 5G8
NewmarketPharmacyTotal Health Pharmacy #12517725 Yonge St.905-898-4700York RegionL3Y 7C1
NewmarketPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #306216635 Yonge St.905-853-6090York RegionL3X 1V6
NewmarketPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #11611111 Davis Dr.905-830-4212York RegionL3Y 8X2
Niagara FallsPharmacyBoggio & Mackinnon Pharmacy6680 Drummond Road905-354-1812Niagara RegionL2G 4P1
Niagara FallsPharmacyCanadian Add. Treatm. Phcy. LP11-6175 Dunn St.289-932-1790Niagara RegionL2G 2P4
Niagara FallsPharmacyFreshco Pharmacy #72675931 Kalar Road905-371-8925Niagara RegionL2M 2T6
Niagara FallsPharmacyMeadows Pharmacy Ltd.3770 Montrose Road905-357-6577Niagara RegionL2H 3K3
Niagara FallsPharmacyNiagara Falls Centre Pharmacy6453 Morrison St.905-374-2050Niagara RegionL2E 7H1
Niagara FallsPharmacyOrchard Grove Pharmacy8123 Lundy's Lane905-354-8000Niagara RegionL2H 1H3
Niagara FallsPharmacyRexall #18006484 Lundys Lane905-354-3314Niagara RegionL2G 1T6
Niagara FallsPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #14115175 Victoria Ave.905-356-5096Niagara RegionL2E 4E4
Niagara FallsPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #7813701 Portage Road Unit 1905-354-6511Niagara RegionL2J 2K8
Niagara FallsPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #7825125 Montrose Road905-357-1100Niagara RegionL2H 1K7
Niagara FallsPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #7996565 Lundy'S Lane905-354-3845Niagara RegionL2G 1V1
Niagara FallsPharmacyVictoria Medical Pharmacy1A-4632 Victoria Ave.905-354-1115Niagara RegionL2E 4B7
Niagara FallsPharmacyPharmasave Hanna Pharmacy5233 Stanley Ave. Unit 9289-341-0122Niagara RegionL2E 7C2
Niagara FallsPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #31607481 Oakwood Dr.905-371-3335Niagara RegionL2G 0J5
Niagara On The LakePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #715111B Garrison Village Dr.905-468-0332Niagara RegionL0S 1J0
Niagara On The LakePharmacySimpson's Apothecary2-233 King St.905-468-8400Niagara RegionL0S 1J0
NoelvillePharmacyPharmacie Noelville Pharmacy20 St. David North705-898-2999Sudbury and DistrictP0M 2W0
North BayCorrectional FacilityNorth Bay JailNasal spray naloxone kits available for inmates only, upon their release from custody.North Bay Parry Sound
North BayPharmacyCanadian Add. Treatm. Phcy. LP456 Ferguson St.705-472-4222North Bay Parry SoundP1B 1X4
North BayPharmacyDean's Pharmasave #7471221 Algonquin Ave.705-474-8630North Bay Parry SoundP1B 4Y3
North BayPharmacyLoblaw Pharmacy #40961 Laurentian Ave.705-472-8155North Bay Parry SoundP1B 9P2
North BayPharmacyNorth Bay Life Care Pharmacy142 Main St. East705-223-9226North Bay Parry SoundP1B 1A8
North BayPharmacyNorth Bay Regional Pharmacy50 College Dr.705-495-8117North Bay Parry SoundP1B 5A4
North BayPharmacyNorthern Shores Pharmacy10 Maplewood Ave.705-474-9999North Bay Parry SoundP1B 5H2
North BayPharmacyPhil's Lakeshore Pharmasave41 Lakeshore Dr.705-476-4016North Bay Parry SoundP1A 2A1
North BayPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #124766 Josephine St.705-497-8542North Bay Parry SoundP1B 0A7
North BayPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #664276 Lakeshore Dr705-476-3244North Bay Parry SoundP1A 2C2
North BayPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #6652025 Cassells St.705-474-8200North Bay Parry SoundP1B 4E1
North BayPharmacyKalvin Brown Pharmasave239 Main St. East705-478-8836North Bay Parry SoundP1B 1B2
North BayPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #3063P1500 Fisher St., Unit 102705-472-4877North Bay Parry SoundP1B 2H3
North BayHepatitis C ProgramAIDS Committee of North Bay and Area269 Main St. West, Suite 201705-497-3560 | 800-387-3701North Bay Parry SoundP1B 2T8
North GowerPharmacyNorth Gower Pharmacy7-2333 Church St.613-489-5000OttawaK0A 2T0
North YorkPharmacyBH Pharmacy3-1235 Finch Ave. West416-663-2268TorontoM3J2G4
North YorkPharmacyHealth Solutions Pharmacy5927 Bathurst St.416-221-2444TorontoM2R 3T5
North YorkPharmacyMain Drug Mart510 Tretheway Dr.416-242-2121TorontoM6M4C2
North YorkPharmacyMain Drug Mart301 Finch Ave. West416-222-1141TorontoM2R 1N2
North YorkPharmacyMedishop Pharmacy343 Wilson Ave. West416-633-3222TorontoM3H 1T1
North YorkPharmacyNorth York General HospitalOutpatient Pharmacy Dept 4001 Leslie St. Main Floor416-756-6752TorontoM2K 1E1
North YorkPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #804598 Sheppard Ave. West416-633-1122TorontoM3H 2S1
North YorkPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #8093110 Bathurst St.416-781-6128TorontoM6A 2A1
North YorkPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #8403975 Jane St.416-630-2553TorontoM3N 2K1
North YorkPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #8726428 Yonge St.416-223-6250TorontoM2M 3X4
North YorkPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #8813401 Dufferin St.416-789-1201TorontoM6A 2T9
North YorkPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #89551 Underhill Dr.416-447-8525TorontoM3A 2J8
North YorkPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #986Sheppard Centre L29-30 4841 Yonge St.416-222-1174TorontoM2N 5X8
North YorkPharmacyShoppers Simply Pharmacy #1519101-701 Sheppard Ave. East416-225-4848TorontoM2K 2Z3
North YorkPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #8485576 Yonge St.416-225-2321TorontoM2N 5S2
North YorkPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #8485576 Yonge St.416-225-2321TorontoM2N 5S2
North YorkPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #8995998 Bathurst St.416-661-6863TorontoM2R 1Z1
North YorkPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #8995998 Bathurst St.416-661-6863TorontoM2R 1Z1
North YorkPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9901597 Wilson Ave.416-244-6474TorontoM3L 1A5
North YorkPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #31051305 Lawrence Ave. West416-249-8487TorontoM6L 1A5
NorwichPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #117519 Stover St. North519-863-2401Oxford CountyN0J 1P0
NorwoodPharmacyCentennial Pharmacy2375 County Road 45705-639-5535PeterboroughK0L2V0
OakvilleNeedle Syringe ProgramHalton Region, Health Department - OakvilleHealth @ 232 | 232 South Service Road East, Unit BTuesday to Thursday: 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm | Friday: 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm905-330-3305 | 866-442-5866Halton RegionL6J 2X5
OakvillePharmacyASQ PharmacyA6-1140 Winston Churchill Blvd.905-901-4857Halton RegionL6J 0A3
OakvillePharmacyBronte Creek Pharmacy2290 Lakeshore Road West905-465-1669Halton RegionL6L 1H3
OakvillePharmacyEdward's Pharmacy170 Rebecca St.905-338-9911Halton RegionL6K 1J6
OakvillePharmacyLakeshore Woods Pharmacy6-3420 Rebecca St.905-465-2626Halton RegionL6L 6W2
OakvillePharmacyLeon Pharmacy340 Kerr St.905-845-2811Halton RegionL6K 3B8
OakvillePharmacyMMT Center Pharmacy1108 Speers Road905-339-0200Halton RegionL6L 2X4
OakvillePharmacyOrigins Phmcy & Home Hlth Care7-3001 Hospital Gate905-847-3223Halton RegionL6M 0L8
OakvillePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #12032525 Prince Michael Dr.905-257-3938Halton RegionL6H 0E9
OakvillePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #12712501 Third Line905-465-3000Halton RegionL6M 5A9
OakvillePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #744550 Kerr St.905-845-6674Halton RegionL6K 3L7
OakvillePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #745109A-240 Leighland Ave.905-842-3730Halton RegionL6H 3H6
OakvillePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #878478 Dundas St. West905-257-9737Halton RegionL6H 6Y3
OakvillePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9231515 Rebecca St.905-827-4141Halton RegionL6L5H8
OakvillePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9962297 Lakeshore Road West905-827-1561Halton RegionL6L 1H2
OakvillePharmacyShoppers Simply Pharmacy #748E5-1011 Upper Middle Road905-842-3934Halton RegionL6H 4L5
OakvillePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #706351 Cornwall Road, Olde Oakville Marketplace905-842-2327Halton RegionL6J 7Z5
OakvillePharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #3064234 Hays Blvd.905-257-5742Halton RegionL6H 6M4
OakvillePharmacyWhite Oaks PharmacyB6-360 Dundas St.905-257-3611Halton RegionL6H 6Z9
OrangevillePharmacyBroadway Pharmacy11&12-15 Brenda Blvd.519-942-9500Wellington-Dufferin-GuelphL9W 3Y5
OrangevillePharmacyRexall Pharma Plus #2340520 Riddell Road519-941-3053Wellington-Dufferin-GuelphL9W 5L1
OrangevillePharmacyRolling Hills Pharmacy140 Rolling Hills Dr.519-942-2225Wellington-Dufferin-GuelphL9W 4X9
OrangevillePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1340489 Broadway519-941-8986Wellington-Dufferin-GuelphL9W 0A4
OrangevillePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #703Orangeville Mall 150 First St.519-941-8040Wellington-Dufferin-GuelphL9W 3T7
OrangevillePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #93425 Broadway Ave.519-941-2900Wellington-Dufferin-GuelphL9W 1J6
OrangevillePharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #314295 1St Street519-940-9558Wellington-Dufferin-GuelphL9W 2E8
OrilliaNeedle Syringe ProgramSimcoe Muskoka District Health Unit - Orillia120-169 Front St. SouthClients can drop-in, but are encouraged to call ahead to book an appointment to ensure that a nurse is available for training705-721-7520Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL3V 4S8
OrilliaPharmacyDowntown Dispensary188 Mississauga St. East705-325-4010Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL3V 1V9
OrilliaPharmacyFittons Pharmacy20-425 West St. North705-325-2999Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL3V 7R2
OrilliaPharmacyLaclie Pharmacy400 Laclie St.705-325-1111Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL3V 4P5
OrilliaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #3028119 Memorial Ave.705-327-9029Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL3V 5X1
OrilliaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #971149 Westmount Dr. North705-326-7373Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL3V 6C7
OrilliaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #99155 Front St.705-325-2377Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL3V 1W7
OrilliaPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #3153175 Murphy Road705-325-7452Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL3V 0B5
OrleansPharmacyCrown Pointe Pharmacy13-900 Watters Road613-590-0230OttawaK4A 3R1
OrleansPharmacyRexall #81852555 St. Joseph Blvd.613-824-4242OttawaK1C 1S6
OrleansPharmacyRexall Pharma Plus #951615 Orleans Blvd.613-824-0082OttawaK1C 7E2
OrleansPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart1675 Tenth Line Road613-837-6078OttawaK1E 3P6
OrleansPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #11393940 Innes Road613-834-7383OttawaK1W 1K9
OrleansPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #12302954 St. Joseph Blvd.613-841-1535OttawaK1C 1J7
OrleansPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #12541937 Portobello Blvd.613-590-1800OttawaK4A 4W9
OrleansPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #14332301 Tenth Line Road613-837-4131OttawaK4A 3W6
OrleansPharmacySobeys Pharmacy5150 Innes Road613-590-7144OttawaK4A 0G4
OrleansPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #30653900 Innes Road613-837-1166K1W 1K9
OsgoodePharmacyOsgoode Pharmacy3192 Logan Farm Dr.613-826-0666OttawaK0A 2W0
OshawaHepatitis C ProgramCarea Community Health Centre115 Grassmere Ave.Monday to Friday: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm | Provides coverage for Durham Region, City of Kawartha Lakes, Halliburton and Northumberland Counties855-808-6242Durham RegionL1H 3X7
OshawaNeedle Syringe ProgramJohn Howard Society of Durham75 Richmond St. WestDrop-in program set training time: | Tuesday: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm | Tuesday: 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm | May be able to do on the spot training throughout the other days at Drop-in program905-579-8482Durham RegionL1G 1E3
OshawaPharmacyAppletree Pharmacy1345 King Ave. East905-434-5005Durham RegionL1H 1J3
OshawaPharmacyCanadian Add. Treatm. Phcy. LP45 Bloor St. East905-443-1000Durham RegionL1H 3L9
OshawaPharmacyCostco Pharmacy #1128130 Ritson Road905-404-4051Durham RegionL1G 0A6
OshawaPharmacyIsland Plaza Pharmacy1A-540 King St. West905-579-6601Durham RegionL1J 7J1
OshawaPharmacyLovell Drugs600 Grandview St. South905-432-8460Durham RegionL1H 8P4
OshawaPharmacyLovell Drugs8 King St. East905-723-2245Durham RegionL1H 1A9
OshawaPharmacyLovell Drugs500 Rossland Road West905-728-4668Durham RegionL1J 3H2
OshawaPharmacyLovell Drugs2000 Simcoe St. North, Campus Health Centre905-728-6724Durham RegionL1H 7K4
OshawaPharmacyMedical Pharmacy1290 Keith Ross Court905-434-1311Durham RegionL1H 7K4
OshawaPharmacyOshawa Central Pharmacy #960132 Simcoe St. South905-728-4839Durham RegionL1H 4G2
OshawaPharmacyOshawa Discount Pharmacy2-44 Simcoe St. North905-433-7999Durham RegionL1G 4S1
OshawaPharmacyParkwood Pharmacy117 Simcoe St. North905-728-1668Durham RegionL1G 4S4
OshawaPharmacyPharmasave-Devon Pharmacy360 Wilson Road South905-725-6513Durham RegionL1H 6C7
