About Us

It costs a lot to provide a safe and affordable home for Ottawa's chronically homeless.
It costs even more not to...


Project Code Name "CitrixIQ"


CitrixIQ.CA was established in 2011, in 2014 we added EmergencyHousing.CA.

Together we can change the world, utilizing technology and existing infrastructures we can assist clients to get connected quickly to community programs and services.

"You can't fully understand homelessness and its impacts unless you, yourself have been precariously housed. "

Attending various conventions on adequate and affordable housing a quote stuck with me in that 'Everyone is Steps away from becoming homeless it doesn't matter if you have a high paying job, you're a CEO; Anyone can experience homelessness.'

EmergencyHousing.CA connects its members to case managers and peer supports who can assist them develop confidence, assist in navigating & help advocate for adequate, affordable, and safe housing.

A Complete A-Z Social Support Hospital... Online
From Identification to Safety Plans, We Have A Plan For That.


Together We Can Make A Difference.



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