OshawaPharmacyPrescription Pharmacy11 Gibb St.905-432-2610Durham RegionL1H 2J9
OshawaPharmacyScotts Drug Mart1000 Simcoe St. North905-576-7000Durham RegionL1G 4W4
OshawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1249784 Taunton Road East905-435-0305Durham RegionL1H 7K5
OshawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #14262045 Simcoe St. North Rr 1905-723-8067Durham RegionL1H 7K4
OshawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #61520 Warren Ave.905-576-6070Durham RegionL1J 8M3
OshawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #616300 Taunton Road East Unit 1905-579-1900Durham RegionL1G 7T4
OshawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #688545 Rossland Road East905-579-5557Durham RegionL1J 3H1
OshawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #983199 Wentworth St. West905-728-4621Durham RegionL1J 6P4
OshawaPharmacyShoprite Pharmacy600 King St. East905-433-2002Durham RegionL1H 1G6
OshawaPharmacySimcoe Street Pharmacy Ltd.777 Simcoe St. South905-721-0005Durham RegionL1H 4K5
OshawaPharmacyWalters Pharmacy140 Simcoe St. South905-240-1616Durham RegionL1H 4G9
OshawaPharmacyShopers Drug Mart #12901130a-419 King St. West905-720-0108Durham RegionL1J 2K5
OshawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1290419 King St. West905-720-0108Durham RegionL1J 2K5
OshawaPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #1056680 Laval Dr.905-404-0418Durham RegionL1J 0B5
OshawaPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #31611471 Harmony Road North905-404-9975Durham RegionL1H 7K5
Oshawa KingswayPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #11531300 King St. East905-579-1933Durham RegionL1H 8J4
OshwekenPharmacyOhsweken Best Care Pharmacy2319 Third Line905-768-3131Brant CountyN0A 1M0
OshwekenPharmacyPharmasave OhswekenChiefswood Road519-445-4471Brant CountyN0A 1M0
OttawaCorrectional FacilityOttawa-Carlton Detention CentreNasal spray naloxone kits available for inmates only, upon their release from custody.613-824-6080Eastern RegionK1B 4C4
OttawaNeedle Syringe ProgramOttawa Public Health179 Clarence St.Drop-in | Monday to Friday: 8:30 am - 4:30 pmOttawaK1N 5P7
OttawaNeedle Syringe ProgramOttawa Public Health - Site Van (Mobile outreach)7 Nights a week | 5:00 pm - 11:30 pm | Collect calls accepted613-232-3232Ottawa
OttawaPharmacy1355 Bank Street Pharmacy1355 Bank St.613-731-2200OttawaK1H 8K7
OttawaPharmacyAstley's Pharmasave423 Rideau St.613-233-8454OttawaK1N 5Y9
OttawaPharmacyBaseline Pharmacy2571 Baseline Road613-721-9000OttawaK2H 7B3
OttawaPharmacyBell Pharmacy737 Gladstone Ave.613-234-1890OttawaK1R 6X4
OttawaPharmacyBruyere Pharmacy75 Bruyere St.613-562-6308OttawaK1N 5C8
OttawaPharmacyCarling IDA Pharmacy1320 Carling Ave.613-722-7774OttawaK1Z 7K8
OttawaPharmacyCarling IDA Pharmacy1320 Carling Ave.613-722-7774OttawaK1Z 7K8
OttawaPharmacyCarlingwood Pharmacy (Pharmas)356A Woodroffe Ave.613-680-3233OttawaK2A 3V6
OttawaPharmacyCentretown Pharmacy326 Bank St.613-422-2900OttawaK2P 1Y1
OttawaPharmacyDrugstore Pharmacy #1009190 Richmond Road613-722-2102OttawaK1Z 6W6
OttawaPharmacyDrugstore Pharmacy #10511980 Ogilvie Road613-746-9553OttawaK1J 9L3
OttawaPharmacyElmvale Pharmacy1024 Pleasant Park Dr.613-733-2211OttawaK1G 2A1
OttawaPharmacyFallowfield Pharmacy1B-3500 Fallowfield Road613-823-3500OttawaK2J 4A7
OttawaPharmacyFirst Care Pharmacy4-2 Lorry Greenberg Dr.613-248-8000OttawaK1C 5H6
OttawaPharmacyFirst Care Pharmacy2-2 Lorry Greenberg Dr.613-248-8000OttawaK1G 5H6
OttawaPharmacyGlebe Apothecary778 Bank St.613-234-8587OttawaK1S 3V6
OttawaPharmacyGreen Street Pharmacy16 Green St.613-825-7700OttawaK2J 3R2
OttawaPharmacyGreenbank Hunt Club Pharmacy250 Greenbank Road613-288-1414OttawaK2H 8X4
OttawaPharmacyHealth Smart Pharmacy1500 Bank St.613-695-5561OttawaK1H 7Z1
OttawaPharmacyHunt Club Pharmacy7-2430 Bank St.613-521-7955OttawaK1V 0T7
OttawaPharmacyKid Care Phcy/Phcie Pediatrique401 Smyth Road613-737-2316OttawaK1H 8L1
OttawaPharmacyLoblaw Pharmacy #10714270 Innes Road613-824-5448OttawaK4A 5E6
OttawaPharmacyLoblaw Pharmacy #10821460 Merivale Road613-226-2611OttawaK2E 5P2
OttawaPharmacyLoblaw Pharmacy #1170375 Rideau St.613-789-3346OttawaK1N 5Y6
OttawaPharmacyLoblaw Pharmacy #11882210C Bank St.613-733-2283OttawaK1V 1J5
OttawaPharmacyLoblaw Pharmacy #4274296 Bank St.613-234-9299OttawaK2P 1X4
OttawaPharmacyMcNeil Parkdale Pharmacy1077 Carling Ave.613-722-7679OttawaK1Y4K4
OttawaPharmacyMed Rx Altabank PharmacyA-1405 Bank St.613-526-4466OttawaK1H8N1
OttawaPharmacyMedical Pharmacy501 Smyth Road613-731-9152OttawaK1H8L6
OttawaPharmacyMedical Pharmacy770 Broadview Ave.613-725-9671OttawaK2A 3Z3
OttawaPharmacyMedical Pharmacy1053 Carling Ave.613-761-4157OttawaK1Y 4E9
OttawaPharmacyNew Edinburg Pharmacy5 Beechwood Ave.613-749-4444OttawaK1M 1M2
OttawaPharmacyOttawa Medical Pharmacy797 Somerset St. West613-236-2307OttawaK1R 6R3
OttawaPharmacyPalmyra Guardian Pharmacy1007-1013 Merivale Road613-729-7007OttawaK1Z 6A6
OttawaPharmacyPharm Can Drug Mart71 Willow St.613-230-4866OttawaK1R 6V9
OttawaPharmacyPharma Plus #20061415 Carling Ave.613-729-0375OttawaK1Z 7L6
OttawaPharmacyPharmacie Brisson L Tee270 Dalhousie St.613-241-6273OttawaK1N 7E4
OttawaPharmacyPharmacie La Colombe Pharmacy745B Montreal Road613-748-0111OttawaK1K 0T1
OttawaPharmacyPreston Medical Pharmacy225 Preston St.613-233-3636OttawaK1R 7R1
OttawaPharmacyProactive Pharmacy102-1645 Bank St.613-521-1200OttawaK1V 7Z1
OttawaPharmacyQueens Pharmacy Ltd.110 Bearbrook Road613-830-4500OttawaK1B 5R2
OttawaPharmacyRespect Rx Pharmacy11 Selkirk Ave.613-422-8181OttawaK1L 6N1
OttawaPharmacyRexall62 Robertson Road613-820-4980OttawaK2H 5Y8
OttawaPharmacyRexall #14792269 Riverside Dr. East613-733-2287OttawaK1H 8K2
OttawaPharmacyRexall #14872121 Carling Ave.613-722-0389OttawaK2A 1H2
OttawaPharmacyRexall #3981A-1595 Merivale Road613-224-7322OttawaK2G 3J4
OttawaPharmacyRexall #4141910 St Laurent Blvd.613-733-4574OttawaK1G 1A4
OttawaPharmacyRexall Pharma Plus200 Rideau St.613-789-7884OttawaK1N 5Y1
OttawaPharmacyRexall Pharma Plus #00951615 Orleans Blvd.613-824-0082OttawaK1C 7E2
OttawaPharmacyRexall Pharma Plus #19172950 Carling Ave.613-829-3417OttawaK2B7J7
OttawaPharmacyRexall Pharma Plus #385200 Rideau St.613-789-7884OttawaK1N5Y1
OttawaPharmacyRideau Pharmacy390 Rideau St.613-789-4444OttawaK1N 5Y8
OttawaPharmacyRiverside Court Pharmacy3635 Rivergate Way613-739-0950OttawaK1V 2A4
OttawaPharmacyRiverside Drugstore102-1919 Riverside Dr.613-523-3066OttawaK1H 1A2
OttawaPharmacySHAS Pharmacy Ltd.1428 Walkley Road613-737-4106OttawaK1V 6P5
OttawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1229150 Montreal Road613-842-7544OttawaK1L 8H2
OttawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1243322 Rideau St.613-789-9700OttawaK1N 5Y5
OttawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1258700-702 Bank St.613-233-3202OttawaK1S 3V2
OttawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1273298 Dalhousie St.613-241-1871OttawaK1N 7E7
OttawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #13873080 Carling Ave.613-820-5350OttawaK2B 7K2
OttawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1396410 Richmond Road613-761-5575OttawaK2A 4C4
OttawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1428455 Bank St. Unit 1613-238-9041OttawaK2P 1Y9
OttawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1442Unit 1 4744 Bank St.613-822-0366OttawaK1T 3W7
OttawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #14631080 Bank St.613-526-9537OttawaK1S 3X3
OttawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #15271582 Bank St.613-523-9016OttawaK1H 7Z5
OttawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1528181 Greenbank Road613-820-1306OttawaK2H 5V6
OttawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #15502446 Bank St.613-247-9893OttawaK1V 1A4
OttawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1556E-876 Montreal Road613-741-3660OttawaK1K 4L3
OttawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #6201180 Walkley Road613-737-3344OttawaK1V 2M5
OttawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #6211200 St. Laurent Blvd.613-745-7015OttawaK1K 3B8
OttawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #6222148 Carling Ave.613-725-9990OttawaK2A 1H1
OttawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #6232339 Ogilvie Road613-741-6465OttawaK1J 8M6
OttawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #626888 Meadowlands Dr. East613-225-6206OttawaK2C 3R2
OttawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #6271469 Merivale Road613-224-7270OttawaK2E 5N9
OttawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #6281309 Carling Ave.613-722-4277OttawaK1Z 7L3
OttawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #6293310 McCarthy Road613-523-2835OttawaK1V 9S1
OttawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #6306491 Jeanne D'Arc Blvd.613-837-1521OttawaK1C 2R1
OttawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #63150 Rideau St.613-236-2533OttawaK1N 9J7
OttawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #6342638 Innes Road613-824-2257OttawaK1B 4Z5
OttawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #6352515 Bank St.613-523-9999OttawaK1V 8R9
OttawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #6381821 Robertson Road613-828-4487OttawaK2H 8X3
OttawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #6391559 Alta Vista Dr.613-738-1445OttawaK1G 0E9
OttawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #641541 Montreal Road613-740-0616OttawaK1K 0V1
OttawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #6421460 Richmond Road613-596-0509OttawaK2B 6S1
OttawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9101642 Merivale Road613-226-1155OttawaK2G 4A1
OttawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #953110-111 Albert St.613-235-5139OttawaK1P 1A5
OttawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #988174 Bank St.613-232-5723OttawaK2P 1W6
OttawaPharmacyShoppers Simply Pharmacy #1310595 Montreal Road613-748-3118OttawaK1K 4L2
OttawaPharmacyShoppers Simply Pharmacy #3003120-267 O'Conner St.613-238-8552OttawaK2P 1V3
OttawaPharmacySomerset Drugs708-A Somerset St. West613-234-7011OttawaK1R 6P6
OttawaPharmacySt. Laurent Medical Centre Pharmacy968 St. Laurent Blvd.613-695-1511OttawaK1K 3B3
OttawaPharmacyThe Drug Store Pharmacy #10353201 Greenbank Road613-825-3748OttawaK2J 4H9
OttawaPharmacyThe Drugstore Pharmacy #41042681 Alta Vista Dr.613-247-1070OttawaK1V 7T5
OttawaPharmacyThe Medicine Shoppe19-5303 Canotek Road613-745-5905OttawaK1J 9M1
OttawaPharmacyThe Medicine Shoppe Phmcy #271381 Kent St.613-232-4337OttawaK2P 2A8
OttawaPharmacyVanier Pharmacy101-355 Montreal Road613-746-8102OttawaK1L 8H3
OttawaPharmacyVictoria PharmacyB-1065 Wellington St.613-729-6149OttawaK1Y 2Y2
OttawaPharmacyVital Pharmacy3-224 Hunt Club Road613-971-0888OttawaK1V 1C1
OttawaPharmacyWatson's Phcy & Wellness Centre192 Main St.613-238-1881OttawaK1S 1C2
OttawaPharmacyWatson's Phcy & Wellness Compounding Centre1308 Wellington St. West613-238-1882OttawaK1Y 3B2
OttawaPharmacyWe Care Pharmasave1020 St. Laurent Blvd. Unit 4613-749-8577OttawaK1K 4S2
OttawaPharmacyWestboro Pharmasave205-421 Richmond Road613-722-7647OttawaK2A 4H1
OttawaPharmacyWhite Cross Disp (Ottawa) Ltd.264 Elgin St.613-233-4029OttawaK2P 1M2
OttawaPharmacyRexall #1255C102-240 Sparks St.613-238-1241UnknownK1P 6Z9
OttawaPharmacyHma Pharmacy Ltd2948 Baseline Road613-228-9925OttawaK2H 8T5
OttawaPharmacyPharmacie Campus Pharmacy100 Marie Curie Dr.613-563-4000OttawaK1N 6N5
OttawaPharmacyRexall #13622525 Carling Ave.613-828-3412OttawaK2B 7Z2
OttawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1539778 Bank St.613-234-8587OttawaK1S 3V6
OttawaPharmacyTrainyards Pharmacy550 Terminal Ave., Unit B22613-789-3420OttawaK1G 0Z3
OttawaPharmacyUltra Care Pharmacy (Pharmacho6-1366 Clyde Ave.613-225-2225OttawaK2C 3Z4
OttawaPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #306610 -1 100 Bayshore Dr.613-829-0777OttawaK2B 8C1
OttawaPharmacyWellington Drug Store1221 Wellington St. West613-680-6789OttawaK1Y 2Z9
OttawaPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #1031450 Terminal Ave.613-562-3225OttawaK1G 0Z3
OttawaPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #11101375 Baseline Road613-224-6891OttawaK2C 3G1
OttawaPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #12002277 Riverside Dr.613-737-6898OttawaK1H 7X6
OttawaPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #31312210 Bank St.613-247-1033OttawaK1V 1J5
Owen SoundNeedle Syringe ProgramGrey Bruce Health Unit101-17th St. EastMonday to Friday: 8:30 am - 4:30pm | Drop-in519-376-9420Grey BruceN4K 0A5
Owen SoundPharmacyGrey Bruce Regional Hlth CtrHealth Centre Phcy-Outpatient 1400 8th St. East519-376-2121Grey BruceN4K 6M9
Owen SoundPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart1183 16th St. East519-371-5230Grey BruceN4K 1Z4
Owen SoundPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1002100 10th St. West519-376-2876Grey BruceN4K 3P9
Owen SoundPharmacyDrugstore Pharmacy 42771020 10th St. West519-370-0346Grey BruceN4K 5S1
Owen SoundPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #30671555 18Th Ave. East519-371-0120Grey BruceN4K 6Y3
PalmerstonPharmacyThe Prescription Shoppe237 Main St. West519-343-3912Wellington-Dufferin-GuelphN0G 2P0
ParisPharmacyNorthville Pharmacy300 Grand River St. North519-442-4283Brant CountyN3L 3R7
Parry SoundPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #100690 Bowes St.705-746-2932North Bay Parry SoundP2A 2L7
Parry SoundPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #10231 Pine Dr.705-746-5772North Bay Parry SoundP2A 3C3
PembrokeNeedle Syringe ProgramRenfrew County and District Health Unit7 International Dr.Drop in | Monday to Friday: 8:30am - 4:00pm613-735-8651 Ext. 666Renfrew County and DistrictK8A 6W5
PembrokePharmacyCanadian Add. Treatm. Phcy. LP156 John St.613-732-9000Renfrew County and DistrictK8A 1H5
PembrokePharmacyMulvihill Drug Mart1231 Pembroke St. West613-735-1079Renfrew County and DistrictK8A 5R3
PembrokePharmacyMulvihill Drug Mart315 Pembroke St. East613-735-6559Renfrew County And DistrictK8A 3K2
PembrokePharmacyRexall Pharma Plus #19411100 Pembroke St. East613-732-7611Renfrew County and DistrictK8A 6Y7
PembrokePharmacyRowan's Pharmasave115 Pembroke St. West613-732-2522Renfrew County and DistrictK8A 5M7
PembrokePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1331811 Pembroke St. East613-735-8682Renfrew County and DistrictK8A 3M3
PembrokePharmacyMulvihill Drug Mart1230 Pembroke St. West613-735-1079Renfrew County and DistrictK8A 8M8
PembrokePharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #31711108 Pembroke St. East613-732-0111Renfrew County and DistrictK8A 7R4
PenetanguisheneCorrectional FacilityCentral North Correctional CentreNasal spray naloxone kits available for inmates only, upon their release from custody.705-549-9470Northern RegionL9M 2H4
PenetanguishenePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #100488 Main St.705-549-2332Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL9M 1T4
PerthNeedle Syringe ProgramLeeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit1 Sherbrooke St., Suite 160Monday to Friday: call for an appointment | Monday drop-in: 10:30am - 4:00pm613-283-2740 Ext. 2415Leeds, Grenville and LanarkK7H 1A1
PerthPharmacyPerth Downtown Pharmasave57 Foster St.613-267-1578Leeds, Grenville and LanarkK7H 1R9
PerthPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #150550 Dufferin St.613-267-1616Leeds, Grenville and LanarkK7H 3A6
PetawawaPharmacyMulvihill Drug Mart3419 Petawawa Blvd.613-687-7607Renfrew County and DistrictK8H 1X4
PetawawaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #125225 Civic Centre Road East613-687-5696Renfrew County and DistrictK8H 0B1
PetawawaPharmacyRexall Pharma Plus #6381011 Victoria St.613-687-8210Renfrew County and DistrictK8H 2E2
PeterboroughNeedle Syringe ProgramFourcast130 Hunter St. West, Unit 200Needle exchange program also available705-876-1292PeterboroughK0H 2K8
PeterboroughNeedle Syringe ProgramPARN - Community-based HIV/STBBI Programs. Support. Prevention. Education.159 King St., Unit 302Needle exchange program also available here705-749-9110PeterboroughK9J 2R8
PeterboroughNeedle Syringe ProgramPeterborough Public HealthJackson Square | 185 King St.705-743-1000 Ext. 387PeterboroughK9J 8M1
PeterboroughPharmacyAylmer Street Pharmacy296 Aylmer St.705-741-1646PeterboroughK9J 3K7
PeterboroughPharmacyLakeview Pharmacy #9604191 Simcoe St.705-745-0516PeterboroughK9H 2H6
PeterboroughPharmacyMather & Bell Pharmacy Ltd.769 Park St. South705-745-4770PeterboroughK9J 3T6
PeterboroughPharmacyNew Day Pharmacy Inc.226 Charlotte St.705-876-1800PeterboroughK9J 2T8
PeterboroughPharmacyRexall #691185 George St. North705-748-9733PeterboroughK9J 3G3
PeterboroughPharmacySherbrooke Heights PharmacyUnit 6 1625 Sherbrooke St. West705-748-9800PeterboroughK9J6X4
PeterboroughPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1011971 Chemong Road705-745-2401PeterboroughK9H 7E3
PeterboroughPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #10171875 Lansdowne St. West705-749-6547PeterboroughK9K 0C9
PeterboroughPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #641741 Lansdowne St. West705-748-6141PeterboroughK9J1Z2
PeterboroughPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #995250 Charlotte St.705-743-3541PeterboroughK9J 2V1
PeterboroughPharmacyWestmount Pharmacy1293 Cionsilla Ave.705-741-5008PeterboroughK9J 5Z3
PeterboroughPharmacyCostco Pharmacy #591485 The Pkwy705-750-2609PeterboroughK9J 2A1
PeterboroughPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #3002361 George St.705-742-3002PeterboroughK9H 3R2
PeterboroughPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #30711002 Chemong Road705-742-5566K9H 7E2
PeterboroughPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #1162950 Lansdowne St. West705-742-9204PeterboroughK9J 1Z9
PickeringPharmacyPickering Medical Pharmacy1885 Glenanna Road905-831-8181Durham RegionL1V 6R6
PickeringPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1212650 Kingston Road905-421-0424Durham RegionL1V 3N7
PickeringPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #12221105 Kingston Road905-420-4247Durham RegionL1V 1B5
PickeringPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #6181355 Kingston Road905-839-4488Durham RegionL1V 1B8
PickeringPharmacySobeys Pharmacy #72101899 Brock Road905-619-0291Durham RegionL1V 4H7
PickeringPharmacyLoblaw Pharmacy 10011792 Liverpool Road905-831-6310Durham RegionL1V 1V9
PickeringPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #31861899 Brock Road Unit #1905-619-9591Durham RegionL1V 4H7
PictonNeedle Syringe ProgramHastings Prince Edward Public Health35 Bridge St.Thursday: 8:30 am - 12:00 pm613-476-7471Hastings and Prince Edward CountiesK0K 2T0
PictonPharmacyCounty Drugstore219 Main St.613-471-1200Hastings and Prince Edward CountiesK0K 2T0
PlantagenetPharmacyPharmacie PlantagenetOld Highway 17613-673-4897Eastern OntarioK0B 1L0
Point EdwardNeedle Syringe ProgramLambton Public Health160 Exmouth St.Monday to Friday: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm | Appointment preferred519-383-8331 Ext. 3547LambtonN7T 7Z6
Point EdwardPharmacyThe Point Care Pharmacy112-704 Mara St.519-332-0332LambtonN7V 1X4
Port CarlingPharmacyThe Apothecary Shop73 Joseph St.705-765-6866North Simcoe MuskokaP0B 1J0
Port ColbournePharmacyBoggio Pharmacy Ltd.200 Catharine St.905-834-3514Niagara RegionL3K 4K8
Port ColbournePharmacyPort Medical PharmacyUnit 9 254 Killaly St. West905-834-7678Niagara RegionL3K 6A6
Port ColbournePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #78877 Clarence St.905-834-4046Niagara RegionL3K 3G2
Port DoverPharmacyDover Apothecary328 Main St.519-583-3784Haldimand-NorfolkN0A 1N0
Port DoverPharmacyRoulston's Pharmacy414 Main St.519-583-2100Haldimand-NorfolkN0A 1N0
Port DoverPharmacyWillaert Pharmacy807 St. George St.519-583-3335Haldimand-NorfolkN0A 1N0
Port ElginPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #13701199 Goderich St.519-832-3196Grey BruceN0H 2C3
Port ElginPharmacyWardrop Pharmasave639 Goderich St.519-832-2015Grey BruceN0H 2C0
Port ElginPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #10595122 Highway 21519-389-6160Grey BruceN0H 2C0
Port HopePharmacyLoblaw Pharmacy #426520 Jocelyn St.905-885-5758Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge DistrictL1A 3V7
Port HopePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #3080Port Hope Professional Centre 249 Ontario St.905-885-8740Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge DistrictL1A 3Y9
Port PerryPharmacyDurham Pharmacy462 Paxton St.905-985-8484Durham RegionL9L 1L9
Port PerryPharmacyPharmacy Associates of Port Perry11 Water St. Unit B905-985-9200Durham RegionL9L 1H9
Port PerryPharmacyRemedy's Rx1893 Scugog St.905-985-3308Durham RegionL9L 1H9
Port PerryPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #10181865 Scugog St.905-985-8886Durham RegionL9L 1J3
Port PerryPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #10691535 Highway 7A - Building A905-985-1941Durham RegionL9L 1B5
PrescottPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1506231 King St. West P. O. Box 1570613-925-2891Leeds, Grenville and LanarkK0E 1T0
Rainy RiverNeedle Syringe ProgramNorthwestern Health Unit - Rainy River210 Atwood Ave.Monday to Friday: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm807-852-3268NorthwesternP0W 1L0
Red LakeNeedle Syringe ProgramNorthwestern Health Unit - Red Lake234 Howey St.807-727-2626NorthwesternP0V 2M0
RenfrewNeedle Syringe ProgramRenfrew County and District Health Unit450 O'Brien Road Suite 106Please call ahead to book an appointment613-735-8651 Ext. 666Renfrew County and DistrictK7V 3Z2
RenfrewPharmacyDrug Store Pharmacy #4257680 O'Brien Road613-433-5957Renfrew County and DistrictK7V 3Z4
RenfrewPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #3078980 O'Brien Road, R.R. #1613-432-0845Renfrew County and DistrictK7V 0B4
RexdalePharmacyShoppers Simply Pharmacy1525 Albion Road416-746-2000TorontoM9V 5G5
RichmondPharmacyRichmond IDA6179 Perth St.613-838-5323OttawaK0A 2Z0
RichmondPharmacyRichmond Village Pharmacy6146 Perth St.613-838-5352OttawaK0A 2Z0
Richmond HillPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #12689651 Yonge St.905-508-2921TorontoL4C 1V7
Richmond HillPharmacyAllencourt Pharmacy610 Major MacKenzie Dr. East905-844-4444York RegionL4C 1J9
Richmond HillPharmacyOakridges Plaza Pharmacy17-13085 Yonge St.905-773-8999York RegionL4E 3S8
Richmond HillPharmacyRexall #131310870 Yonge St.905-508-5395York RegionL4C 3E4
Richmond HillPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1148118 Tower Hill Road905-737-4799York RegionL4E 0K6
Richmond HillPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #11798865 Yonge St. Unit 1905-882-0255York RegionL4C 6Z1
Richmond HillPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #133810800 Bayview Ave.905-770-7050York RegionL4S 0A6
Richmond HillPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #3083250 Harding Blvd. West905-737-0480York RegionL4C 9M7
Richmond HillPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #89710620 Yonge St.905-884-5233York RegionL4C 3C8
Richmond HillPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #8989275 Bayview Ave.905-886-6676York RegionL4C 9X4
Richmond HillPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9641070 Major Mackenzie Dr. East905-883-9984York RegionL4S 1P3
Richmond HillPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9669350 Yonge St.905-884-0555York RegionL4C 5G2
Richmond HillPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #92813070 Yonge St.905-773-1983York RegionL4E 2T2
Richmond HillPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #31951070 Major Mackenzie Dr.905-883-5305York RegionL4S 1P3
Richmond HillPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #1116255 Silver Linden Dr.905-747-0925York RegionL4B 4V5
RidgetownNeedle Syringe ProgramChatham-Kent Public Health - RidgeTown Walk-In ClinicRidgetown Municipal Building, 45 Main St. East, 2nd Floor2nd and 4th Thursday of the month: 12:00pm - 4:00pm226-312-2023 Ext. 2460Chatham-KentN0P 2C0
RidgetownPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #103922 Main St. West519-674-5463Chatham-KentN0P 2C0
RidgewayPharmacyBoggio & Edwards Ridgeway IDA307 Ridge Road North905-894-2200Niagara RegionL0S 1N0
RidgewayPharmacyBrodie's Drug Store315 Ridge Road North905-894-2520Niagara RegionL0S 1N0
RocklandNeedle Syringe ProgramEastern Ontario Health Unit2229 Laurier St. Suite 200Monday to Friday: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm | Drop-in or call in advance | Training will be provided1-844-446-1400Eastern OntarioK4K 0B7
RocklandPharmacyPharmacie Jean Coutu2246 Laurier St.613-446-5054Eastern OntarioK4K 1L4
RocklandPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #12452755 Laurier St.613-446-0910Eastern OntarioK4K 1A3
RocklandPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #10603001 Richelieu St.613-446-7137Eastern OntarioK4K 0B5
RussellPharmacyDowntown PharmacyA-191 Castor St.613-445-1223Eastern OntarioK4R 1C7
RussellPharmacyRussell Pharmacy110 Craig St. P.O. Box 40613-445-5555Eastern OntarioK4R 1C7
SarniaCorrectional FacilitySarnia JailNasal spray naloxone kits available for inmates only, upon their release from custody.519-337-3261Western RegionN7V 3C2
SarniaPharmacyBluewater Health Pharmacy89 Norman St.519-464-4400LambtonN7T 6S3
SarniaPharmacyBluewater Pharmacy481 London Road519-332-1032LambtonN7T 4X3
SarniaPharmacyBMC Pharmacy118 Victoria St.519-337-9900LambtonN7T 5W9
SarniaPharmacyBMC Pharmacy Ltd.118 Victoria St. North519-337-9900LambtonN7T 5W9
SarniaPharmacyCentrepoint IDA Pharmacy3-889 Exmouth St.519-339-0909LambtonN7T 5R3
SarniaPharmacyMitton Street Pharmacy130 Milton St. North519-383-8888LambtonN7T 6G6
SarniaPharmacyNorthgate Pharmacy560 Exmouth St.519-344-8222LambtonN7T 5P5
SarniaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1031123 Mitton St. South519-336-1234LambtonN7T 3C5
SarniaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1032510 Exmouth St.519-344-2409LambtonN7T 5P3
SarniaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1033260 Indian Road South519-337-3727LambtonN7T 3W4
SarniaPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #14371206 Michigan Ave.519-541-9064LambtonN7S 5M7
SarniaPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #30821444 Quinn Dr.519-542-5509N7S 6M8
Sault Ste. MariePharmacyCanadian Add. Treatm. Phcy. LP500 Queen St. East705-256-7444AlgomaP6A 2A1
Sault Ste. MariePharmacyGroup Health Centre Pharmacy240 McNabb St.705-759-5578AlgomaP6B 1Y5
Sault Ste. MariePharmacyIdeal Drug Mart1416 Wellington St. East705-759-4818AlgomaP6A 2P7
Sault Ste. MariePharmacyLoblaw Pharmacy #410144 Great Northern Road705-253-2887AlgomaP6B 4Y5
Sault Ste. MariePharmacyMarket Mall Pharmacy275 Second Line West705-253-1121AlgomaP6C 2J4
Sault Ste. MariePharmacyMedical Centre Pharmacy974 Queen St. East705-759-0522AlgomaP6A 2C5
Sault Ste. MariePharmacyMedicine Shoppe #276145-955 Queen St. East705-253-3206AlgomaP6A 2C3
Sault Ste. MariePharmacyMerrett's Pharmacy Ltd.314 Wellington St. West705-945-8465AlgomaP6A 1J1
Sault Ste. MariePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #66944 Great Northern Road705-949-2143AlgomaP6B 4Y5
Sault Ste. MariePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #929364 Second Line W705-945-1215AlgomaP6C 2J7
Sault Ste. MariePharmacyStation Mall Drug Mart293 Bay St.705-949-7331AlgomaP6A 1X3
Sault Ste. MariePharmacyStation Mall Drug Mart293 Bay St.705-949-7331AlgomaP6A 1X3
Sault Ste. MariePharmacyThe Medicine Shoppe @ Pharmacy316 Second Line West705-253-0720AlgomaP6C 2J5
Sault Ste. MariePharmacyWellington Square Drug Mart625 Trunk Road705-945-8088AlgomaP6A 3T1
Sault Ste. MariePharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #1163293 Bay St.705-942-7989AlgomaP6A 1X3
Sault Ste. MariePharmacyWest End Pharmacy658 Second Line West Unit 3705-450-2622AlgomaP6C 2K9
Sault Ste. MariePharmacyMedicine Shoppe #23359 Great Northern Road705-942-3752UnknownP6R 4Y7
Sault Ste. MarieCorrectional FacilityAlgoma Treatment and Remand CentreNasal spray naloxone kits available for inmates only, upon their release from custody.Algoma
Sault Ste. MarieHepatitis C ProgramHep C Care Program, Group Health Centre240 McNabb St.Monday to Friday: 8:30 am - 12:00 pm | Monday to Friday: 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm | Encourage to book a time for training705-541-2319 | 888-943-4372 (Desiree)AlgomaP6B 1Y5
Sault Ste. MariePharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #3155446 Great Northern Road705-945-8364AlgomaP6B 4Z9
ScarboroughCorrectional FacilityToronto East Detention CentreNasal spray naloxone kits available for inmates only, upon their release from custody.416-750-3513Central RegionM1L 2K9
ScarboroughPharmacyAsh Medical Pharmacy2900 Eglinton Ave. East416-438-6085TorontoM1J 2E4
ScarboroughPharmacyBoniface Park Pharmacy3545 Kingston Road416-264-0771TorontoM1M 1R6
ScarboroughPharmacyCostco Pharmacy #5371411 Warden Ave.416-288-1172TorontoM1R 2S3
ScarboroughPharmacyDales Pharmacy9A Chelwood Road416-752-1441TorontoM1K 2K5
ScarboroughPharmacyDanforth Pharmacy3-3502 Danforth Ave.416-694-6171TorontoM1L 1E1
ScarboroughPharmacyDanforth Road Discount Pharmacy3-1375 Danforth Road647-342-7677TorontoM1J 1G7
ScarboroughPharmacyDoctors PharmacyB-1261 Kennedy Road416-490-0499TorontoM1P 2L4
ScarboroughPharmacyEastside Pharmacy #96022681 Eglinton Ave. East416-264-1713TorontoM1K 2S2
ScarboroughPharmacyGlobal Drug MartUnit 2-501 Pharmacy Ave.416-755-7731TorontoM1L 3G7
ScarboroughPharmacyGuildview Pharmacy4160 Kingston Road416-283-5388TorontoM1E 2M4
ScarboroughPharmacyHealth Smart Pharmacy10-2425 Eglinton Ave. East416-759-0000TorontoM1K 5G8
ScarboroughPharmacyKennedy Road Pharmacy2 Antrim Crescent Unit 4416-298-2222TorontoM1P 2N3
ScarboroughPharmacyKLH Pharmacy4113 A Lawrence Ave. East416-282-2020TorontoM1E 2S2
ScarboroughPharmacyLawrence-Victoria Park Pharmacy1723 Lawrence Ave. East416-755-3669TorontoM1R 2X7
ScarboroughPharmacyMaple Drug Mart2645 Lawrence Road, Unit 45647-427-5842TorontoM1P 2S2
ScarboroughPharmacyMarkham Eglinton Pharmacy3250 Eglinton Ave. East416-264-1112TorontoM1J 2H6
ScarboroughPharmacyMorrish Pharmacy3600 Ellesmere Road Unit 2416-287-6674TorontoM1C 4Y8
ScarboroughPharmacyNoble IDA Pharmacy2934 Eglington416-667-8488TorontoM1J 2E4
ScarboroughPharmacyPharmasave #7862050 Lawrence Ave. East416-757-1114TorontoM1R 2Z6
ScarboroughPharmacyPharmasave Pharmacy462 Birchmount Road416-698-1616TorontoM1K 1N8
ScarboroughPharmacyProgress Centre Pharmacy1A-9 Progress Ave.647-350-6660TorontoM1P 5A4
ScarboroughPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #12422863 Ellesmere Road Suite 201416-724-6055TorontoM1E 5E9
ScarboroughPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #13015671 Steeles Ave. East416-292-2024TorontoM1V 5P6
ScarboroughPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #13141235 McCowan Road416-412-1353TorontoM1H 3K3
ScarboroughPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1335255 Morningside Ave. Unit E1416-282-1129TorontoM1E 3E6
ScarboroughPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1381A-1780 Markham Road416-412-1780TorontoM1B2W2
ScarboroughPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #13822301 Kingston Road416-269-2171TorontoM1N1V1
ScarboroughPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #13882330 Kennedy Road416-299-3532TorontoM1T 3H1
ScarboroughPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #800629 Markham Road416-439-2121TorontoM1H 2A4
ScarboroughPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #8262428 Eglinton Ave. East416-757-1154TorontoM1K 2P7
ScarboroughPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #829265 Port Union Road416-284-9229TorontoM1C 2L3
ScarboroughPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #8551400 Neilson Road416-754-3130TorontoM1B 3C2
ScarboroughPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #8562251 Lawrence Ave. East416-759-6767TorontoM1P 2P5
ScarboroughPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #8592751 Eglinton Ave. East416-267-8211TorontoM1J 2C7
ScarboroughPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #8752355 Warden Ave.416-497-5444TorontoM1T 1V7
ScarboroughPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #8801571 Sandhurst Circle416-292-6602TorontoM1V 1V2
ScarboroughPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9802900 Warden Ave.416-497-7473TorontoM1W 2S8
ScarboroughPharmacyFreshco Pharmacy2490 Gerrard St. East416-698-2060TorontoM1N 1W7
ScarboroughPharmacyPharmasave #7862066 Lawrence Ave. East416-757-1114TorontoM1R 2Z5
ScarboroughPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart91 Rylander Blvd.416-724-5344TorontoM1B 5M5
ScarboroughPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #139991 Rylander Blvd. Unit 1022416-724-5344TorontoM1B 4X3
ScarboroughPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #8112999 Kingston Road416-261-6114TorontoM1M 1P1
ScarboroughPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #85185 Ellesmere Road., Unit 22416-444-8478TorontoM1R 4B7
ScarboroughPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #860300 Borough Dr.416-296-5056TorontoM1P 4P5
ScarboroughPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart#8112999 Kingston Road416-261-6114TorontoM1M 1P1
ScarboroughPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #10805995 Steeles Ave. East416-298-2578TorontoM1V 5P7
ScarboroughPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #11173132 Eglington Ave. East416-265-6053TorontoM1J 2H1
ScarboroughPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #31591900 Eglinton Ave. East416-615-2702TorontoM1L 2L9
ScarboroughPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #3635300 Borough Dr.416-290-1926TorontoM1P 4P5
ScarboroughPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #3111799 Milner Ave.416-281-4643TorontoM1B 3C3
SeaforthPharmacyKeating's Pharmacy67 Main St. South519-527-1990Huron CountyN0K 1W0
Sharbot LakePharmacySharbot Lake Pharmasave1036 Elizabeth St. P.O. Box 67613-279-2901Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & AddingtonK0H 2P0
ShuniahPharmacyWhite Cedar Pharmacy2501 Lakeshore Dr.807-983-2300Thunder Bay DistrictP7A 0L4
SimcoePharmacyHope Pharmacy80 Norfolk St. South226-400-9040Haldimand-NorfolkN3Y 2W2
SimcoePharmacyRoulston's Pharmacy18 Norfolk St. South519-426-1731Haldimand-NorfolkN3Y 2V8
SimcoePharmacyRoulston's Wellness Centre65 Donly Dr. North519-426-8011Haldimand-NorfolkN3Y 0C2
SimcoePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1159470 Norfolk St. North519-429-3110Haldimand-NorfolkN3Y 3P7
SimcoePharmacyWater Street Pharmacy25 Water St.519-428-3329Haldimand-NorfolkN3Y 1P8
SimcoePharmacyRoulston's Discount Drugs Ltd17 Norfolk St. South519-426-1731Haldimand-NorfolkN3Y 2V8
SimcoePharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #5752160 Queensway East519-426-2586Haldimand-NorfolkN3Y 0A8
Sioux LookoutHepatitis C ProgramSioux Lookout First Nations Health Authority - Approaches to Community Wellbeing54 Front St. 3rd Floor PO Box 1300Monday to Friday 8:30 am - 12:00 pm | 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm | Closed statutory and civic holidays | Training provided to communities upon request807-737-5643Northwestern | Thunder BayP8T 1B8
Sioux LookoutNeedle Syringe ProgramNorthwestern Health Unit - Sioux Lookout47-B Front St.807-737-2292NorthwesternP8T 1A3
Smith FallsPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #5811114 Lombard St.613-283-4429Leeds, Grenville and LanarkK7A 5B8
Smiths FallsNeedle Syringe ProgramLeeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit25 Johnston St.Monday to Friday: 8:30am - 4:30pm | Drop-in613-283-2740 Ext. 2415Leeds, Grenville and LanarkK7A 0A4
Smiths FallsPharmacyPharma Plus #52191 Cornelia St. West613-283-8500Leeds, Grenville and LanarkK7A 5L3
Smiths FallsPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #131754 Beckwith St. North613-284-8288Leeds, Grenville and LanarkK7A 2B5
Smiths FallsPharmacySmiths Falls Pharmacy25-275 Brockville St.613-283-2626Leeds, Grenville and LanarkK7A 4Z6
Smiths FallsPharmacyThe Drugstore Pharmacy #409225 Ferrara Dr.613-283-1855Leeds, Grenville and LanarkK7A 5K6
Smiths FallsPharmacyPharma Plus #22202 Beckwith St. North613-283-3597Leeds, Grenville and LanarkK7A 2B1
SmithvillePharmacyRexall Dell Pharmacy #8206144 Griffin St.905-957-3943Niagara RegionL0R 2A0
Smooth Rock FallsNeedle Syringe ProgramPorcupine Health Unit141 5th St., Box 388Monday to Friday: 8:30am - 12:00pm | Monday to Friday: 1:00pm - 4:30pm | Summer hours Monday to Friday: 8:00am - 12:00pm | Summer hours Monday to Friday: 1:00pm - 4:00pm705-338-2654 | 705-338-2679PorcupineP0L 2B0
SouthamptonPharmacyKristen's Pharmacy3-197 Albert St. South519-385-5085Grey BruceN0H 2L0
SouthamptonPharmacyRexall #1644174 Albert St. South519-797-2113Grey BruceN0H 2L0
SpringwaterPharmacySpringwater Pharmacy1017 Carson Road705-725-0202PeelL9X 0V7
St CatharinesPharmacyCostco Pharmacy #5233 North Service Road905-646-6689Niagara RegionL2N 7R1
St CatherinesPharmacyHauser's Pharmacy1200 4th Ave.905-685-3030Niagara RegionL2R 0A9
St ThomasPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #738107 Edward St.519-633-4402Elgin-St. ThomasN5P 1Y8
St ThomasPharmacyWellington Medical Pharmacy101-460 Wellington St.519-637-9900Elgin-St. ThomasN5R 6H9
St. CatharinesNeedle Syringe ProgramBeyond The N.O.D. Program, Positive Living Niagara120 Queenston St.Training can take place in the office, in the person, at home, or at a partner agency so it is available anywhere in the region. Day and evening trainings available. Refills available through the office an evening van services Monday to Friday: 6:00 pm - 10:30 pm905-984-8686 Ext. 116, 117, 122Niagara RegionL2R 2Z3
St. CatharinesPharmacyCarlton Heights Pharmasave595 Carlton St.905-934-2222Niagara RegionL2M 4Y2
St. CatharinesPharmacyHope Pharmacy St. Catharines5 Bond St.289-273-4561Niagara RegionL2R 4Z1
St. CatharinesPharmacyKing St. Pharmacy110 King St.905-988-1286Niagara RegionL2R 3H8
St. CatharinesPharmacyMapleland Pharmacy120 Welland Ave. #10B905-641-4440Niagara RegionL2R 2N3
St. CatharinesPharmacyMerritton Community Pharmacy3-491 Merritt St.905-685-4777Niagara RegionL2P 1P2
St. CatharinesPharmacyOntario Street PharmacyE-318 Ontario St.905-687-7283Niagara RegionL2R 5L8
St. CatharinesPharmacyPort Weller Pharmacy260 Lakeshore Road Cambridge Plaza905-934-2023Niagara RegionL2M 7R4
St. CatharinesPharmacyQueenston Pharma Star Pharmacy104-145 Queenston St.905-641-0707Niagara RegionL2R 2Z9
St. CatharinesPharmacyRexall #8201111 Queenston St.905-641-0101Niagara RegionL2R 2Z5
St. CatharinesPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1186275 Forth Ave.905-641-2244Niagara RegionL2R 6P9
St. CatharinesPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1188181 Hartzel Road905-641-1011Niagara RegionL2P 1N6
St. CatharinesPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1190486-500 Grantham Ave.905-937-5050Niagara RegionL2M 3J7
St. CatharinesPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #509221 Glendale Ave.905-641-8855Niagara RegionL2T 2K9
St. CatharinesPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #686105 Lakeshore Road905-934-5545Niagara RegionL2N 2T6
St. CatharinesPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #784125 Carlton St. Unit 8A905-688-2132Niagara RegionL2R 1R5
St. CatharinesPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #786387 Scott St.905-934-4260Niagara RegionL2M 3W2
St. CatharinesPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #789245 Pelham Road905-688-5743Niagara RegionL2S 1X8
St. CatharinesPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #79222-286 Bunting Road905-688-6733Niagara RegionL2M 7S5
St. CatharinesPharmacyTRC Pharmacy St. Catharines288 St. Paul St., 2nd Floor905-708-1122Niagara RegionL2R 3M9
St. CatharinesPharmacyTremount Medical Pharmacy2A 2F Tremount Dr.905-682-6200Niagara RegionL2T 3B2
St. CatharinesPharmacyGrantham Pharmacy400 Scott St.905-934-3333Niagara RegionL2M 3W4
St. CatharinesPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #797600 Ontario St.905-937-3532Niagara RegionL2N 7H8
St. CatharinesPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #797600 Ontario St.905-937-3532Niagara RegionL2N 7H8
St. CatharinesPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #3088525 Welland Ave.905-685-6569Niagara RegionL2M 6P3
St. CatharinesPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #3172420 Vansickle Road905-687-1182Niagara RegionL2S 0C7
St. CatherinesPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #1164285 Geneva St.905-646-1914Niagara RegionL2N 2G1
St. JacobsPharmacyMartin's Pharmacy St Jacobs10 Parkside Dr.519-664-3785Region of WaterlooN0B 2N0
St. MarysPharmacyHubbard Pharmacy Ltd.155 Queen St. East519-284-1380Perth DistrictN4X 1B6
St. MarysSexual Health ClinicSexual Health Clinic | Perth District Health Unit268 Maiden Lane, 2nd Floor3rd Monday of the month: 6:00pm - 9:00pm | Drop-in | Call in advance to ensure availability519-271-0375 Ext. 779Perth DistrictN4X 1B7
St. ThomasNeedle Syringe ProgramElgin St. Thomas Public Health1230 Talbot St.Monday to Friday: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm | Naloxone available through needle exchange program519-631-9900Elgin-St. ThomasN5P 1G9
St. ThomasPharmacyHealth Centre Pharmacy230 First Ave.519-631-1550Elgin-St. ThomasN5R 4P5
St. ThomasPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1067410 Talbot St.519-631-2300Elgin-St. ThomasN5P 1B9
St. ThomasPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #969204 First Ave.519-633-3070Elgin-St. ThomasN5R 4P5
St. ThomasPharmacySt Thomas Medical Pharmacy475 Talbot St.519-631-3300Elgin-St. ThomasN5P 1C1
St. ThomasPharmacyYurek Pharmacy Ltd.519 Talbot St.519-631-3330Elgin-St. ThomasN5P 1C3
St. ThomasPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #738107 Edward St., Unit 101519-633-4402Elgin-St. ThomasN5P 1Y8
St. ThomasPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #31971063 Talbot St., Unit #60519-637-7088Elgin-St. ThomasN5P 1G4
StittsvillePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1246101A-1300 Stittsville Main St.613-831-0901OttawaK2S 1A3
StittsvillePharmacyStittsville Drug MartStittsville Shopping Centre 1250 Main St.613-836-3881OttawaK2S 1B1
StittsvillePharmacyThe Drug Store Pharmacy #42031251 Main St.613-831-9277OttawaK2S 2E5
Stoney CreekPharmacyHealth-Wise Pharmacy2-15 Lockport Way905-643-7676HamiltonL8E 0H8
Stoney CreekPharmacyPark Pharmacy72 King St. West905-662-9336HamiltonL8G 1H9
Stoney CreekPharmacyPharmasave1050 Paramount Dr.905-578-1111HamiltonL8V 1P8
Stoney CreekPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #10501 King St. East905-662-4092HamiltonL8G 1J7
Stoney CreekPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #105115 Mountain Ave. South905-662-4932HamiltonL8G 2V6
Stoney CreekPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1180369-377 Hwy 8905-662-9996HamiltonL8G 1E7
Stoney CreekPharmacyThe Mdcne Shoppe Phrmcy #299826-840 Queenston Road905-662-5333HamiltonL8G 4A8
Stoney CreekPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1204270 Mud Street West, Unit 1905-560-6363HamiltonL8J 3Z6
Stoney CreekPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #3096510 Centennial Parkway North905-567-3531HamiltonL8E 0G2
StouffvillePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #142512277 10th Line905-640-5888York RegionL4A 7W6
StouffvillePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9615710 Main St. Unit 3905-640-2700York RegionL4A 8A9
StouffvillePharmacyStouffville IDA Pharmacy6212 Main St.905-640-3324York RegionL4A 2S5
StouffvillePharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #10291050 Hoover Park Dr.905-640-9533York RegionL4A 0K2
StratfordCorrectional FacilityStratford JailNasal spray naloxone kits available for inmates only, upon their release from custody.519-271-2180Western RegionN5A 1A3
StratfordNeedle Syringe ProgramPerth District Health UnitFestival Square, 10 Downie St., 2nd FloorMonday to Friday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm | Drop-in519-271-0375 Ext. 779Perth DistrictN5S 7K4
StratfordPharmacyDrug Basics #508925 Ontario St.519-271-4555Perth DistrictN5A 6W5
StratfordPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #10971-211 Ontario St.519-271-8600Perth DistrictN5A 3H3
StratfordPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1444511 Huron St.519-271-9195Perth DistrictN5A 5T8
StratfordPharmacySinclair Pharmacy12 Wellington St.519-271-8940Perth DistrictN5A 7V4
StratfordPharmacyStratford Pharmasave1067 Ontario St.519-273-7007Perth DistrictN5A 6W6
StratfordPharmacyWest End Pharmacy426 Huron St.519-273-7200Perth DistrictN5A 5T7
StratfordPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #1125920 Ontario St.519-272-1295PerthN5A 3K1
StrathroyNeedle Syringe ProgramMiddlesex London Health Unit51 Front St. EastThursday: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm | Thursday: 2:00pm - 4:00 pm519-434-1601Middlesex-LondonN7G 1Y5
StrathroyPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #107178 Front St. East519-245-2980Middlesex-LondonN7G 1Y5
StrathroyPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #1038150 Carroll St. East, Rr519-245-1968Middlesex-LondonN7G 4G2
Sturgeon FallsPharmacyRexall #8176228 King St.705-753-0150North Bay Parry SoundP2B 1R9
Sturgeon FallsPharmacyLoblaw Pharmacy #423012035 Highway #17705-753-5850North Bay Parry SoundP2B 2S6
SudburyCorrectional FacilitySudbury JailNasal spray naloxone kits available for inmates only, upon their release from custody.705-564-4150Northern RegionP3C 1T8
SudburyPharmacyDrugstore Pharmacy #28031485 Lasalle Blvd.705-521-1031Sudbury and DistrictP3A 5H7
SudburyPharmacyHerman's IDA240 Regent St.705-674-3339Sudbury and DistrictP3C 4C5
SudburyPharmacyLoblaw Pharmacy82 Lorne St.705-671-4721Sudbury and DistrictP3C 4N8
SudburyPharmacyPharmacy #539900 Lasalle Blvd.705-560-1157Sudbury and DistrictP3A 5W8
SudburyPharmacyPlaza 69-Shoppers Drug Mart1935 Paris St.705-522-2121Sudbury and DistrictP3E 3C6
SudburyPharmacyRexall #8182117B Cedar St.705-675-2471Sudbury and DistrictP3E 1A9
SudburyPharmacyShoppers Drug #119586 Elm St.705-671-9230Sudbury and DistrictP3C 1T2
SudburyPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #13651935 Paris St.705-522-2121Sudbury and DistrictP3E 3C6
SudburyPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1540359 Riverside Dr. Suite 112705-673-3731Sudbury and DistrictP3E 1H5
SudburyPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #6532015 Long Lake Road705-522-3030Sudbury and DistrictP3E 4M8
SudburyPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #6701349 Lasalle Blvd. Unit 101705-566-9300Sudbury and DistrictP3A 1Z2
SudburyPharmacyVitaheal Pharmacy1100 Barrydowne Road705-806-2230Sudbury and DistrictP3A3V3
SudburyPharmacyVitaheal Pharmacy128 Cedar St.705-805-6381Sudbury and DistrictP3E 1B4
SudburyPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #30971349 Lasalle Blvd.705-566-9692Sudbury and DistrictP3A 1Z2
SudburyHepatitis C ProgramReseau ACCESS Network111 Larch St., Suite 401Monday to Friday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm | Office closed: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm | Drop-in or call/email to book appointment | Contact Lisa Toner lisat@reseauaccessnetwork.com or Camille Lavoie |705-688-0500 Ext. 221Sudbury and DistrictP3E 4T5
SudburyPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #11052416 Long Lake Road705-523-6287Sudbury and DistrictP3E 5H5
SunderlandPharmacySunderland Pharmacy Ltd.103 River St.705-357-3300Durham RegionL0C 1H0
Sutton WestPharmacyBen's Pharmacy20865 Dalton Road905-722-8898York RegionL0E 1R0
Sutton WestPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #94120917 Dalton Road905-722-3237York RegionL0E 1R0
TecumsehPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #11261-500 Manning Road RR #1519-979-0009Windsor-Essex CountyN8N 5H3
TecumsehPharmacyTMC Pharmacy100-13278 Tecumseh Road East519-979-1114Windsor-Essex CountyN8N 3T6
ThornburyPharmacyThornbury Pharmacy45 Arthur St.519-599-2719Grey BruceN0H 2P0
ThornhillPharmacyDales Pharmacy8200 Bayview Ave.905-881-1616York RegionL3T 2S2
ThornhillPharmacyDoctors Pharmacy28 Langstaff Road East905-709-9985York RegionL3T 3P8
ThornhillPharmacyF/C Friendly Care Baythorn Pha265 Baythorn Dr.905-762-8999York RegionL3T 3V8
ThornhillPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #658298 John St.905-886-3711York RegionL3T 5W4
ThornhillPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #896441 Clark Ave W.905-764-3606York RegionL4J 6W8
ThornhillPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9651054 Centre St.905-882-0201York RegionL4J 3M8
ThornhillPharmacySolara Pharmacy7335 Yonge St.905-707-7700York RegionL3T 2B2
ThornhillPharmacyThornhill Woods PharmacyUnit #2 1101 Rufferford Road905-882-4567York RegionL6A 1S2
ThornhillPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #15372900 Steeles Ave. East905-881-5660York RegionL3T 4X1
ThornhillPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #65710 Royal Orchard Blvd.905-889-8171York RegionL3T 3C3
ThornhillPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #5831700 Centre St.905-709-9294York RegionL4J 0A7
ThoroldCorrectional FacilityNiagara Detention CentreNasal spray naloxone kits available for inmates only, upon their release from custody.Niagara Region
Thunder BayCorrectional FacilityThunder Bay Correctional CentreNasal spray naloxone kits available for inmates only, upon their release from custody.Thunder Bay District
Thunder BayCorrectional FacilityThunder Bay JailNasal spray naloxone kits available for inmates only, upon their release from custody.Thunder Bay District
Thunder BayNeedle Syringe ProgramThunder Bay Distrcit Health Unit999 Balmoral St.| Mobile outreachMonday to Friday: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm |Closed 4:00pm - 5:00 pm for lunch | No appointment necessary. | Call for scheduled trainings or to meet with outreach van.807-625-8831Thunder Bay DistrictP7B 3W9
Thunder BayNeedle Syringe ProgramThunder Bay Distrcit Health Unit - Street Nursing999 Balmoral St.| Mobile outreachCall for availability and location807-629-2157Thunder Bay District
Thunder BayPharmacyJanzen's Pharmacy296 Bay St.807-344-1951North Bay Parry SoundP7B 1R8
Thunder BayPharmacyAcademy Medical Pharmacy554 Beverley St.807-344-2282Thunder Bay DistrictP7B 5V2
Thunder BayPharmacyCourt Street Pharmacy69 Court St. North807-346-8844Thunder Bay DistrictP7A 4T7
Thunder BayPharmacyElevate Medical Pharmacy100-106 Cumberland St. North807-767-7002Thunder Bay DistrictP7A 4M2
Thunder BayPharmacyJanzen's Pharmacy504 North Edward St.807-285-0186Thunder Bay DistrictP7C 4P9
Thunder BayPharmacyLoblaw Pharmacy #150480 Harbour Expressway807-343-4535Thunder Bay DistrictP7B 6P4
Thunder BayPharmacyRexall #8170100-1265 Arthur St. East807-622-7079Thunder Bay DistrictP7E 6E7
Thunder BayPharmacyRiver Terrace Medical Pharmacy1260 Golf Links Road807-343-0010Thunder Bay DistrictP7B 0A1
Thunder BayPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1312572 West Arthur St.807-577-9700Thunder Bay DistrictP7E 5R7
Thunder BayPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1337300 Memorial Ave.807-343-3010Thunder Bay DistrictP7B 3Y2
Thunder BayPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #15251020 Dawson Road807-767-1666Thunder Bay DistrictP7B 1K6
Thunder BayPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1534320 Arundel St.807-683-6206Thunder Bay DistrictP7A 1L3
Thunder BayPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1536151 Frederica St. West807-475-7337Thunder Bay DistrictP7E 3V8
Thunder BayPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #677900 Arthur St. East807-623-2390Thunder Bay DistrictP7E 5M8
Thunder BayPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #678640 River St.807-345-8012Thunder Bay DistrictP7A 3S4
Thunder BayPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #679425 North Edward St.807-475-5385Thunder Bay DistrictP7C 4P7
Thunder BayPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #6801186 Memorial Ave.807-623-3601Thunder Bay DistrictP7B 5K5
Thunder BayPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #681194 N. Court St.807-345-5611Thunder Bay DistrictP7A 4V7
Thunder BayPharmacySyndicate Pharmacy2-140 Syndicate Ave. South807-623-8844Thunder Bay DistrictP7E 1C6
Thunder BayPharmacyWhite Cedar First Nations Phcy125 Vickers St. South807-475-4357Thunder Bay DistrictP7E 1J2
Thunder BayPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #30271001 Ridgeway St. East807-623-7431UnknownP7E 5H8
Thunder BayPharmacyJanzen's PharmacyC-470 Hodder Ave.807-345-1191Thunder Bay DistrictP7A 7X5
Thunder BayPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #11661020 Dawson Road807-767-1871Thunder Bay DistrictP7B 1K6
Thunder BayPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #3124777 Memorial Ave.807-346-4922Thunder Bay DistrictP7B 3Z7
Thunder BayPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #11651101 Arthur St. West807-577-6223Thunder Bay DistrictP7E 5S2
TilburyNeedle Syringe ProgramTilbury District Family Health Team | Chatham-Kent Public Health22 Mill St. West2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month: 2:30pm - 4:00pm519-682-2307Chatham-KentN0P 2L0
TilburyPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #111520 Mill St. West519-682-2272Windsor-Essex CountyN0P 2L0
TillsonburgNeedle Syringe ProgramOxford County Public Health and Emergency Services - Livingston Centre96 Tillson Ave.Tuesday: 10:30 am - 12:30 pm | Call to arrange for an appointment800-755-0394 | 519-539-9800 Ext. 3490Oxford CountyN4G 3A1
TillsonburgPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1176200 Broadway St. Unit 1A519-842-3521Oxford CountyN4G 5A7
TillsonburgPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #3103170 Broadway St.519-842-7925Oxford CountyN4G 5A8
TimminsNeedle Syringe ProgramPorcupine Health Unit169 Pine St. SouthMonday to Friday: 8:30am - 12:00pm | Monday to Friday: 1:00pm - 4:30pm | Summer hours Monday to Friday: 8:00am - 12:00pm | Summer hours Monday to Friday: 1:00pm - 4:00pm705-267-1181PorcupineP4N 8B7
TimminsPharmacyHealth Care Guardian Pharmacy27 Cedar St. South705-267-2048PorcupineP4N 2G5
TimminsPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1347681 Algonquin Blvd Unit 5705-264-6511PorcupineP4N 8S6
TimminsPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #67170 Algonquin Blvd. West705-264-4311PorcupineP4N 2R3
TimminsPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #671227 Algonquin Blvd. West705-264-4311PorcupineP4N 2R8
TimminsPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #31041870 Riverside Dr. R.R. #2705-267-3101PorcupineP4R 1N7
TimminsPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1354123 Third Ave.705-267-6555PorcupineP4N 1C6
TorontoCorrectional FacilityToronto South Detention Centre including the Toronto Intermittent CentreNasal spray naloxone kits available for inmates only, upon their release from custody.416-354-4030Central RegionM8Z 0C2
TorontoHepatitis C ProgramSherbourne Health Centre333 Sherbourne St.Drop-in | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm416-324-4100TorontoM5A 2S5
TorontoHepatitis C ProgramSouth Riverdale Community Health Centre955 Queen St. EastMonday to Friday: 9:00am - 5:00 | Contact: Marilyn VanderMeer416-461-1925TorontoM4M 3P3
TorontoHepatitis C ProgramSouth Riverdale Community Health Centre - Mobile serviceMonday to Friday: 6:00pm - 12:00am | Saturday & Sunday: 12:00pm - 12:00am416-451-1951Toronto
TorontoNeedle Syringe ProgramThe Works, Toronto Public Health277 Victoria St., Ground FloorMonday to Friday: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm | Advised to call before arrival to confirm staff availability416-392-0520TorontoM5B 1W2
TorontoNeedle Syringe ProgramThe Works, Toronto Public Health - Now Van (Mobile Outreach)Mobile Van: | Wednesdays: 2:00 pm - 9:00 pm, call anytime to get on the list, van staff will contact to arrange a Wednesday training in The van. | Toronto boundaries - Lakeshore to Highway 401, Highway 427 to Meadowvale416-392-0521Toronto
TorontoPharmacy3M Lawrence Pharmacy3077 Bathurst St.416-782-3333TorontoM6A 1Z9
TorontoPharmacyBathurst-Bloor IDA Drug Mart800 Bathurst St.416-537-2427TorontoM5R 3G1
TorontoPharmacyCamh Pharmacy1001 Queen St. West416-535-8501TorontoM6J 1H4
TorontoPharmacyCanadian Add. Treatm. Phcy. LP100-1111 Finch Ave. West416-636-3530TorontoM3J 2E5
TorontoPharmacyCharles Pharmacy1204 King St. West416-533-3122TorontoM6K 1G4
TorontoPharmacyCity Pharmacy238 Danforth Ave.416-469-1898TorontoM4K 1N4
TorontoPharmacyClairhurst Medical Pharmacy1466 Bathurst St. Unit 109416-537-1300TorontoM5R 3S3
TorontoPharmacyCloud Pharmacy55 Dundas St. East647-748-1337TorontoM5B 1C6
TorontoPharmacyCollege Medical Pharmacy474 College St.416-961-2191TorontoM6G 1A4
TorontoPharmacyCommunity Choice Pharmasave DA1892 Davenport Road289-242-8614TorontoM6N 1B7
TorontoPharmacyCrescent St. Pharmacy Ltd.2688 Danforth Ave.647-351-0600TorontoM4C 1L7
TorontoPharmacyDales Pharmacy572 Parliament St.416-921-5700TorontoM4X 1P8
TorontoPharmacyDanforth Drug Mart1871 Danforth Ave.416-691-2225TorontoM4C 1J3
TorontoPharmacyDawes Drug Mart424 Dawes Road416-757-2242TorontoM4B 2E8
TorontoPharmacyDowntown Dispensary IIB-1678 Dufferin St.416-651-1333TorontoM6H 3M1
TorontoPharmacyDrug Basics Pharmacy1068 Danforth Ave.416-463-7697TorontoM4J 1M2
TorontoPharmacyEagle Manor Pharmacy1901 Weston Road416-241-1115TorontoM9N 3P5
TorontoPharmacyEglinton-Bathurst Pharmacy856 Eglinton Ave. West416-787-8281TorontoM6C 2B6
TorontoPharmacyFriendly Care West King Phmcy2077 Weston Road416-248-4485TorontoM9N 1X7
TorontoPharmacyFront St Pharmacy132 Front St. East416-362-1000TorontoM5A 1E2
TorontoPharmacyGerrard St Pharmacy Ltd.287 Coxwell Ave.647-748-0200TorontoM4L 3B5
TorontoPharmacyGlen Manor Pharmacy116 Glen Manor Dr.416-690-1599TorontoM4E 2X2
TorontoPharmacyHealth Care Mart1173 Queen St. West416-539-9555TorontoM6J 1J4
TorontoPharmacyHealth Choice Pharmacy449 Queen St. West416-593-9711TorontoM5V 2A9
TorontoPharmacyHilary's Pharmacy811 Dundas St. West416-603-1059TorontoM6J 1V4
TorontoPharmacyInfinity Health Pharmacy35 Lower Simcoe St.416-792-8900TorontoM5J 3A6
TorontoPharmacyInternational Pharmacy1226 King St. West416-516-8016TorontoM6K 1G4
TorontoPharmacyLawrence Heights Family Phcy12 Flemington Road416-782-7426TorontoM6A 2N4
TorontoPharmacyLiberty Market Pharmacy171 East Liberty St.416-588-8348TorontoM6K 3P6
TorontoPharmacyLoblaw Pharmacy #100760 Carlton St.416-593-1542TorontoM5B 1L1
TorontoPharmacyM&D Shepphaer Pharmacy872 Sheppard Ave. West416-633-6800TorontoM3H 5V5
TorontoPharmacyMain Drug Mart2399 Yonge St.416-481-2444TorontoM4P 2E7
TorontoPharmacyMain Drug Mart61 Queen St. East416-367-3311TorontoM5C 2T2
TorontoPharmacyMain Drug Mart1180 Victoria Park Ave.416-751-1161TorontoM4B 2K4
TorontoPharmacyMain Drug Mart521 Victoria Park Ave.416-690-3300TorontoM4C 5H1
TorontoPharmacyMain Drug Mart1130 Bloor St. West416-532-9391TorontoM6H 1M8
TorontoPharmacyMain Drug Mart658 Danforth Ave. Unit 102416-465-7610TorontoM4J 5B9
TorontoPharmacyMargis Pharmacy408 Roncesvalles Ave.416-535-1944TorontoM6R 2M9
TorontoPharmacyMarkland Wood Pharmacy Limited4335 Bloor St. West416-621-2000TorontoM9C 2A5
TorontoPharmacyMedicare Drug Mart410 Sherbourne St.416-925-2121TorontoM4X 1K2
TorontoPharmacyMetro Drugs129 Dundas St. East416-363-7300TorontoM5B 2N6
TorontoPharmacyMetro Drugs1290 Bloor St. West416-538-9962TorontoM6H 1H9
TorontoPharmacyMoss Park Pharmacy Ltd.325 Queen St. East416-361-5713TorontoM5A 1S9
TorontoPharmacyMount Pleasant Pharmacy245 Eglinton Ave. East416-488-3232TorontoM4P 1L2
TorontoPharmacyMurray Shore Pharmacy3537 Bathurst St.416-789-1800TorontoM6A 2C7
TorontoPharmacyNew Day Danforth Pharmacy Inc.1288 Danforth Ave.647-931-7314TorontoM4J 1M6
TorontoPharmacyNorthcliffe Pharmacy1751 Eglington Ave. West416-256-7888TorontoM6E 2H7
TorontoPharmacyOmni Pharmacy799 Bloor St. West416-588-8724TorontoM6G 1L8
TorontoPharmacyParkdale Guardian Drugs1488 Queen St. West416-533-2391TorontoM6K 1M4
TorontoPharmacyParkdale Pharmacy1439 King St. West416-516-2039TorontoM6K 1H9
TorontoPharmacyPeoples Choice Remedys Rx1145 Morningside Ave. #16647-748-7337TorontoM1B 0A7
TorontoPharmacyPharma Plus63 Wellesley St. East416-924-7769TorontoM4Y 1G7
TorontoPharmacyPharmacy #572100 Lynn Williams St.416-588-1300TorontoM6K 3N6
TorontoPharmacyPharmacy.ca311 Sherbourne St.416-960-7768TorontoM5A 3Y1
TorontoPharmacyPharma-Docs4972 Dundas St. West416-233-0404TorontoM9A 1B7
TorontoPharmacyPoly Pharmacy5460 Yonge St. Suite 106416-250-5460TorontoM2N 6K7
TorontoPharmacyPrescription Care CentreSt. Michael's Hospital 30 Bond St. B1038 Queen Wing416-864-5110TorontoM5B 1W8
TorontoPharmacyProcare IDA Pharmacy795 Broadview Ave.416-546-2422TorontoM4K 2P8
TorontoPharmacyProhealth Pharmacy343 Coxwell Ave. Unit 3416-465-7776TorontoM4L 3B5
TorontoPharmacyRexall474 Spadina Ave.416-413-1060TorontoM5T 2G8
TorontoPharmacyRexall #197463 Wellesley St. East416-924-7760TorontoM4Y 1G7
TorontoPharmacyRexall #22871245 Dupont St.416-537-0805TorontoM6H 2A6
TorontoPharmacyRexall #273C001-2 St. Clair Ave. East416-921-2171TorontoM4T 2T5
TorontoPharmacyRexall #3012901 Eglinton Ave. West416-787-1344TorontoM6C 2C1
TorontoPharmacyRexall #6940600 University Ave.416-977-0408TorontoM5G 1X5
TorontoPharmacyRexall #6979539 Parliament St.416-926-1658TorontoM4X 1P7
TorontoPharmacyRexall #8139474 Spadina Ave.416-413-1060TorontoM5T 2G8
TorontoPharmacyRexall #814587 Avenue Road416-922-5555TorontoM5R 3R9
TorontoPharmacyRexall #815963 Front St. East416-607-6387TorontoM5E 1B3
TorontoPharmacyRexall #816576 Grenville St.416-323-6250TorontoM5S 1B2
TorontoPharmacyRexall #8175401 Yonge St.416-979-9190TorontoM5B 1S9
TorontoPharmacyRexall #8179481 Bloor St. West416-929-8213TorontoM5S 1X9
TorontoPharmacyRosedale Pharmacy600 Sherbourne St.416-961-8877TorontoM4X 1W4
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart2345 Yonge St.416-487-5411TorontoM4P 1E4
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug MartToronto Western Outpatient Pcy 399 Bathurst St.416-603-5686TorontoM5T 2S8
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart1084 Wilson Ave.416-633-9884TorontoM3K 1G6
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1005901 King St. West416-977-4101TorontoM5V 3H5
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #11624700 Keele St. York Lanes416-514-0993TorontoM3J 1P3
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #11663446 Dundas St. West416-766-8131TorontoM6S 2S1
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #12141840 Eglinton Ave. West416-256-6199TorontoM6E 2J4
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1232180 Danforth Ave.416-466-5698TorontoM4K 1N1
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #12403366 Yonge St.416-483-3018TorontoM4N 2M7
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #12504990 Yonge St.416-226-0313TorontoM2N 0A1
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #12531473 Queen St. West416-530-2799TorontoM6R 1A1
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1281292 Dupont St.416-972-0232TorontoM5R 1V9
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #12871500 Woodbine Ave.416-429-2529TorontoM4C 4G9
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1288761 King St. West416-306-0311TorontoM5V 1N4
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1320388 King St. West416-597-6550TorontoM5V 1K2
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1321390 Queens Quay West416-260-2766TorontoM5V 3A6
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #132240-565 Sherbourne St.416-963-9495TorontoM4X 1W7
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1330946 Lawrence Ave. East416-444-4445TorontoM3C 1R1
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1333351 Queen St. East416-368-2121TorontoM5A 1T2
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #13411500 Islington Ave.416-239-2309TorontoM9A 3L8
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #135118 Jarvis St.416-203-3700TorontoM5E 1N1
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1362A-1033 Queen St. West416-516-5756TorontoM6J 0A6
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1378718 Yonge St.416-920-0098TorontoM4Y 2B3
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #13801017 Wilson Ave.416-636-3203TorontoM3K 1Z1
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1393500 King St. West416-214-4724TorontoM5V 1L9
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #140210 Dundas St. East416-591-1733TorontoM5B 2G9
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #14032528 Bayview Ave.416-444-8411TorontoM2L 1A9
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1410236 Bloor St. West416-927-0440TorontoM5S 1T8
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1414260 Queen St. West416-979-3903TorontoM5V 1Z8
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #14212206 Lakeshore Blvd. West416-259-1330TorontoM8V 1A4
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1441333 Bay St.416-304-1151TorontoM5H 2R2
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1489593 Dundas St. East416-214-9440TorontoM5A 3H6
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #15092901 Sheppard Ave. East416-491-4444TorontoM1T 3J3
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #15102047 Avenue Road416-789-1122TorontoM5M 4A7
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1516747 Don Mills Road Unti 1416-429-1444TorontoM3C 1T2
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #15442794 Victoria Park Ave.416-491-2277TorontoM2J 4A8
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #5001630 Danforth Ave.416-461-2453TorontoM4C 1H6
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #501685 Mccowan Road416-431-4822TorontoM1J 1K2
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #7172440 Dundas St. West416-536-0220TorontoM6P 1W9
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #8031500 Avenue Road416-781-6146TorontoM5M 3X2
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #806360A Bloor St. West416-961-2121TorontoM5S 1X1
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #80720 Bloor St. East416-967-7787TorontoM4W 3G7
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #813725 College St.416-534-2375TorontoM6G 1C5
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #8142494 Danforth Ave.416-698-1888TorontoM4C 1K9
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #818759 Mount Pleasant Road416-482-7100TorontoM4S 2N4
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #8191881 Steeles Ave. West416-665-2631TorontoM3H 5Y4
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #821770 Lawrence Ave. West416-787-0238TorontoM6A 3C6
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #822700 Bay St. Lucliffe Plaza416-979-2424TorontoM5G 1Z6
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #823970 Queen St. East416-462-0062TorontoM4M 1J8
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #824Toronto Eaton Centre 220 Yonge St. Box 115416-979-9373TorontoM5B 2H1
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #82770 Eglinton Square Blvd.416-757-1131TorontoM1L 2K1
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #8352795 Bathurst St.416-782-1119TorontoM6B 3A4
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #836523 St. Clair Ave. West416-538-1155TorontoM6C 1A1
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #8383874 Bathurst St.416-635-5601TorontoM3H 3N3
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #8431515 Steeles Ave. East416-226-1313TorontoM2M 3Y7
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #853467 Parliament St.416-925-4121TorontoM5A 3A3
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #8542550 Finch Ave. West416-749-5271TorontoM9M 2G3
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #8623003 Danforth Ave.416-694-2131TorontoM4C 1M9
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #867620 Keele St.416-766-3095TorontoM6N 3E2
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #8691533 Jane St.416-248-5424TorontoM9N 2R2
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #87145 Overlea Blvd.416-421-5141TorontoM4H 1C3
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #8761995 Weston Road416-241-1153TorontoM9N 1X2
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #8771859 Leslie St.416-383-9599TorontoM3B 2M1
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #8792343 Eglinton Ave.416-651-7111TorontoM6E 2L6
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #915812 O'Connor Dr.416-285-5822TorontoM4B 2S9
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9185899 Leslie St.416-493-6677TorontoM2H 1J8
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9196205 Bathurst St.416-222-5464TorontoM2R 2A5
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9221115 Lodestar Road Building E416-633-8778TorontoM3J 0G9
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #926817 Yonge St.416-961-0155TorontoM4W 2G9
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9361012 Pape Ave.416-423-3131TorontoM4K 3V9
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9391507 Yonge St.416-923-7700TorontoM4T 1Z2
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #940555 University Ave.416-813-6700TorontoM5G 1X8
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #943465 Yonge St.416-408-4000TorontoM4Y 1X4
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #945181 Bay St.416-777-1300TorontoM5J 2T3
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #94969 Yonge St.416-364-1948TorontoM5E 1K3
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9821601 Bayview Ave.416-489-1873TorontoM4G 3B5
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9842000 Queent St. East416-694-0471TorontoM4L 1J2
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #985200 Bay St.416-865-0001TorontoM5J 2J3
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9892223 Bloor St. West416-769-1105TorontoM6S 1N7
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #993524 Queen St. West416-703-0228TorontoM5V 2B5
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #994755 Danforth Ave.416-461-7533TorontoM1K 1L2
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #99766 Wellington St. West Unit 29A P.O. Box 325416-365-0927TorontoM5K 1A1
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drup Mart #1377958 Bloor St. West416-538-0105TorontoM6H 1L6
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Simply Pharmacy #3017101-235 Danforth Ave.416-778-7780TorontoM4K 1N2
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Simply Pharmacy #30701221-1223 St. Claire Ave. West416-656-6044TorontoM6E 1B5
TorontoPharmacyShopppers Drug Mart #12531470 Queen St. West416-530-2799TorontoM6R 1A1
TorontoPharmacySimpill Pharmacy1408 Queen St. West416-901-1227TorontoM6K 1L9
TorontoPharmacySnowdon Pharmacy264 Bloor St. West416-922-2156TorontoM5S 1V8
TorontoPharmacySolara Pharmacy3857 Lake Shore Blvd. West416-259-2000TorontoM8W 0A2
TorontoPharmacySt.Joseph's Hlth CtreGlendale Wing 30 The Queensway416-530-6555TorontoM6R 1B5
TorontoPharmacyStockyards Pharmacy2566 St. Clair Ave. West416-762-2662TorontoM6N 1L8
TorontoPharmacySwansea Village Pharmacy2388 Bloor St. West416-604-1234TorontoM6S 1P5
TorontoPharmacyTerrace Square Pharmacy3424 Weston Road647-350-5004TorontoM9M 2W1
TorontoPharmacyThe Medicine Shoppe5177 Yonge St.416-221-9355TorontoM2N 5P5
TorontoPharmacyThe Pharmacy Network7-1575 Jane St.416-245-2273TorontoM9N 2R3
TorontoPharmacyThe Village Pharmacy473 Church St.416-967-9221TorontoM4Y 2C5
TorontoPharmacyUnited Drug Mart Pharmacy154 Ossington Ave.416-533-8511TorontoM6J 2Z5
TorontoPharmacyVina Pharmacy1460 Queen St. West416-588-8538TorontoM6K 1M2
TorontoPharmacyWelcome Guardian Drugs137 Roncesvalles Ave.416-533-2088TorontoM6R 2L2
TorontoPharmacyWelcome Guardian Pharmacy1881 Yonge St.416-480-1420TorontoM4S 3C4
TorontoPharmacyWelcome Guardian Pharmacy837 Danforth Ave.416-466-8787TorontoM4J 1L2
TorontoPharmacyWellcare Union Medical Phcy110-1263 Wilson Ave.416-243-9361TorontoM3M 3G3
TorontoPharmacyWestside Pharmacy #96031896 Eglinton Ave. West416-783-8999TorontoM6E 2J6
TorontoPharmacyWhite's Pharmacy725 Jane St.416-762-8221TorontoM6M 4B3
TorontoPharmacyWilson Compounding Pharmacy5-1077 Wilson Ave.416-633-3999TorontoM3K 1G7
TorontoPharmacyWoodgreen Discount Pharmacy909 Queen St. East416-466-6444TorontoM4M 1J4
TorontoPharmacyWoodgreen Pharmacy101-69 Queen St. East416-367-8686TorontoM5C 1R8
TorontoPharmacyYonge Drug Mart104-2399 Yonge St.416-481-2444TorontoM4P 2E7
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #12551015 Lakeshore Blvd. East416-461-0565TorontoM4M 1B4
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #8461661 Denison St.905-946-8000York RegionL3R 6E4
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #954900 Albion Road Building A Unit 1416-741-2430York RegionM9V 1A5
TorontoPharmacyAllcures Pharmacy1-31 St. Dennis Dr.416-696-1400TorontoM3C 1G7
TorontoPharmacyAyda Pharmacy1801 Eglinton Ave. West416-789-1859TorontoM6E 2H8
TorontoPharmacyBloor-Dundas Pharmacy2333 Dundas St. West416-532-4465TorontoM6R 3A7
TorontoPharmacyCFMC Guardian300 Silver Star Blvd.647-280-6728TorontoM1V 0G2
TorontoPharmacyDon Russell Drug Mart2891 Lakeshore Blvd. West416-251-2201TorontoM8V 1J1
TorontoPharmacyGerrard St Pharmacy Ltd247 Coxwell Ave.647-748-0200TorontoM4L 3B4
TorontoPharmacyLakeside Pharmacy2438 Lakeshore Blvd. West416-252-2999TorontoM8V 1C4
TorontoPharmacyLife Trust Pharmacy Ltd.201-125 Norfinch Dr.416-514-2745TorontoM3N 1W8
TorontoPharmacyLoblaw Pharmacy #102150 Musgrave St.416-694-6263TorontoM4E 3W2
TorontoPharmacyMarkie Pharmacy Ltd1235 Bay St.416-969-9332TorontoM5R 3K4
TorontoPharmacyPeoples Drug Mart491 Lawrence Ave. West416-781-5683TorontoM5M 1C7
TorontoPharmacyPharma Plus68 Wellesley St. East416-924-7769TorontoM4Y 1H2
TorontoPharmacyRexall #8161159 Yonge St.416-603-4888TorontoM5C 1X7
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1026463 College St.416-923-0755TorontoM6G 4C1
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1026463 College St.416-923-0755TorontoM6G 4C1
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #12504978 Yonge St.416-226-0313TorontoM2N 7G8
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #13131860 Bayview Ave., Unit 101416-482-9841TorontoM4G 0C3
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #14981285 York Mills Road, Bldg A416-447-5555TorontoM3A 1Z5
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #506550 Eglinton Ave. W416-485-3093TorontoM5N 1B6
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9174865 Leslie St.416-493-2111TorontoM2J 2K8
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9572901 Bayview Ave. Unit #7A416-225-3380TorontoM2K 1E6
TorontoPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9592850 Lakeshore Blvd.416-255-2397TorontoM8V 1J2
TorontoPharmacyWeston Jane Pharmacy1292 Weston Road647-344-9111TorontoM6M 4R3
TorontoPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #10042525 St. Clair Ave. West416-763-1867TorontoM6N 4Z5
TorontoPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #11393757 Keele St.416-633-7593TorontoM3J 1N4
TorontoPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #11512202 Jane St.416-614-3235TorontoM3M 1A4
TorontoPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #11523487 Lawrence Ave. East416-431-9209TorontoM1H 1B2
TorontoPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #30003850 Sheppard Ave. East, Suite 3416-293-2429TorontoM1T 3L3
TorontoPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #3106900 Dufferin St.416-532-3361TorontoM6H 4A9
TorontoPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #37402245 Islington Ave.416-740-1945TorontoM9W 3W6
TorontoPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #11501000 Gerrard St. East416-465-3399UnknownM4M 3G6
TrentonNeedle Syringe ProgramHastings Prince Edward Public Health499 Dundas St. WestWednesday: 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm613-394-4831Hastings and Prince Edward CountiesK8V 6C4
TrentonPharmacyPharmacy #53253 Quinte St.613-394-2525Hastings and Prince Edward CountiesK8V 3S8
TrentonPharmacyRexall #1008109 Dundas St. East613-392-6586Hastings and Prince Edward CountiesK8V 1L1
TrentonPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #61983 Dundas St. West613-392-1212Hastings and Prince Edward CountiesK8V 3P4
TrentonPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #3178470 - Second Dug Hill Road, R.R.613-394-6779Hastings Prince EdwardK8V 5P7
TweedPharmacyDellar's IDA Drug Store249 Victoria St. North613-478-2115Hastings and Prince Edward CountiesK0K 3J0
UxbridgePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #931232 Toronto St. South905-852-3345Durham RegionL9P 0C4
UxbridgePharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #36536 Welwood Dr.905-862-0735Durham RegionL9P 1Z7
VanierPharmacyCanadian Add. Treatm. Phcy. LP105-311 Mcarthur Ave.613-749-2324OttawaK1L 6P1
VanierPharmacyDrugstore Pharmacy #1014100 Mcarthur Ave.613-744-3225OttawaK1L 6P9
VanierPharmacyPharmacie Jean Coutu262 Montreal Road613-749-5957OttawaK1L 6C3
VaughanPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #12663137 Major Mackenzie Dr.905-417-4840York RegionL4H 0A2
VaughanPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1375341-1 Bass Pro Mills Dr.905-738-1141York RegionL4K 5W4
VaughanPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #13869980 Dufferin St.905-303-5150York RegionL6A 4K5
VaughanPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #11709306 Bathurst St., Building #1, Unit A289-304-8722York RegionL6A 4N7
VaughanPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #12829200 Dufferin St.289-304-8762York RegionL4K 0C6
VaughanPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #11151900 Major Mackenzie Dr.905-417-0234York RegionL6A 4R9
VaughanPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #3145101 Edgeley Blvd.905-761-7912York RegionL4K 4Z4
VaughanPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #10953600 Major Mackenzie Dr.905-832-6595York RegionL6A 1S1
VaughnPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #7469200 Weston Road Building C905-417-9044York RegionL4H 2P8
WalkertonPharmacyBrown's Guardian Pharmacy331 Durham St.519-881-2420Grey BruceN0G 2V0
WallaceburgNeedle Syringe ProgramWallaceburg Community Health Centre | Chatham-Kent Public Health808 Dufferin Ave.Tuesday: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm519-397-5455Chatham-KentN8A 2V4
WallaceburgPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #103630 Macnaughton Ave.519-627-2204Chatham-KentN8A 1R9
WallaceburgPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #106460 Mcnaughton Ave. Unit #16,519-627-0910Chatham-KentN8A 1R9
Walpole IslandPharmacyFamily Health Pharmacy17-785 Tecumseh Road RR #3519-627-8868Chatham-KentN8A 4K9
WarkworthPharmacyWarkworth Pharmacy26 Main St.705-924-2711Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge DistrictK0K 3K0
Wasaga BeachPharmacyMajor's Guardian Pharmacy9-587 River Road West705-429-9191Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL9Z 2P2
Wasaga BeachPharmacyMini-Major's Guardian Pharmacy103-14 Ramblewood Dr.705-429-6700Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL9Z 0C4
Wasaga BeachPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9774-1900 Mosley St.705-429-2203Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL9Z 1Z3
Wasaga BeachPharmacyWasaga Beach IDA30-45th St. South Unit 1705-429-7557Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL9Z 0A6
Wasaga BeachPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #1087100 Stonebridge Blvd.705-422-0406Simcoe Muskoka DistrictL9Z 0C1
WaterdownPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1054Ss4-255 Dundas St. East905-689-7923HamiltonL0R 2H6
WaterdownPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #110790 Dundas St. East905-690-8769HamiltonL0R 2H2
WaterfordPharmacyWaterford Pharmacy & Health Food29 Alice St.519-443-0123Haldimand-NorfolkN0E 1Y0
WaterlooHepatitis C ProgramSanguen Health Centre29 Young St. East519-603-0223Region of WaterlooN2J 2L4
WaterlooNeedle Syringe ProgramRegion of Waterloo Public Health and Emergency Services - Waterloo99 Regina St. SouthDrop-in trainings at both locations | Friday: 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm | Walk-ins welcome at other times, but not guarantee that staff will be available519-575-4400Region of WaterlooN2J 4V3
WaterlooPharmacyCentral Pharmasave Pharmacy149 Union St. East519-585-0019Region Of WaterlooN2J 1C4
WaterlooPharmacyCooks Pharmacy520 University Ave. Unit 101519-744-2200Region of WaterlooN2T 2Z6
WaterlooPharmacyNorthfield Pharmacy99 Northfield Dr. East519-725-3470Region of WaterlooN2K 3P9
WaterlooPharmacyPharma Plus #2469585 Weber St.519-746-7676Region of WaterlooN2V 1V8
WaterlooPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart50 Weber St. North519-880-8083Region of WaterlooN2J 3G7
WaterlooPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1090190 Northfield Dr. West519-884-3860Region of WaterlooN2L 0C7
WaterlooPharmacyTotal Health Pharmacy373 Bridge St. West519-747-0320Region of WaterlooN2K 3K3
WaterlooPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1440600 Laurelwood Dr. Unit 150519-885-1292WaterlooN2V 0A2
WaterlooPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #72775 King St. South Unit 42/43519-884-1500WaterlooN2J 1P2
WaterlooPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #730658 Erb St. West519-886-3530WaterlooN2T 2Z7
WaterlooPharmacyBeechwood Wellness Pharmacy420 Erb St. West519-884-1025WaterlooN2L 1W8
WaterlooPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #728550 King St. North, Unit A1B519-886-6130WaterlooN2L 5W6
WaterlooPharmacyShoppers Drugmart #730450 Erb St. West519-886-3530WaterlooN2T 1H4
WaterlooPharmacySobeys Pharmacy #7218450 Columbia St. West519-880-9145WaterlooN2T 2W1
WaterlooPharmacyUniversity Pharmacy258 King St. North519-885-2530WaterlooN2J 2Y9
WaterlooPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #3156335 Farmers Market Road, U519-746-3793WaterlooN2V 0A4
WaterlooPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #115670 Bridgeport Road East519-885-4220WaterlooN2J 2J9
WatfordPharmacyMclaren Pharmacy5278 Nauvoo Road519-876-2213LambtonN0M 2S0
WawaPharmacyFenlon's Pharmacy88 Broadway Ave.705-856-2800AlgomaP0S 1K0
WellandPharmacyEast Main Pharmacy816 East Main St.905-735-1500Niagara RegionL3B 3Y7
WellandPharmacyLincoln Centre PharmacyB-390 Lincoln St.905-788-2700Niagara RegionL3B 4N4
WellandPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #793Seaway Mall H2-800 Niagara St. North905-735-7525Niagara RegionL3C 5Z4
WellandPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #795825 Ontario Road905-788-2111Niagara RegionL3B 5V6
WellandPharmacyVip Pharmacy601 EaSt. Main St.289-820-8900Niagara RegionL3B 3Y3
WellandPharmacyRexall #6923399 King St.905-732-9611Niagara RegionL3B 3K4
WellandPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1194595 South Pelham Road905-735-5644Niagara RegionL3C 3C7
WellandPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #3110102 Primeway Dr.905-735-3400L3B 0A1
WestonPharmacyJane Pharmacy1750 Jane St.416-241-1141TorontoM9N 2T1
WestonPharmacyWestlaw Pharmacy Limited1922 Weston Road416-245-8677TorontoM9N 1W2
WestportPharmacyWestport Village Pharmacy3 Church St.613-273-2922Leeds, Grenville and LanarkK0G 1X0
WhitbyPharmacyDundas Centre Pharmasave220 Dundas St. West905-430-2999Durham RegionL1N 8M7
WhitbyPharmacyLovell Drugs617 Victoria St. West #9905-668-3394Durham RegionL1N 0E4
WhitbyPharmacyPringle Creek Pharmasave728 Anderson St.905-666-9922Durham RegionL1N 3V6
WhitbyPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #11673100 Garden St.905-430-6967Durham RegionL1R 2G8
WhitbyPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #12384081 Thickson Road North905-655-1352Durham RegionL1R 2X3
WhitbyPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1517368 Brock St. South905-665-1881Durham RegionL1N 4K4
WhitbyPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #5081801 Dundas St. East905-436-1050Durham RegionL1N 7C5
WhitbyPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #67591 Dundas St. West905-430-7550Durham RegionL1P 1P7
WhitbyPharmacyWhitby Community IDAUnit #5 701 Rossland Road East905-668-4442Durham RegionL1N 8Y9
WhitbyPharmacyDryden Medical Pharmacy Inc3975 Garden St.905-430-7344Durham RegionL1R 3A4
WhitbyPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1384220 Taunton Road East905-665-6115Durham RegionL1R 0M5
WhitbyPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #31134100 Baldwin St. South905-576-7270Durham RegionL1R 3H8
WikwemikongPharmacyMereb Pharmacy18 Hills Trail705-859-3282Sudbury and DistrictP0P 2J0
WillowdalePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #8301800 Sheppard Ave. East416-491-5567TorontoM2J 5A7
WillowdalePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #986L29-30-4841 Yonge St.416-222-1174TorontoM2N 5X2
WillowdalePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #8885845 Yonge St.416-221-5505TorontoM2M 3T9
WinchesterNeedle Syringe ProgramEastern Ontario Health Unit530 Fred St. Suite AMonday to Friday: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm | Drop-in or call in advance | Training will be provided1-844-774-2739Eastern OntarioK0C 2K0
WinchesterPharmacySeaway Valley Pharmacy507 Main St. P.O. Box 757613-774-2633Eastern OntarioK0C 2K0
WindsorCorrectional FacilitySouth West Detention CentreNasal spray naloxone kits available for inmates only, upon their release from custody.519-967-3100Western RegionN0R 1K0
WindsorHepatitis C ProgramWindsor-Essex Community Health Centre - Street Health711 Pelissier St.Monday to Wednesday & Friday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm | Thursday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm519-997-2824Windsor-Essex CountyN9A 4L4
WindsorNeedle Syringe ProgramAIDS Committee of Windsor511 Pelissier St.Monday to Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm | Closed 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm for lunch except on Thursdays where the office remains open over the lunch hour | Walk-in | No appointment required519-973-0222 ext.102 | Toll free: 1-800-265-4858Windsor-Essex CountyN9A 4L2
WindsorPharmacyCanadian Add. Treatm. Phcy. LP1101 University Ave. West519-258-5881Windsor-Essex CountyN9A 5T1
WindsorPharmacyChurch Street Pharmacy366 Wyandotte St. West519-258-3333Windsor-Essex CountyN9A 5X2
WindsorPharmacyCity Centre Pharmacy500 Wyandotte St. East519-254-0606Windsor-Essex CountyN9A 3H9
WindsorPharmacyClinix + Pharmacy3-475 Tecumseh Road East519-915-8787Windsor-Essex CountyN8X 4W5
WindsorPharmacyDowntown Windsor Pharmacy100 Park St. West519-256-1600Windsor-Essex CountyN9A 7A5
WindsorPharmacyErie Health & Wellness Phrmacy101 Erie St. East519-252-0002Windsor-Essex CountyN9A 3W6
WindsorPharmacyFirst Medical Pharmacy100-2425 Tecumseh Road East519-252-3700Windsor-Essex CountyN8W 1E6
WindsorPharmacyGoyeau Pharmacy Inc.1078 Goyeau St.519-258-3500Windsor-Essex CountyN9A 1J1
WindsorPharmacyHoward Medical Pharmacy2285 Howard Ave.519-256-7979Windsor-Essex CountyN8X 3V2
WindsorPharmacyHunters Pharmacy3019 Tecumseh Road East519-945-4333Windsor-Essex CountyN8W 1G8
WindsorPharmacyLincoln Road Pharmacy Ltd.1574 Lincoln Road519-973-7700Windsor-Essex CountyN8Y 2J4
WindsorPharmacyMedical Centre Pharmacy1428 Ouellette Ave.519-255-1121Windsor-Essex CountyN8X 1K4
WindsorPharmacyOlde Walkerville Pharmacy1701 Wyandotte St. East519-255-9009Windsor-Essex CountyN8Y 1C9
WindsorPharmacyPharmasave Westside Pharmacy1550 Huron Church Road Unit 6519-252-8511Windsor-Essex CountyN9C 3Z3
WindsorPharmacyRexall #81263840 Howard Ave.519-967-8512Windsor-Essex CountyN9E 3N9
WindsorPharmacyRob's Whole Health Pharmacy1765 Sprucewood Avenue Unit 250519-915-7911Windsor-Essex CountyN9J 1X7
WindsorPharmacySandwich Pharmacy3211 Sandwich St.519-254-8247Windsor-Essex CountyN9C 1A9
WindsorPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart11500 Tecumseh Road519-735-2121Windsor-Essex CountyN8N 1L7
WindsorPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1101600 Ouellette Ave.519-254-2505Windsor-Essex CountyN9A 6Z3
WindsorPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #11027980 Menard St.519-945-2304Windsor-Essex CountyN8S 1V9
WindsorPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #11063950 Dougall Ave.519-969-2230Windsor-Essex CountyN9G 1X2
WindsorPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #11071675 Wyandotte St. West519-253-4477Windsor-Essex CountyN9B 1H8
WindsorPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #11125050 Tecumseh Road East519-948-8108Windsor-Essex CountyN8T 1C1
WindsorPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #11134835 Wyandotte St. East519-945-1107Windsor-Essex CountyN8Y 1H9
WindsorPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #11141421 Grand Marais Road West Unit 100519-969-1234Windsor-Essex CountyN9E 4V1
WindsorPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #11203970 Seminole St.519-945-2301Windsor-Essex CountyN8Y 4T2
WindsorPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #11226020 Malden Road519-969-9971Windsor-Essex CountyN9H 1S8
WindsorPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #11242109 Ottawa St.519-253-2439Windsor-Essex CountyN8Y 1R8
WindsorPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1132500 Tecumseh Road East519-253-1115Windsor-Essex CountyN8X 2S2
WindsorPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #14671760 Huron Church Road519-253-5653Windsor-Essex CountyN9C 2L4
WindsorPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #148110-3175 Howard Ave.519-969-8599Windsor-Essex CountyN8X 3Y9
WindsorPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #7603100 Howard Ave. Unit Q1519-969-4523Windsor-Essex CountyN8X 3Y8
WindsorPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #7617720 Tecumseh Road East519-945-2371Windsor-Essex CountyN8T 1E9
WindsorPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #7622670 Tecumseh Road West519-252-5779Windsor-Essex CountyN9B 3P9
WindsorPharmacyShoppers Simply Pharmacy #30011270 Walker Road519-253-2200Windsor-Essex CountyN8Y 4T4
WindsorPharmacyTotten Pharmacy2780 Totten St.519-254-6000Windsor-Essex CountyN9B 0A9
WindsorPharmacyWe Care Pharmacy1030 Ouellette Ave.519-255-2181Windsor-Essex CountyN9A 1E1
WindsorPharmacyWestminster IDA Prescription Centre5115 Tecumseh Road East519-944-0001Windsor-Essex CountyN8T 1C2
WindsorPharmacyZiter Pharmacy2462 Howard Ave.519-252-2200Windsor-Essex CountyN8X 3V6
WindsorPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #31157100 Tecumseh Road East519-945-1154N8T 1E6
WindsorPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #31143120 Dougall Ave.519-969-5131Windsor-Essex CountyN9E 1S7
WinghamPharmacyRoyal Oaks Pharmacy131 John St. East519-912-2222Huron CountyN0G 2W0
WoodbridgePharmacyCustom Remedies Pharmacy1-7730 Kipling Ave.905-850-0011York RegionL4L 1Y9
WoodbridgePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #7005100 Rutherford Road905-893-2866York RegionL4H 2J2
WoodbridgePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #7535694 Hwy 7905-856-9964York RegionL4L 1T8
WoodbridgePharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #9304000 Hwy 7905-851-2199York RegionL4L 1A6
WoodbridgePharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #10818300 Highway 27905-851-3894York RegionL4H 0R9
WoodlawnPharmacyConstance Bay Pharmacy131 Constance Bay Road613-832-7707OttawaK0A 3M0
WoodstockNeedle Syringe ProgramOxford County Public Health and Emergency Services410 Buller St.Drop-in | Monday to Friday: 8:30 am - 12:00 pm | Monday to Friday: 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm519-539-4431Oxford CountyN4S 4N2
WoodstockPharmacyAccess Care Pharmacy35 Metcalf St.519-290-6100Oxford CountyN4S 3E6
WoodstockPharmacyAll About Health360 Norwich Ave.519-537-8988Oxford CountyN4S 3W2
WoodstockPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1171333 Dundas St.519-537-3491Oxford CountyN4S 1B5
WoodstockPharmacyShoppers Drug Mart #1172959 Dundas St. East519-537-2042Oxford CountyN4S 1G8
WoodstockPharmacyWoodstock Medical Pharmacy461 Dundas St.519-421-9225Oxford CountyN4S 1C2
WoodstockPharmacySpringbank Dspnsry Phmsve 92435 Springbank Ave.519-539-4888Oxford CountyN4S 7P6
WoodstockPharmacyWal-Mart Pharmacy #3120499 Norwich Ave.519-539-5644N4S 9A2
ZurichPharmacyZurich Pharmacy11 Goshen St. North519-236-7577Huron CountyN0M 2T0

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